1. fracisco

    Contest - 2014 Thanksgiving Feast Pictures & Thread

    After the feast And sunset Sent using Tapatalk
  2. fracisco

    Contest - 2014 Thanksgiving Feast Pictures & Thread

    Turkey is ready for cutting. Sun getting ready to set over the Santa Rosa mountains. Sent using Tapatalk
  3. fracisco

    HUGE CONTEST - THP Holiday Putter Madness

    This afternoon, I found a USPS mailer on the front door step, just thrashed like someone was trying to inspect it on the way to Los Angeles. Inside is a beautiful, milled Clay Long putter. Check out his work at rollyourball.com. Can't wait to get out and roll this putter on the practice...
  4. fracisco

    Nighttime Golf Tournament

    Came across this photo in today's L.A. Times of a night time golf tournament that was run in the 1950's in the no longer around Inglewood Country Club. Got a kick out of the mobile lighting team. http://framework.latimes.com/2014/01/08/1952-golf-tournament-at-night/
  5. fracisco

    Video Interview with Merion GC Super

    Frank, fun interview with the Director of Operations for Merion GC on getting the course ready for the US Open. http://myphillygolf.com/detail.asp?id=13331&pid=20 Worth 10 minutes of your day.
  6. fracisco

    Alice Cooper - 4 handicap

    Came across this Q&A with Alice Cooper in this morning's LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-alice-cooper-qa-20130114,0,4928922.story Alice Cooper is best known for his distinct brand of rock 'n' roll, incorporating horror elements including guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood...
  7. fracisco

    Kauai Golf

    View of the 4th green at Kiele Moana. The two balls in the foreground are my father's and brother in law's. My shot hit the green and rolled off a bit further. View from the teebox of the 5th hole on Kiele Moana. A forced carry over water, with Nawiliwili Harbor in the background. This is...
  8. fracisco

    Finally - signed up for lessons

    I have been in denial since picking up golf a couple of years ago, that I could get by in my golf game by playing more and hitting lots of balls on the range. Well, I finally realized that just doesn't cut it. I'm in contact with a local pro, and I'm going to commit to getting better at a game...
  9. fracisco

    Patagonia rainpants

    I'm considering some Patagonia Torrentshell pants as stashable raingear for the winter. http://www.patagonia.com/us/product/mens-waterproof-torrentshell-pants?p=83810-0-984 Anybody try pants from Patagonia or other outdoor gear companies for this type of application?
  10. fracisco

    Sedona, AZ Golf

    I was out in Sedona last week with my family and my sister's family. The weather was fantastic (low 80's with low humidity). My brother in law and I got the opportunity to get out and play golf on Memorial Day, and got around in an easy 3:30. We played at Sedona Golf Resort with a midday tee...
  11. fracisco

    Soggy lies

    I had a few times over the weekend where I was in the fairway, but in a part of the fairway that was not completely drained. No standing water, but definitely a soggy lie. I kept hitting fat behind ball in these lies, whereas on dry fairway I would hit clean. And a fat hit in soggy turf...
  12. fracisco

    Looking for THP reviews of Ventura/Oxnard Muni's

    Anybody get a chance to play Olivas Links, Ventura Muni, or River Ridge in Ventura/Oxnard, CA? They pix online look great, but I'm looking for some personal insight.
  13. fracisco

    Skylinks GC, Long Beach, CA

    Got out onto Skylinks GC, yesterday. It's a public course in Long Beach, CA, that offers good rates for residents (which I am not). It being the holiday week in L.A., tee times can be hard to come by. My dad and I were paired up with a threesome (yes, fivesomes are normal around here on...
  14. fracisco

    Practice balls for backyard chipping - trade offs?

    My wife got me a chipping target net for Christmas, and I would like to set it up in the backyard from time to time. My challenge is that I have about a 50 foot run between where I will be able to strike the ball to where I can place the net. What are the trade offs in feel/playability between...
  15. fracisco

    Hello from sunny L.A.

    Okay, I'm lying about the sun. I've played off and on for about 20 years, and I have recently decided to get a little more serious and consistent about playing (want to go from an annual round or two to a monthly round). In general, I have only played golf with my father, but it's time to...

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