1. kevin81002

    Los Angeles City Golf new policy

    As far as I know, this hasn't affected us in Orange County. Just an LA thing.
  2. kevin81002

    2020 THP Holiday Cheer Day 2: Ben Hogan Irons with Custom Shafts

    Those shafts look really cool. Good luck everyone!
  3. kevin81002

    For Sale Callaway Mavrik Standard 9*

    Mods, we can go ahead and close this one up. Thanks
  4. kevin81002

    Review Kinetixx Velocity Shafts

    Yeah it's absolutely violent for sure.
  5. kevin81002

    Review Kinetixx Velocity Shafts

    That was with a Velocity LD D30+, correct? I heard he swaps back and forth between the D30+ and the stouter D70. I would imagine that softer D30+ would add a little extra whip through contact?
  6. kevin81002

    For Sale Callaway Mavrik Standard 9*

    Up for sale is my Mavrik 9* driver, with a Project X Riptide 6.0 shaft, standard length. It's in fantastic shape and only shows slight wear on the sole from use. Crown and face are perfect. Comes with the Mavrik headcover, which has never been used. $350 shipped. If you prefer, I also have a...
  7. kevin81002

    Load and Unload

    For most shafts, no. I rely more on what the shot shape looks like to choose a shaft. There are some shafts though that just don't feel right. I can't say if that's due to loading, materials or balance point though. But if a shaft is really soft or really stiff, I can feel the loading or lack...
  8. kevin81002

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    A couple months ago I put away the Mavrik standard and went back to the Epic Flash SZ. I like the Mavrik. But for some reason I get more consistent results with the EF. They're both pretty dang good though.
  9. kevin81002

    Forgiveness vs Precision

    I think in the past this is more relevant than it is today. Most of the newer series GI clubs I've hit I have no problem getting them to do what I want. But the GI irons from say 15+ years ago... no way. Just looking down at them and seeing the huge clunky heads and massive amount of offset was...
  10. kevin81002

    CA Military Base Courses...

    The only two I have played is the Sea N Air course on Coronado, and General Old in Riverside. General Old is open to the public and next to the March AFB Cemetery.
  11. kevin81002

    Divot tools

    The Scotty Cameron Pivot tool is what I've used for as long as I can remember. And the one I'm using now I've had for probably had for 10 years. The prongs on it are worn to about half the size of a new one.
  12. kevin81002

    Do You Regrip Your Own Clubs?

    I do my own grips. I have a vise set up on my workbench to hold the club, and a dual tape dispenser from Golfworks. I keep a drip pan under the grip to catch any extra, but I don't really have much waste when I regrip. I've gotten pretty good at using just enough solvent.
  13. kevin81002

    New Member from SoCal

    Oh... and welcome to THP! :D I'm just over the hill from you.
  14. kevin81002

    New Member from SoCal

    Don't leave Oak Quarry off that list. The jewel of the IE.
  15. kevin81002

    Lake Tahoe Open III - Nor Cal Outing

    Thank you for continuing to keep this going, Adam. This year has been a crap show from the start but I'm glad it didn't kill this awesome event. For some of us, it just wasn't possible. But, I'm ready to come back next year and take on Nate, Stemmy, You, and everyone else for the ultimate battle...
  16. kevin81002

    Lake Tahoe Open III - Nor Cal Outing

    You're going down next year. ;)
  17. kevin81002

    CA Heatwave

    Too friggin hot. It's been over 100 at my house every day for the last couple weeks.
  18. kevin81002

    Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Irons

    They look ok.
  19. kevin81002

    ShaneWu! Dang Dude!

    Looks like one of ours won a full bag of shafts from TT. Congrats man!

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