1. ogiebogie

    hello again from pittsburgh area

    Took a leave of absence for about 5 yrs. Glad to be back missed this site..
  2. ogiebogie

    NFL rivlas

    What does everybody think is the best rivalry in the NFL is? Mine would have to be Steelers and Ravens and not just because i am a Steeler fan thses games get pretty intense Any thoughts would be great
  3. ogiebogie

    Senior PGA [Spoilers]

    Never really cared for Hale Irwin but if he wins this thing it would be a great win for him Any thought on the Oldtimers?
  4. ogiebogie

    Napel National

    Hey Fla people or anybody else can you tell me a little about Naples National. I have a friend that is member and asked me to join him to play for the weekend
  5. ogiebogie

    Newbie from pittsburgh

    Hey everyone really like the site , long and cold winter in pa ,waiting to see some green grass, Im a self employed carpenter. Lately i have plenty of time on my hands to go golfing but not the cash , Hope it turns around before spring

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