1. jacob1

    Tedfroop, what a guy!

    A while back Ted posted about going to play some courses up in Canada and one of the courses was Banff springs. I commented on how that was one of the courses that I would love to be able to play some day. Well, I got a package today from Ted with some very nice things from the courses he played...
  2. jacob1

    Grip size?

    A friend of mine got measured for new grips. I've never had this done, how important is having your hands measured for grips?
  3. jacob1

    What happens to Adam Scott?

    Adam is playing great golf and has really been putting great! So what do you guys see happening to his game after the long putter ban happens? Does he have the ability to go back to a short putter after it gave him so much trouble in the past? I know the counter balanced putters are getting...
  4. jacob1

    Any members from the NC beaches?

    If this isn't allowed please remove. we have some friends with a very sick little girl that will be traveling from Colorado to Duke medical center in North Carolina. There insurance isn't paying for the procedure because its considered experimental. So they are traveling by car so they can take...
  5. jacob1

    WTB THP putter cover

    Well I lost my citrus putter cover and know one turned it in. So I need another THP cover it doesn't matter which one i just want another. Please let me know what you are willing to part with. Thanks.
  6. jacob1

    2014 Masters tickets

    Just a heads up. I just got an email stating the masters ticket applications are now open.
  7. jacob1

    The Foley swing?

    Is it just me or does the way his students swing the club look awkward? To me they seem to bent over and there hands seem so low. Now granted there better than me, It just doesn't look right. What do you guys think?
  8. jacob1

    Is Titleist getting left behind?

    Titleist as far as my knowledge goes used to be a top club manufacture. Are they being left behind on there clubs? Are they spending to much time with there golf balls? I mean for one THP doesn't do testing for them and they don't support the site as far as I know.( which is bad as far as I'm...
  9. jacob1

    It's been awhile

    Hello everyone. I haven't been around here much as of late. Been really busy with Work and getting our new house finished up. Man there's lots to catch up on! I hope all you guys are doing well.
  10. jacob1

    How much further can equipment come?

    With lots of new equipment on the horizon I got to thinking. Just how much further can the company's go from here? With the regulations that are in place for most equipment just how much better can it get? Thoughts?
  11. jacob1

    Golf pants

    Well I guess I need to start thinking about golf pants. It was 38 degrees here this morning. If I would have been playing that is pants weather for sure. Anyway what brands do you guys prefer? Remember I'm a cheap aZz. And I also need a fairly odd size 30x34. I don't think I want any that's...
  12. jacob1

    WTB wedge

    Does anyone have a 60* wedge? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot because I've never hit one before. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  13. jacob1

    My wedge question?

    Ok it's funny how my prioritys with my game have changed. When I first started a year ago it was all about hitting driver. Now I really like everything about the short game.Chipping putting ect. Anyway my question is what's the difference in the wedges that came with my set Nike sq machspeed...
  14. jacob1

    Putting green warm up?

    How do you guys practice putting before your round? I always start by practicing from 20 or so feet to get the speeds of the green, I'm not trying to make them but mainly working on lag putting from that distance. Then then I try and make putts from 5 ft. in. This genaraly only takes 5 or 10...
  15. jacob1

    Playing the forward tees

    With the tee it forward deal and the thread on distance do any of you guys actually play forwad tees?I'm really wanting to shoot in the 80's. I've been playing now for about a year and usually score in the mid 90's. I was think on starting to play the forward tees until I consistently score in...
  16. jacob1

    I need a belt.

    Ok I'm looking for a belt. As I've stated before I'm kind of a tight wad when it comes to stuff like that so I was thinking a white/black reversible one. Do any of you guys use the reversible belts? Which ones would you recommend without spending 60 bucks for a belt? Thanks!
  17. jacob1

    My dealing with 200s..

    Well I'll be on the other side. I bought from 200s and he shipped the product fast and stayed in constant contact. I bought from him Saturday and recieved the product today. Sorry some had a bad experience. I for one did not. Thanks
  18. jacob1

    WTB Rbz 3 hybrid

    Yep I hit a buddy's the other day an really liked it. Anyone here have one? Would like to spend around $100. Thanks
  19. jacob1

    FrankA is a class act!

    Just wanted to leave a comment on my transaction with Frank. What a stand up guy that's great to do business with. The item arrived very fast and he stayed in touch until I received it. He even threw in an extra head cover. I highly recommend him. Thanks Frank!
  20. jacob1

    FS Nike machspeed sq 3 hybrid

    It's probably 8 or 8.5 out of 10. It also has a mid size lamkin cross line grip. 70 gram regular flex shaft. Would like to get $50. OBO. Thanks for looking.

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