1. Fingerz

    RIP Bill Paxton

    CNN reporting that Bill Paxton has passed at 61 due to complications during surgery. 2017 is starting to mimic 2016. RIP sir.
  2. Fingerz

    Do you ever give tips at the driving range or course?

    While I'm not a huge fan of giving tips to people, occasionally I will especially if it's something very simple and the person seems frustrated. I don't like doing it because everyone's swing is different for one. So today it's 65 degrees today here in Washington DC. I decided to meet my...
  3. Fingerz

    A special thank you to an unknown THP group member

    Hi I want to say thank you for paying my membership for the 2017 Albatross Club! It was very thoughtful and a complete surprise. I'm speechless at the moment. It was so much of a surprise that I was in the process of writing to the mods to say a mistake had been made. Then I noticed a private...
  4. Fingerz

    What is your average number of rounds over the summer months?

    I was replying to another thread about golf ball expense per year and it got me thinking about how many rounds of golf do I play in a year. So I narrowed it down to summer time. I'm in Maryland, so the fall and the beginning of winter isn't too bad and still playable. So with working full time...
  5. Fingerz

    1000th post!

    Just want to thank everyone for all the info and shared experiences in golf/posts. I love this game and continue to learn each round. While I was away I wasn't able to post at all, so I'm happy to finally make it to 1K. I look forward to more golf and shared camaraderie of this site.
  6. Fingerz

    Golf club labels...Anyone using them?

    I am considering putting some golf club labels on my travel set of clubs. I'm thinking just my name and telephone number. I don't usually leave my clubs laying around but it has occurred a few times over the years. I've been lucky to have always gotten the club back. So my question is does...
  7. Fingerz

    Played my first 2-man scramble of the season today in D.C.

    We had a cold early morning start today at our Mardi Gras tourney. Each month the public course in D.C. puts on a casual themed 9 hole tourney. There are door prizes along with longest drive, closest to pin, etc. Today's format was a scramble and I played with a gentleman from England. I...
  8. Fingerz

    Any horse owners of riders?!!

    While I am an avid golfer I also enjoy my horses. I own two and ride western. I keep them stabled about 5 miles from my home. The first is a 7 year old Sorrel quarter house (Beckham) and the other is an 11 year old Tennessee walker (Midnight Jinx) that's all black. The Sorrel has an all blonde...
  9. Fingerz

    FS 2004 Callaway Big Bertha Irons 2-10 & PW

    I am selling my 2004 Callaway Big Bertha Irons. I have irons 2-10 and a PW. The iron shafts are Callaway Uniflex steel in regular flex, in standard length and lie. The grips are also the standard black Callaway Big Bertha rubber ones in standard size. The clubs have been used for approximately...
  10. Fingerz

    Kudos to Cligear USA!

    Just wanted to share a great customer service experience with Cligear recently. For the past few weeks I've been searching for a 3.0 cart in pink for my wife. I called and spoke with customer service (thanks Sean C.) who told me how hard it would be to find this cart. A few weeks passed and I...
  11. Fingerz

    The government shut down!

    So my wife states that since she will be off with the shut down, we can go play some golf. Now she is just starting but has been doing really well at the course she took her lessons. They have a 9 hole all par 3s tha really inspires new golfers. It's a public course in D.C. So I laugh a bit and...
  12. Fingerz

    WTB: Cligear 3.0 push cart in Pink

    I realize this may be a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for a 3.0 in pink. I tried calling Cligear first. Let me know if you have one available and see if we can come to a deal.
  13. Fingerz

    After all the golf lessons....

    My much better half finally played her first game with me today! I had worried that she would be nervous and thinking about too many things, but she was a smooth operator from the start. We played a short 9 hole course composed of all 3 pars. The longest hole being 170. I did my best to...
  14. Fingerz

    Question about wet greens ( what's the rule on this shot)

    Hello All, I have a question about a shot today. I played with my normal partner this evening after work. We played on a course that was too wet in my opinion ( heavy rain a day ago). At any rate, I am 110 yards from the green and I strike it perfectly with my pitch wedge. The ball lands...
  15. Fingerz

    A tad early...but Happy 4th of July everyone!

    I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July! I am wishing everyone this early as I will be off-line for a few days and down range for work. So drink one for me or go grab a birdie or two!!
  16. Fingerz

    Happy 4th July

    I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July! I am wishing everyone this early as I will be off-line for a few days and down range for work. So drink one for me or go grab a birdie or two!!
  17. Fingerz

    I'm ashamed to say I set a bad example today!

    Today I played my usual haunt with someone that is still fairly new to golf. She has played approximately 25 rounds and half of those have been with me. We have had a decent pace throughout our games and today was no different. Today however, we had a single playing behind us. It was 92* out so...
  18. Fingerz

    Question about what's proper and what's not!

    Hello all, Can someone please advise me on what to do if I'm ever in this situation again? I'm open to all comments. Background: I have played for the last few years but usually with the same group or alone. This past weekend I played with a co-worker who is a beginner. This was her 7th or...
  19. Fingerz

    Hello from Maryland...

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to hello from the Old Line state. I have enjoyed the fourms and decided to join. Hoping to learn a few things and maybe meet some new friends along the way. D.

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