1. TonyB

    Golf and Wine tasting @ Chambers Bay

    My wife got me this package for my birthday. It includes warm up instructions by their PGA pros, 9 holes of golf then Precept Wine tasting at the Chambers Bay Grill. I'll be playing with my father in law so it should be a good time and knowing the two of us, the wine tasting will cost much more...
  2. TonyB

    First time playing since February

    I picked up my Mavrik irons right after the release date and played 2 rounds in sloppy conditions before Covid19. After our course reopened I wasn't motivated to get out there for whatever reason but I played Friday and now have the itch to get back to playing regularly. I did have a couple...
  3. TonyB

    Covid 19 practice. Serious skills!

    <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/kZuUruHIMI388eLSpr" width="384" height="480" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
  4. TonyB

    Watched Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix: So Pissed off

    If you haven't watched this limited series on Netflix, you should. It is about a 8 year old boy that was tortured and murdered by his mother and her boyfriend. I won't say anything else about it other than this pissed me off so much and had me in tears. The system failed this poor kid in the...
  5. TonyB

    Current version of YouTube TV

    Is anyone using this? It looks like you get unlimited cloud DVR and 70 channels for $49 a month and can add Showtime for $7 more. Showtime is a must as some of our favorite programs are on it. Is the service worth it? Is the reception better through a Roku device? I can raise my internet to the...
  6. TonyB

    Trail Runners for Golf

    I may get blasted by Golf Purists but do any of you wear trail runners for golf? I was at the New Balance outlet yesterday and saw a pair of trail runners that are very comfy and would provide at least as much traction as my Ecco Biom 3. I very seldom go out for early morning rounds so being...
  7. TonyB

    Seattle Golf Show this weekend

    I am pretty excited to go to this tomorrow. I wish I could go today for the Dave Pelz free putting clinic but have prior plans. I'm not sure what to expect but it looks like a lot of fun along with the ability to knock down the balance on the checking account a bit. The exhibitor list is pretty...
  8. TonyB

    Left hand low putting

    I got to the course yesterday about an hour early and spent most of it on the practice green. I started playing around with left hand low and was surprised how well I was putting like that. I had no idea of the correct grip but was able to easily keep the face square to my line and had good...
  9. TonyB

    Took a month off.... And it helped

    I was going through a really rough patch and was becoming increasingly frustrated. I knew it was all in my head but I would get on the course and could not play. I took the last month off and focused on fitness which I have been doing for the last 6 months. I am leaving for Hawaii on Thursday...
  10. TonyB

    Beirut Bombing 1983

    Today is always a difficult day for me. It was 35 years ago today that a truck loaded with over 2000 lbs of explosives drove into the Battalion Landing Team HQ at 622am local time killing 241 Marines, Sailors and Soldiers. I was in the artillery position about a 1/2 mile away and had just went...
  11. TonyB

    Zero Carb Pizza

    I made this for lunch today. The crust is a can of Costco canned chicken, 1 ounce of Parmesan and 1 egg. I used home made ranch for the sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. It was pretty dang good.
  12. TonyB

    UFC 229

    What a crazy night! Great fights with an EPIC interview by Derrick Lewis and chaos after Khabib gets a great victory over Conor then dives into the crowd to go after one of Conor's trainers. The sucker punches by Khabib's crew on Conor were just disgusting and classless. I am pretty sure there...
  13. TonyB

    Most embarrassing thing you've done on a golf course

    I was playing last year with my friend and two other guys we were paired up with. It was a really good fun round and the 2 guys we were paired with were great. We get to 18 and I about 65 yds to the pin in the middle of the fairway so I pull out the 56* wedge with one of the guys standing on the...
  14. TonyB

    First time re-gripping clubs

    I decided to go back to standard size grips because I feel that the Mid size were preventing me from releasing the club. I re-gripped everything last night with CP2 Wrap and cannot believe I was paying $3 a club to do this before. I won't ever pay to have it done again. I ordered a kit with the...
  15. TonyB

    Live instructor vs Online instructor. Live Wins...

    I was posting in the Club Ho's thread because I am one. I was thinking back over the last 2 1/2 years of playing this crazy game and came to the realization that I am also a Online Instruction Ho. I have tried them all. Tathata, Revolution Golf, Wisdom in Golf, Malaska , Jim Veneto and a few...
  16. TonyB

    Bluegrass Fairways Yardage Book holder

    My Father’s Day gift was a BF yardage book/scorecard holder in Vintage Bourbon leather with my initials. I am impressed by the quality of it and it fits very comfortably in my back pocket. I have a GPS, Apple Watch with app and a laser range finder but this is just old school cool.
  17. TonyB

    House Slippers. Do you wear them?

    This fits in with Tadashi Pajama thread going on. Do you own and wear slippers around the house? About 10 years ago I received a pair of Uggs slippers as a gift and believe me I caught a lot of S**T for having a pair of $100 slippers. I bought some of those friends Uggs slippers and now they...
  18. TonyB

    The Hot Tub Thread

    We bought a house that we close on May 25 that has a Hot Tub. What are you using for water maintenance, Chlorine,Bromine or Salt Water system? I am considering getting the getting the Saltron Salt system but outside of being in Salt Water pools I know nothing about them. Anyone use this system...
  19. TonyB

    Do the quality of fairways affect your play

    I play a muni course here that is the driest course in western WA during the winter but the fairways and first cut can be bare/hard. I have wrist issues and I start to get weary of beating on my wrists which ends up with topped shots. A better course I play when it hasn't rained for a few days...
  20. TonyB

    FS/FT Seemore PTM3

    PTM3 34” With new SuperStroke 2.0 grip and new magnetic cover. $125 shipped or trade for Odyssey # 7 O works.

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