1. lightningbolt44

    FS: Taylor Made Spider Tour DJ

    TaylorMade Spider Tour DJ putter. Only gamed 1 round. Shafted at 35 inches standard loft and lie. The grip is a black and white superstroke ultra slim 1.0. Looking for $SOLD Shipped CONUS
  2. lightningbolt44

    The Hillbilly and The Ginger Yankee Invade the Carolina's

    So my wife decided to setup a little trip this weekend for my 30th Birthday. I have some great great friends from THP that made the trip down to join a_Pegleg_ninja and I for some golf this weekend. Greggdrews and Sposeynumbers made the trip down. Shane and I have some unsettled business from...
  3. lightningbolt44

    FS: Cleveland RTX3 46,50,54,58

    These have only been used for a few rounds and are fantastic wedges in amazing shape. Stock L/L/L, Stock wedge shaft. These are fantastic wedges and I will be sticking with the RTX3 but am going to make the move to a raw set as that is my finish preference so grab these at a fraction of the...
  4. lightningbolt44

    FS: Vokey SM6 46,50,54,58

    Black Vokey SM6 46 F Grind, 50 F Grind, 54 S Grind, 58 K Grind Wedges have been used for half the season and show normal bag chatter. All faces are in Great shape. Looking for $75 a wedge or take all 4 for $290 Shipped conus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. lightningbolt44

    FS: Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang

    35 inch White Hot RX V-Line fang. Used for one full round and a few trips to the putting green. Putter is in Mint condition stock grip Comes with Headcover. Looking for $80 Shipped Conus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. lightningbolt44

    FS: Bushnell Z6 Jolt

    Moving on from my Z6. It has been used but is in perfect working order. Some scratches on the paint but does not affect operation. Have used this for a bit less than a season Take this one for $130 shipped conus obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. lightningbolt44

    Lightningbolt44 WITB

    Here is my bag as it sits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. lightningbolt44

    I Won Now You Win - Driver Edition

    I was lucky enough to walk away with a driver from #THPClubClash this past weekend after winning one of the contests Thanks again THP. That said the driver I won is greatly preferred over my gamer currently as such I have no need for it. So since I Won another THP member is also going to win...
  9. lightningbolt44

    FS: XR16 Pro fairway Oban

    Used for about 10 balls XR Pro 16 degree fairway wood. Other than the one mark on the face club is in perfect condition. Shafted with Oban Devotion 7 05 flex. Steal this guy for $150 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. lightningbolt44

    FS: Odyssey Works Versa #9

    Great shape Works Versa #9 34 inch length headcover included. $80 Shipped CONUS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. lightningbolt44

    High MOI

    I am curious who plays a High MOI design and if you do why/do you know the benefits? Or do you truly not know if your putter has high MOI which is ok as well? I am going to steal this tidbit from golfworks.com because it describes MOI pretty well "Moment of Inertia in a putter is really very...
  12. lightningbolt44

    FS: Apex Hybrid, Ping Hybrid, Yonex Driver, Orange whip

    Got a few things up for sale starting with a Apex 2 (18 degree) hybrid. This has only seen the course a couple times and has not been hit much. Shaft with a RIP HY 105 Stiff. Grip is an Acid Green UTX Will come with headcover Looking for $90 shipped Next up is a Yonex Ezone 380 9 Degree...
  13. lightningbolt44

    Man Describes 50 States if they walk into a bar

    http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/man-describes-all-50-states-if-they-were-people-in-a-bar Someone sent this to me. Got a laugh out of a few of them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. lightningbolt44

    FS: Odyssey Milled Collection #9

    Going to stick with the Works #9 so looking to move on from this one. Got it off CPO a few weeks ago and it is in great shape. It does not come with a weight kit so it will be priced accordingly. Does come with the headcover Length is 35, Lie is 70 Looking for $140 Shipped Conus...
  15. lightningbolt44

    FS: Bertha 1.5 Mini

    Only played 2 rounds. Just not for me is Bertha Mini 1.5 12 degree. It has the KK Stiff as the shaft. Great great shape will come with headcover and wrench Looking for 200 Shipped CONUS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. lightningbolt44

    FS: Apex Pro Ctaper Lite

    4-PW Apex/ Apex Pro iron set. In great shape other than a couple nicks on the 6 iron (which are pictured) which does not affect playability. The 4 iron is an Apex the 5-PW are Apex Pros' Standard Loft,Lie and length. They are shafted with Ctaper Lite x-flex (no shaft labels) and the grips are...
  17. lightningbolt44

    FS: Callaway Udesign, Callaway UT

    Udesign Black on Black 9 Degree Alpha with Aldila RIP 70X. I got this club off CPO a month or so ago and it is in great condition. It will come with the Udesign headcover Looking for $130 Shipped CONUS Next up is an Apex 24 Degree UT with Recoil 680 F4 this club has only been hit...
  18. lightningbolt44

    Fs: Oban Kiyoshi Gold

    Shaft has a callaway tip plays 45.5 in the 815. Shaft is mint and feels amazing. 05 flex (x flex) 75 grams. Great mid/high launch shaft mid spin. Looking for 110 Shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. lightningbolt44

    At home spin bike?

    The wife just informed me she would like to have her own spin bike at home. Does anyone have any experience buying one? I honestly have no idea where to start. I dont want to spend a ton but also dont want a piece of junk either.
  20. lightningbolt44

    FS:Tourstage XBlade Limited Combo

    Putting up my gamers for this past season. They are still in great shape and I tried to take enough pictures so you can get an idea of each iron. These are one of the best looking and feeling set of irons I have ever owned they are standard l/l/l and are shafted with x-100s the set is 4-pw with...

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