1. tmarin802

    RED WINE ONLY - anti wine snobs

    One of my favs hands down
  2. tmarin802

    Milkshakes: which flavor is best?

    Strawberry with Birthday Cake coming in at a close 2nd!
  3. tmarin802

    Tag a THPer

    @NVGOLFER80 .....Back at ya!
  4. tmarin802

    What are you drinking?

    Currently drinking a michelada
  5. tmarin802

    ANNOUNCEMENT The Morgan Cup will Return in 2021

    This is Awesome! How does one get selected and participate?
  6. tmarin802

    Post some pictures of your THP Experiences

    My first THP experience was the Lake Tahoe Open and it completely exceeded my expectations. Very welcoming! We played Grays Crossing, Coyote Moon, Old Greenwood and Edgewood. @SlightDraw could not have been a better host and person!! Although Covid and fires around the area limited the outing...
  7. tmarin802

    How many pairs of golf shoes do you own?

    Currently have 6 in my rotation. It doesn't help being a sneakerhead and the fact that Jordan Brand drops shoes almost every month now doesn't help
  8. tmarin802

    Your Last 10 Years In Putters

    Studio Style Newport 2 Special Select Newport 2
  9. tmarin802

    What's Your Go-To Fast Food?

    Taco Bell and In-N-Out. Done.
  10. tmarin802

    Best travel bag

    I've been looking into getting the Vice Golf travel bag and it looks neat. Anyone have any input? Thanks !!
  11. tmarin802

    Who influenced you to get started in golf?

    Myself. Was a baseball player but after playing shortstop and pitcher in my youth days my arm was just beat. So i took up golf in high school and instantly got addicted! One of the best decisions I've made
  12. tmarin802

    Spam.. yes or no?

  13. tmarin802

    Do you talk to your golf ball?

    Duh, we're homies...until we're not lol
  14. tmarin802

    How do you express frustration on the course?

    A nice little "F*&$" here and there will slip out but I don't really get frustrated. For me it's my escape and a hobby. The day I get frustrated is when I send my ass to the driving range to fix it and quit whining haha
  15. tmarin802

    HC Differentials-What’s on YOUR Card?

    I’m with @Canadan on this one. I don’t think I’ll truly ever understand the handicap system as my scores are pretty scattered lol High score: 91 Low score: 74 Avg: 83
  16. tmarin802

    Your Favorite of 2020 – Driver

    SIM has been great to me and very consistent....it's going to take a lot to change drivers soon Maybe a TSi3 for 2021 lol
  17. tmarin802

    Favorite Golf Phrase

    After bombing a drive and splitting the fairway I like to say “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”

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