1. Scott F

    Unofficial THP Gatherings for 2021

    Assuming travel restrictions are lifted for 2021, anybody interested in some unofficial THP get togethers? Suggestions?
  2. Scott F

    Who likes onions?

    I have to have onions on a lot of things. Big round, slabs on my hamburger. Cooked and raw onions in my chili. Gotta have onions on a sausage, hot dog or brat. Onions go great with potatoes. Do you love onions or hate them?
  3. Scott F

    How Much Does Your Driver Weigh?

    I was fitted for a driver several years ago, a Callaway X460 Tour model, with an Aldila NV 65 R shaft and an oversize, Lamkin Crossline grip. The total weight of the club is 346 grams. Apparently, the oversize grip added 26 grams to the weight of the club. I don’t know what the swing weight of...
  4. Scott F

    How Many, new in package, golf balls do you own.

    Do you have a lot of boxes of new, unused golf balls sitting around? Like a big stock of your regular balls, ones you don’t play anymore, or gifts that aren’t what you play, or freebies? I’m not a big buyer of golf balls and I don’t stock up but I still have almost 5 dozen balls in a closet...
  5. Scott F

    For Sale Nike Slingshot 4D Iron Set, Senior Flex

    Nike, Slingshot 4D irons, cavity back, 4-SW (9 irons) Original, A flex (senior) graphite shafts. Newer Lamkin Crossline oversize grips. Very good condition, minimal wear on grooves. $200 plus $20 shipping. No trades. PayPal. Continental US only.
  6. Scott F

    Question about THP events

    At events like the Morgan Cup and other THP experiences, is a participant required to be part of the competition? I love playing golf, playing on nice courses and having social outings but being in tournaments or competitions in team events isn’t something I enjoy at all. It has nothing to do...
  7. Scott F

    Fitting and new Titleist T300 review

    I’m a senior who has been away from the game for a long time. Computer tracking, and being able to test and get fitted with dozens of shafts and heads is all new to me. After having less than great experiences at big box stores with their free fittings, I decided to pay up and get a professional...
  8. Scott F

    Ball Testing

    Figuring out which ball suits you best can be difficult. I've never been able to tell for sure if results I get on the course are because of me or the ball. Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I found this very informative.
  9. Scott F

    How much do you pay for greens fees?

    This is directed at those who are not members at a club where you pay dues or purchase an annual membership. I’m a senior and have been enjoying the discounted rates, but I still have a limit on how much I’ll pay to play. I have been playing most of my rounds at courses in Northwest Indiana...
  10. Scott F

    Do you try and “fix” things that aren’t broken?

    In the never ending journey to become a better golfer, I’m always trying to improve. For example, I’d like to get my chips closer to the hole. I’m not a terrible chipper, but I’d like to be better. I saw a short game video by Phil Mickelson, obviously one of the best short game players ever. I...
  11. Scott F

    Is there one club (or more) in your bag that gives you grief?

    In my bag, it’s my 60* wedge. Before a month ago, my highest lofted club was. 55* sand wedge but my usual chipping club was a 50* approach wedge. I bought a Vokey SM7 and have been trying unsuccessfully to get it to work as intended. Most of my short game practice has been devoted to figuring it...
  12. Scott F

    Was swing weight part of your club fitting experience?

    I don’t see swing weights brought up a lot during fitting discussions. Was it part of your club fitting? I was recently fitted for new irons and the subject never came up. After doing some research, I learned a bit more about how finding the right swing weight for you can help your shot making...
  13. Scott F

    Do you use a “water ball”?

    You know what I mean. You come up to a par 3 that is all carry over water. You keep the Pro V1 in your pocket and tee up the Top Flite you found the other day. Or on a hole with deep woods lining the right side of the fairway and you don’t want to risk losing that $4 ball, so you play an old...
  14. Scott F

    More Fitting Woes.

    So I started golfing again after many years away. I’m 65 with a bad back. I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to play at all. With that in mind, I didn’t want to spend a lot on clubs only to find I couldn’t use them. I bought a nice set of Nike Slingshot 4d irons with senior flex, graphite shafts...
  15. Scott F

    What’s the oldest club(s) in your bag?

    Mine is a Ping Anser putter purchased back in the late summer of 1972 when I was 17. Still using it. Just replaced the grip for the first time.
  16. Scott F

    What do you do?

    Probably most of you are like me if you frequent this site, but I spend time at the range when things aren’t right (like yesterday) to fix whatever is currently broken. If I had a friend who could help, I’d be asking them too. Just though I’d ask.
  17. Scott F

    What do you like best about playing golf?

    The thing I find I like the best is hitting my irons. I could never hit a 2 or 3 iron, but I‘m pretty good and straight with the rest of them. My favorite thing is hitting an iron into a green and seeing how close I can get to the pin. Chipping is ok. Putting, I don’t care about. To me, it’s an...
  18. Scott F

    How much did a complete club fitting help your game?

    Without taking additional lessons, how much did your game improve when you got your new clubs? Did you start hitting the ball better right away, or did you have to get used to them first? I’ve never really had a complete fitting so I assume, that the new clubs should have been easy to hit right...
  19. Scott F

    Choosing a GPS/Rangefinder

    I’m beginning my search for a GPS or a rangefinder. At this point, I’m leaning toward a handheld, used, GolfBuddy Platinum GPS, which can be had for only $60. I like the idea of the color screen with the layout of the hole. The new units I’ve seen mostly have a small B/W screen with just the...
  20. Scott F

    How Much Importance Do You Place on the Look Of Your Clubs?

    I’ve noticed a lot of comments in different posts about how much somebody likes the look of this club or that. Did looks influence your decision to buy your current clubs? I consider clubs to be just tools for getting the job done and place little value on the aesthetics. Now when a new...

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