1. mhuelsman131

    Emergency Backup Bag: What would you put into play?

    This is fun - lots of old clubs down in the basement that bring back good memories: Driver - Cleveland Launcher TL310 Fairway - Taylormade SLDR Hybrid - Adams Pro Mini Irons - Nike VR Pro Blades Wedges - Nike Engage 50/56/60 Putter - Odyssey O-Works Red 7s
  2. mhuelsman131

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Gave a buddy my old birdie ball mat since it doesn't fit in my office anymore - so I ordered the Perfect Practice putting mat this morning. I like the automatic return and the smaller hole to practice on. Should be nice for working from home this winter.
  3. mhuelsman131

    Toulon Design Small Batch #2

    Love the color scheme and accents on this one, but I've never been a fan of the Azalea shape.
  4. mhuelsman131

    The Utility Iron vs the Game Improvement Iron

    I just put a utility iron into the bag to replace my 5w. I chose the u500 over something like the P790 or T300 due to the offset in "GI" clubs. I like to take the left side of the course out of play and the draw bias on the GI type clubs brings that back in to play for me.
  5. mhuelsman131

    2020 Nike/Jordan Masters Shoes

    Maybe its the Miami Dolphins fan in me....but I kinda dig the Jordans and Koepkas...
  6. mhuelsman131

    Nike NRG

    Count me in for the Air Max 270!
  7. mhuelsman131

    WTB Toulon A7 Weight

    Have a Stroke Lab Las Vegas that I'd like try with the A7 weight. Wrench would be nice but not necessary.
  8. mhuelsman131

    Tour Event 2020 Travelers Championship

    I'll be playing the course sometime next month. I've played it a few times over the years, but it really shines since the redesign in 2016. They just built a brand new clubhouse before last years tournament as well. The greens are so good I'm surprised that we aren't seeing more putts go in.
  9. mhuelsman131

    Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

    Still interested in these but will definitely have to try them on before buying. The tongue on these things looks like it comes up really high.
  10. mhuelsman131

    Kitchen Knives

    I'm a big fan on the Shun premier line. I'm looking forward to adding a few more knives to the kitchen from them.
  11. mhuelsman131

    Favorite Players Style CB’s Ever?

    I played these two forever.
  12. mhuelsman131

    First Look: TPT Red Range Shafts

    Consider me interested! I was fit into the 15 series for my driver and saw real consistency improvements. The only thing holding me back is the price point.
  13. mhuelsman131

    Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour

    The ones on the Nike site now are different than what Koepka is wearing. Thinking they've got similar tiers to their other lines - Base/Pro/Tour with Tour being the most expensive.
  14. mhuelsman131

    The Pets Thread

    Any pet owners have and/or use one of those magnetic screens that splits in the middle? Our younger doggo loves to be outside and it would be great to have her be able to come and go as she pleases when its nice out. Dog door isn't something I want to mess with so I'm hoping these screens might...
  15. mhuelsman131

    TPT Shaft Review

    Its nice to hear that the breaking issues may have been worked out. I really did like the feel of the 15 series. It was really stable without feeling "boardy" as they say. I'll post some numbers from my fitting next week and see how it compares with some other shafts.
  16. mhuelsman131

    TPT Shaft Review

    Also found it kind of amusing that the TPT website features a THP TV segment showing the Project X handcrafted shaft creation: https://tptgolf.com/the-golf-industry-is-still-making-shafts-by-hand-part-3/
  17. mhuelsman131

    TPT Shaft Review

    I've been trying to dig into these shafts some more after getting to hit one at club champion this week. Have there been any breaking issues seen or heard recently? I really liked the feel of the shaft but really don't want to drop that much coin if I'm going to have to deal with returns and...
  18. mhuelsman131

    Your Club Champions Experiences

    Went back Monday to try and finish fitting the top of my bag. Unfortunately I was fighting a two-way miss with the driver which made it nearly impossible to find a shaft. Mike, my fitter was awesome in still taking some time to try out a number of shafts before determining it would be best to...
  19. mhuelsman131

    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    Heading out for the maiden voyage with my Las Vegas. Early indoor practice has me really really really excited to get out on the course.

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