1. MSB256

    Do You Like Gimmicky Holes on Tour?

    A bunker in the middle of the green. A cave bunker in the middle of a fairway. What are your thoughts? 6 at Riviera - bunker in the middle of the green 16 at TPC San Antonio (Valero Texas Open) - bunker in the middle of the green El Camaleon (Mayakoba Classic) Cave Bunker Interestingly enough...
  2. MSB256

    WTB: Callaway Apex 3 Hybrid - Stiff Flex

    I'm interested in finding an OG Apex 3 Hybrid with stiff shaft. Will also consider the the Apex 19 hybrid. Anyone got one they are willing to part with?
  3. MSB256

    Major Winners: Blade or Mallet

    Curious to know the percentage of major winners who used a blade vs those who used a mallet over the past maybe 10 years. Anyone want to scrape the data?
  4. MSB256

    How Will 2020/2021 Champs be Remembered?

    In MLB, NBA, and if college football only plays conference games or however it all works out, how will you remember the champs? Will there be an asterisk or are they champs just like every other year because other teams had the same opportunity to win it all just like they did?
  5. MSB256

    Top Three Putters of All Time

    I think we may have done this before, but why not have another go? I'm currently rolling the Ping Anser Milled. There's something about the classic styling of the Anser... Tiger with the #2 style, Rickie, Spieth, Brooks, etc. Despite the technology available to us, they still roll this classic...
  6. MSB256

    Can You Touch a Crack?

    That's the question. Can you touch a crack? Had this conversation with some friends and family. Think about it for a minute... I'll add to the discussion after I see some responses.
  7. MSB256

    Minimalist Wallets

    Has anyone transitioned from a traditional wallet to one of the slimmer, more minimalist wallets? I ordered two types to try and I’m having trouble making it work. Let’s say I keep my driver license, another ID, and my Costco card, I’m up to three cards. Add my top golf card and three payment...
  8. MSB256

    Teach Me About Shipping Golf Clubs

    So I sold a putter and go to FedEx to ship it. The cheapest option was $64.44! Wow!!!!! I went ahead a did it. I was there and wanted to get it done, but I may have learned a lesson about how not to ship a putter. How do you guys ship golf clubs?
  9. MSB256

    Flashback to Your Best Golf. What Were You Playing?

    I was thinking about this... I've become a bit of a Ping guy, but I don't feel like I'm playing my best golf (it's not you Ping, it's me... probably). But if you think back to when you feel like you were playing your best golf, what were you playing? It doesn't have to be a complete bag at the...
  10. MSB256

    FS: Grindin Golf Amen Hat

    Amen hat from Grindin Golf. Tried on but never worn out. $30 shipped.
  11. MSB256

    The Masters Final Round Broadcasts on YouTube

    What’s your favorite year to watch? Are there any old players or moments you like to watch or get acquainted with? I want to watch Jack’s win in 86. I was maybe three at the time. Also, watched some of 2001 when Duval finished second and Tiger’s win gave him all four majors at the same time...
  12. MSB256

    FS/FT: Ping Vault 2.0 Voss

    Because as much as I like the looks of a blade, I seem to be a mallet man and I just don’t see this ever being my gamer, up for sale is my Ping Vault 2.0 Voss. Condition: Like new Length: 34” Head Cover: Yes Grip: Like new Super Stroke 2.0 The shaft band is gone. I ordered the putter with a...
  13. MSB256

    Most Legendary Putter Shapes

    Here's my top three, in order. Feel free to list your top three, expand to five, agree, disagree, discuss, etc. 1. Ping Anser - The shape that so many have followed. And, it seems to be timeless. Just look around your local course or on TV at a current PGA/LPGA/WEb.com/College event. It's still...
  14. MSB256

    Divot Tools

    What's your favorite divot tool?
  15. MSB256

    Repellent of Shoes

    When I was younger and got a new pair of sneaks, I would spray repellent on them. Do people still do this or do you assume shoes these days already have some sort of water/dirt repellent/protector on them?
  16. MSB256

    What Type of Putter + Grip Combo Do You Use?

    I'm wondering if there's a correlation between the type of putter (Blade vs Mallet) and the type, really size, grip people use. And beyond the correlation part, I'm just curious. Personally, I've been a mallet guy for a while and typically with a SuperStroke. Used the 3.0 size in the past, but...
  17. MSB256

    PGA Tour Superstore Apparel Question

    If this belongs in Random & Off Topic feel free to move, but it's about finding shorts, so... I'm on the hunt for some white golf shorts. I've read some good reviews about the PGA Tour brand. My questions is, does the PGA Tour Superstore have a crazy awesome apparel selection? We don't have one...
  18. MSB256

    Under Armour Fade RST

    Haven’t seen much talk about these but I kind of like the look.
  19. MSB256

    Date Night in Orlando Suggestions

    While we’re in the area on vacation, the wife and I will be able to have a date night. Let’s say you’ve got an evening in Orlando to do two things, dinner and a movie, dinner and a boardwalk, dinner and go walk around this area or that area with nice bars. What would you do? Where would dinner...
  20. MSB256

    Your Thermostat / Inside Temperature

    What do you think are optimal thermostat settings during the A) Summer and B) Winter? Also, this is a point of difference for my wife and I. I think 68 is pretty good. She doesn't like how the heat can kind of dry us out. But when it's set to 65 or maybe lower, I might end up wearing a jacket...

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