1. DNice26

    Non Golf Shoes as Golf Shoes?

    Ever look at a pair of shoes and think they’d make great golf shoes? Saw these “metcon” Nike’s in Dicks tonight while shopping for a elliptical for the wife. I think they’d make really cool golf shoes...
  2. DNice26

    2021 Irons - What ya thinking?

    Curious.....anyone else planning to add new irons to the bag this season? I can't decide if I want to try a mix set with blades in the short irons.....or go off the reservation completely for fun and go for something like the Mizzy HMPs. I've had blades before and loved them. I've not gamed...
  3. DNice26

    World's Richest Person

    Apparently Elon is now worth more the Bezos..... Whoa.....
  4. DNice26

    New Years Eve/Day Food/Drink Plans

    Just curious.....what are you guy doing for food today and tomorrow? Any traditions or fun plans? I'm trying to steal ideas from you fine THP foodies.....lol.... Currently thinking maybe Eggplant Parm. Any fun beverage plans? Cheers!
  5. DNice26

    Current Obsession - Could be anything...

    Any current obsessions out there?? Some of my current ones: Coffee Craft NIPA beer THP And this combo set....
  6. DNice26

    More Help, Less Help or Stay in your lane for 2021?

    Anyone planning to leave their typical happy place (lane) with their golf equipment in 2021? Going more forgiving? Less? I’m tempted to leave my lane and go in one direction or the other. Would love to own blades again, but something the other direction might be fun too (Hot metal Pros)....
  7. DNice26

    Ping i59 Irons

    Looks pretty spicy....if what I’m seeing online is what we can expect. Anyone see it?
  8. DNice26

    Scotty H2O Limited

    Anyone see this? Have more info? Looks interesting.
  9. DNice26

    Saving ferrules - Reshaft

    Hey gents, hoping for tips on the best way to save some BB&F ferrules I have on a set of irons? How might I save them from being ruined? Is a heat gun better to use than a blow torch? I have both options.. thank you!!!!
  10. DNice26

    Rahm to Callaway?

    Seems to be a recent rumor the Rahmbo is going to join the cyborgs at Callawaydyne..? Artificially intelligent Rahmbo!
  11. DNice26

    Wilco Neinaber

    You guys see this fella? Watching this AM and his playing competitors hit great drives down the middle.... he steps up and must have flown their drives by over 50 yards. This guy is impressive.
  12. DNice26

    Golf Notes/Diary/Tips - Do you keep a record?

    Curious....any of you guys write down your key thoughts and swing tips? If so, where do you record them? As picture, photos, videos, written notes? I keep a listing in my cell phone notes. I find it really handy to go back to old notes on swing thoughts that worked well for me. Sometimes if...
  13. DNice26

    For Sale FS: Modus 120 Stiff Shaft Pulls 4 to PW, Std Length .355 tip

    Hey guys, Just pulled a set of Nippon Modus 120 Stiff flex shafts, 4 to PW from a set of Honma 737v irons. .355 tip. Asking $145 shipped to the continental USA. Thanks for looking.
  14. DNice26

    New Apex Irons

    I’m very interested to see what Cally does with the new Apex Pros. Saw some pics on the interwebs and they look pretty cool. If they are an improvement on the 19 model, may be tough not to buy a set. I really enjoyed the 19 version. Can think of some things I’d change, but they were fun.
  15. DNice26

    Project X U - Utility shaft

    This one has me quite interested.... 🧐
  16. DNice26

    Training Aid - Maintaining a straight lead arm?

    Hey all, I have a nasty habit of breaking my lead arm on the down swing and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good training aid to support keeping the lead arm straight? I've done the google thing and found some, but just curious if THPers have a preference etc. Thanks! D
  17. DNice26

    Senior Flex Shafts - Recommendations for the ole fella

    Hey all, My father has lost a good bit of speed and he currently games a Ping G400 Max driver. Any guys gaming a Senior flex shaft that has kinda blown you away? What shaft and setup has helped you gain consistency and distance off the tee? He is currently gaming the stock Ping Senior...
  18. DNice26

    The 7 Wood - Tell me about it....

    Anyone use one? I'm a single digit cap with some reasonable speed (I'm in the 105+mph range with the driver) but I struggle with height (only in my long game) and can get in ugly spats with hybrids at times. So it has me thinking about trying a 7 wood for S+Gs. I've never tried or owned...
  19. DNice26

    Back to School and Corona

    Just curious, what options do you guys have for your kids and what are you choosing? My wife and I have a choice for fully remote learning and think we are going that route.
  20. DNice26

    Interlock Vs. Vardon

    I'm sure this is the 10000% time a thread like this has popped up. So...which do you subscribe to? Have you tried both? What do YOU feel the differences are? Do you see an advantage to one or the other? I'm a long time vardon guy. Just recently decided to try the interlock on the...

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