1. BigLeftyinAZ

    Attn Tucson,az golf club techies

    The PGA superstore is coming to open a store in Tucson and is looking for a club tech person. If this is you please contact me .
  2. BigLeftyinAZ

    FS: Bigleftyinaz's garage sell off. Shafts and lefty stuff

    I haven't played in some time due to the birth of my son and now we plan on moving out of Arizona . So, it's time to unload stuff that's just collecting dust . I will be adding more to post as I dig out of closet . First up are to Callaway Razer fit extreme clubs , 9.5 driver with matrix 7m3...
  3. BigLeftyinAZ

    San Antonio,TX

    Hi Everybody who lives around the San Antonio area. We are feeling the urge to move out of AZ and San Antonio area is one I'm considering. A few areas that have been mentioned to me are the new braunfels area and Boerne.Was told to stay away from the southern area towards sea world. Any other...
  4. BigLeftyinAZ

    MISC for sale-2 Shafts matrix and UST and TM callaway adapters

    All prices include shipping costs Shafts are UST VTS Silver 6X TourSPX Clean pull ,Tipped 3/4" inch and a raw length of 42 3/4" $100 Matrix F6M2 X Tipped 1/2" with R11 1* TP adapter installed played 45" Does have minor scratches on logo area , Pics should show .Doesn't harm shaft $110 3...
  5. BigLeftyinAZ

    WTB. Left handed Adams BTY 5 wood

    Looking for a adams bty 5 wood left handed . Good condition ,please
  6. BigLeftyinAZ

    Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

    I thought this was hilarious. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/WXStPqhLmIk&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  7. BigLeftyinAZ

    Who is your wireless provider

    Hey all, I'm curious to get feedback on your wireless provider- who are you with,are you happy with their service and if you were to switch ,who would you switch to? I'm currently with verizon.thinking of switching cause the phone i want isn't avil from verizon. If,I'm gonna lose my unlimited...
  8. BigLeftyinAZ

    Multiple shafts for sale

    I have 5 shafts for sale,4 new and 1 pull. Four of these are Tour issued Taylormade 2009 graphics. All prices include shipping. Any questions please ask- Pull- Diamana Ahina 60 R flex Raw length 42 1/4 - depending on driver,installed length can be 44 1/2. Like new Golf pride dual durometer...
  9. BigLeftyinAZ

    FS: LH Taylormade Tour Issue R1 10* Head Only T serial

    Left Handed Tour Issue Taylormade R1 10* "T" serial Head Only -Just learned This is Version 2,smaller then retail. SOLD
  10. BigLeftyinAZ

    FS:pants,shorts and belts. tour striker pro 7i and 2 X flex shafts w/ TM adapters

    My weight loss your gain. I bought these pants and shorts back in october and have continued to lose weight.Can't wear these anymore,too baggy . Very good condition Bought from Kohls and are the Haggar cool 18 relax fit flat pants and shorts . Shipping will be USPS 2-3 days Paypal is...
  11. BigLeftyinAZ

    Bigleftyinaz's day at the 2012 WGC in Marana,AZ

    Wished i took more pics
  12. BigLeftyinAZ

    FS: LH Taylormade r9 Tp W/ UST Attas 6X-Nunchuck w/r9 adapter-Alpha V2 w/Harrison

    R7 460TP 10.5* head only Tour issue with BT serial. Looks super clean with no unusual marks. Unsure of it's worth , I'll start at $ 225 Shipped and insured will come with a headcover R9TP 10.5 w/ UST Attas 6X Tipped 1/2" and played 45" Very clean,but does have a small paint chip caused by...
  13. BigLeftyinAZ


    I just have to say this is a great town to visit on vacation. If you are into architecture , history then this is a must see. Been here since thur and having a blast. My only downside is not many golf stores to visit or I just haven't found them all. How many members live here in savannah...
  14. BigLeftyinAZ

    FS: Diamana White Board 63 S

    I have a new Diamana WB 63 S .335 tip. $175 Shipped and insured. paypal bigleftyinaz@yahoo.com
  15. BigLeftyinAZ

    Shaft DNA

    I thought this was a good read. Shaft DNA Having spent the last ten years of my life designing and developing golf equipment for the best players in the world, I have come to realize that shaft fitting is the most important and over looked aspect out on tour. I have worked with players on all...
  16. BigLeftyinAZ

    So,Who is really teaching Tiger his new swing?

    Wonder who really started this and if there really is any truth to this? Arnold Palmer Invitational There has been much talk about what exactly Sean Foley is teaching the former best player in the world. Some have said that it’s some new age swing. Other has said it’s the dumb down version of...
  17. BigLeftyinAZ

    Lone Tree in chandler,az

    I'll be heading up to play this course for a practice round and need a heads up. What's this course like and any tips?
  18. BigLeftyinAZ

    The Evolution Of Tiger's Swing

    The Evolution Of Tiger's Swing April 2011 A Work In Progress: Watch a video progression of Tiger's swing from four stages of his career -- the early 1990s to the present (2011). See how his technique has changed with the influence of his different teachers: Rudy Duran, John Anselmo, Butch...
  19. BigLeftyinAZ

    Article from PGA Show about light weight shafts

    I thought it was a good read. http://www.ustmamiya.com/i/news_media_images/2011PGAShowText.pdf
  20. BigLeftyinAZ

    Lynn Griffin on Shafts & Spines

    I thought this might be good for some to hear.There is more to this then what he is explaining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyZcT9LPxdw

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