1. DavidWinchell

    Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare

  2. DavidWinchell

    WTB/WTTF "Handle with Care" THP headcover

    Ok now that most of the Holiday Grab bags have been delivered, anyone looking to sell or trade their "Handle with Care" headcover, I'm your guy.
  3. DavidWinchell

    Need honeymoon spot ideas!

    We've been looking for about two or three months now and can't decide where to go on our honeymoon. We are getting married June 4, 2016. Any ideas or places you guys/gals have been too and would recommend? Should add we r looking for somewhere tropical and possibly all inclusive. But doesn't...
  4. DavidWinchell

    WTB: 2014 Taylormade Tour Preferred MC's

    Really looking for a set of these in right handed, stiff shaft. Hoping to get lucky someone has a set they're wanting to get rid of :-)

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