1. mhuelsman131

    WTB Toulon A7 Weight

    Have a Stroke Lab Las Vegas that I'd like try with the A7 weight. Wrench would be nice but not necessary.
  2. mhuelsman131

    Nike Masters Themed Shoes - 2019

    Nike has 5 new masters themed colorways for each of their lines to go along with the Jordan shoe already announced: Air Max 1G Air Zoom Victory Tour Roshe G Tour Tour Premier Vapor React 2 Personally I'm a huge fan of the Roshe G Tour and will absolutely be picking up a pair for my...
  3. mhuelsman131

    FS/FT: Bettinardi Queen B 6 - 35in

    Looking to move my back up back up putter to make room for some new gear. I’ve got a 2015 Bettinardi QB6 in amazing shape. 35in, original head over (piping is a little worn, but that’s what it’s there for), SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0. Price: $250 shipped Trades: Talyormade M3 440 9* driver or...
  4. mhuelsman131

    FS: Bushnell Tour Z6 - Nike Driver Shafts - SLDR Fwy - Adams Pro DHy

    Need to thin out the backups a bit so I can afford some new toys! Bushnell Tour Z6 - SOLD! Used for a season and a half, a little wear on the front as shown in pics, otherwise in fantastic shape. Comes with original case. Taylormade SLDR 3HL 17* Fairway - $60 (willing to split shaft - $45...
  5. mhuelsman131

    Nike Lunar Control 4

    Looks like Nike is set to release their latest version of the Lunar Control shoe. Launch date is 11/27. http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/launch/c/2015-11/nike-lunar-control-4?mid=38660&cp=usns_aff_080113_je6NUbpObpQ&site=je6NUbpObpQ-U25QkPeamAWzaH_B3yyjtA I'm excited to try the Lunar's out again...
  6. mhuelsman131

    FS: Nike JDM Vapor Staff Bag

    Hey guys, up for sale today is my barely used JDM Nike Vapor staff bag - not available in the U.S.! This is the smaller 9in top with a 6-way divider. Bought it earlier this year and used it a few times on my push cart until making the switch to carrying. Has some VERY light scuffing on the back...
  7. mhuelsman131

    Nike Method Matter Putters

    Just released on April 17th, these new putters from Nike have me intrigued. They feel is really different from the last Method insert, the method core which I wasnt a huge fan of. The black finish is really nice, it seems a little more sturdy than the method midnight series as well. Only 4...
  8. mhuelsman131

    FS: Cleveland Driver, Nike Frw/Hybo/Wedges/Putter

    I'm selling of a few extras to fund purchases for the new season. Some of my babies going up for sale here. All prices include shipping to the lower 48, payment via PayPal. Cleveland Launcher TL310 driver with a Miyazaki Kusala Black 83x shaft. 440cc head, 10.5* loft, plays to 45.5in I...
  9. mhuelsman131

    Top Professionals Using Anser/Blade Style Putter?

    I've been pondering this question for a little while now as I tinker with my putting during the offseason. It seems to me that the majority of top professionals use an anser style blade putter. The top of the world rankings are fairly split between mallets/blades, but going back over the last...
  10. mhuelsman131

    Nike Proto Driving Iron

    Rors just posted this photo on his Instagram. Looks like Nike is finally joining in on the driving iron craze. Hopefully someone can grab a better picture or screenshot. Can't get to Instagram on my work computer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. mhuelsman131

    FS: Odyssey Versa #7 BWB - Black Shaft and Superstroke 2.0

    Looking to move this one as it's just sitting in my office and needs someone to love it. One of the best looking putters I've ever rolled with a tour issue black shaft straight from Odyssey. It's got a white/red Superstroke 2.0 on it as well. I played this for a little while last season but...
  12. mhuelsman131

    WTB: Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons

    I'm looking to give my brother a set of irons for the new season and have pretty much settled on the Burner 2.0's. He's hit the demo 6 iron very well in stock stiff and I think he'll benefit from the forgiveness and added distance. Looking for 4-PW (AW would be a bonus), steel shafts, stiff...
  13. mhuelsman131

    KBS Tour - Black Nickel vs Custom Series

    I'm looking into building my next set of irons over the winter and was wondering if anybody had a comparison of the finishes on the KBS Black Nickel and the Custom Series black pearl. I've read that the black nickel wears a bit, but have not seen any reviews of how the custom series holds up...
  14. mhuelsman131

    FS: Taylormade Ghost Manta B-Head

    Up for sale today is my Taylormade Ghost Manta, tour issue B-Head. It's the smallest of the 3 heads (retail > M > B). It plays at 35" long and with a 71* lie angle. Only used it for one or two rounds and messing around on my birdie ball putting green. I put in a new shaft that has more offset...
  15. mhuelsman131

    Double Bend Shaft Offset

    I just picked up a new putter with a double bend shaft with a 1/2 shaft offset. My question is, if I put a full shaft offset shaft in there, will it mess with the balance of the putter? I was messing around with my iPing app comparing my gamer with the full offset with my new mini manta with...
  16. mhuelsman131

    Hello Again - For the first time

    Hey all you THP'ers - I never actually posted here in the check in desk when I first joined way back in dec 2010 so I figured now is a good a time as ever since its been quite a while since I posted on the forums. Shot my lowest round ever: 74 (+2) last weekend and that has me really motivated...
  17. mhuelsman131

    FS: VR Pro Hybrid (18*) - VR Forged Wedge (58*) - CG14 Wedge (*52)

    I'm trying to move some clubs out of my garage so here is what I have for sale today! Nike VR Pro Hybrid - $125 #2 - 18* PX 6.5 Shaft +3/4in ND Multi-Compound Midsize (Blue) Nike VR Forged Lob Wedge - $65 58.10 DGS400 Shaft Non-Conforming Grooves NDMC Midsize (Red) Cleveland CG14 Gap Wedge -...
  18. mhuelsman131

    Wedge Help! MP-T11 vs VR Pro (Launch Monitor Numbers!)

    Hey THP! I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to replace my current wedges (VR Forged - Non-Conforming grooves) with some new C-C grooved wedges. I put a lot of spin on the ball, and on more than one occasion I've been bitten by the ball coming off the front of the green, especially with a...
  19. mhuelsman131

    Ireland Courses to Look Into

    Hey all, I am lucky enough to be taking a nice vacation to Ireland in September and we are trying to plan a few rounds of golf. We are going to the following places: Dublin Killarney Limerick Ideally, I'd like to play one course at each stop, but I'm not sure how the timing will work out. I'd...
  20. mhuelsman131

    Great Article on Luke Donald

    Just saw this article by Alan Shipnuck about Luke Donald. Its a bit of a long read but I really enjoyed it. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1185075/1/index.htm

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