1. kb1042

    Fs used Garmin approach x40 gps watch.

    Hey guys. I just picked up an Apple Watch so looking to get rid of this. I have used it for about a year now and really like it. It is worn and has some minor scratches on the face which I tried to get in the pics. It does come with the charger but I don’t have instructions or the box...
  2. kb1042

    FS. Adidas climaproof rain jacket. NWT

    Hey Guys I am selling my adidas rain jacket. It is a size 2xl and still has the tags on it. I am too soft to golf in the rain so I have no use for it. $60 shipped takes it. I am open to offers but really only looking to sell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. kb1042

    Fs gbb heavenwood.

    I am selling my heavenwood. Stiff flex Kuro kage shaft. It is in decent shape but the face does have some marks on it. I tried to take pics to show that but if you need more please let me know. Headcover is an older callaway fairway wood Headcover. I am looking for $100 shipped to conus...
  4. kb1042

    What's the next big thing?

    Where do you see golf equipment heading and what are some trends that are seeing now that will explode in the next couple of years? For me I've noticed that their is not a big difference in feel between forged and cast in newer clubs. An example would be the rtx 3 wedges. I know we have a lot...
  5. kb1042

    When did you know?

    When did you know that your golf game took a jump to the next level? A round? Range session? Set of rounds? I was doing some thinking recently and looked back at the year I had. I made some really good strides in my game and was happy with a lot of things. I had little moments along the way...
  6. kb1042

    FS. Titliest 816 h1 23 degree hybrid.

    Best hybrid I have played but I am going to need to get the 21 degree to fit. Comes with a diamana blue regular flex shaft. I would split head and shaft. Please see pics for condition. $125 shipped and very open to offers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. kb1042

    If you could only keep 5 apps on your phone.

    Fun question I just heard. Other then phone, emails, and your text messaging what other apps would you keep if you could only choose 5. I honestly have not thought about it much but thought it could be a fun thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. kb1042

    Fs. F6 driver head and f6 irons with recoil.

    Don't really want to do this but had a couple unexpected things pop up and need some money so I'm punting on the last couple weeks of golf. Motivated to sell. Not looking at trades. F6 driver head. $120 shipped. Please see pics for condition. It got beat up this year. Little bit of a chip...
  9. kb1042

    Fs. Odyssey xact tank chipper and some shafts

    Very motivated to sell this stuff quickly. Odyssey chipper.$75 shipped. Awesome club but with my season pretty much over I am going to go another way. Face has some discoloration and a couple smaller cuts. Doesn't effect play at all. Please see pics. I believe it is 35'. Titliest diamana...
  10. kb1042

    Do drivers get better the more you hit them?

    I was listening to a podcast and the host of the show said that he was told that drivers get better/longer the more you hit them. His exact line was "the farthest ball you will hit is the one before the face cracks". Basically the explanation he gave was that everytime you hit the ball it...
  11. kb1042

    Fs. Gbb Divine 9, aldila rogue 3 wood shaft and some clothes.

    Selling a couple things. Open to offers would rather sell but will listen to offers. Gbb divine 9. Kuro Kage 60gram shaft. It is cut an inch shorter I believe. Seriously an awesome club. Superstroke grip that probly should be changed. It plays at 24 degrees and is great for people that...
  12. kb1042

    Do you give equipment too much credit or blame?

    We already know it's the Indian and not the arrow. However, Something I have been thinking about is that I have a tendency to give equipment too much blame for bad shots or credit for good shots/ my performance. I have noticed that I say Things like "I couldn't hit that club" or "I'm so much...
  13. kb1042

    Wtb high or mid/High launch 3 wood shaft with callaway tip (alpha 816)

    Would definetly look at graffaloy pro launch blue, ust mamiya elements,ust pro force, kuro Kage black or anything else. Prefer stiff flex but would also look at heavier regular flex. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. kb1042

    Free. Seemore thp mallet cover.

    Free to the first albatross club member that pm's me. Only reason I am giving it away is that I don't play a seemore and its to nice to have just sitting around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. kb1042

    Fs. Srixon z355 driver and a pm grind wedge.

    SOLD......Srixon z355 driver. 10.5 degrees. Miziyaki stiff flex. I bought it from a friend who won it in an outing. Couldn't knock my set up out but it is a bomber. I did a range session with it. Pricing it to sell and would rather have cash.shipped. If you are interested we can make it happen...
  16. kb1042

    Contest. Free cure rx2 putter. Lightningbolt44 won,christopherkee won, staticline won

    THP pay it forward contest. Ligntningbolt44 won a new driver. christopherkee won his old driver. then staticline won his old driver. I was lucky enough to win an Adams fairway wood from staticline. I want to keep it going so up for grabs is a free Cure rx2 putter with the weight kit. It plays...
  17. kb1042

    Fs. Odyssey headcover, older ping anser putter.

    Selling a couple things. Prices are shipped. Open to offers on both. Odyssey headcover. Harder to find in this color. In good shape but the back has flattened a bit which u can see in pics. Magnetic closure. $70 shipped obo. Older ping anser putter. I know some people collect these. It has...
  18. kb1042

    Kb1042- WITB

    Current setup is pretty solid right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. kb1042

    Fs: Shafts and a putter

    Getting rid of some extras Driver shafts. Both callaway tipped. Only getting rid of them because I don't have a callaway driver. Stock speeder regular flex. Sold Project x lz60 6.0. Sold Cobra 3/4 wood regular flex shaft. Aldilla rogue. I'm going to go with a lighter flex shaft if I fill this...
  20. kb1042

    Fs: Xr 16, apex 3 hybrid, and cure rx2.

    Looking to move some clubs I'm not using right now. Price is shipped to lower 48. Open to offers. If you need more pics or have questions please let me know. Trade interests below. Xr 16 10.5 driver. $235 Face and top are in good shape. Bottom of club has some markings on it which the pictures...

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