1. LefTe

    Christmas Present

    My two sons got the old man a new friend for Christmas. A great new addition to the family. She thinks she's a lap dog I told her she a Black Lab not Black Lap!!!! She is a real doll.
  2. LefTe

    NHL has lost one of the good ones

    NHL Coach Pat Burns passed away yesterday at 58 after a long battle with cancer. He was diagnoised in 2005 if I remember correct with colon cancer and a year later had to fight off liver cancer. However a few years ago he developed lung cancer and opted to not take treatment for it. He was a...
  3. LefTe

    PGA Tour Golf Simulator

    Got to play this system this afternoon, I have played two other systems Double Eagle Golf and the Next Shot Simulator. Of the three I'd have to say the Next Shot system is the best overall. The graphics on the PGA system was outstanding but we had several issues with the system. The people at...
  4. LefTe

    Little Cancer Update

    I haven't updated the forum of my condition for a few months as I've been going through a third line regiment that was working far better then anticipated. So I had a CT Scan this past Friday with the hope that it would come back as the others since going with this in early May. However it was...
  5. LefTe

    PGA Tour Golf Simulator (aboutgolf)

    A local course has added one of these systems to their club house for the off-season. Anybody here used this system? From what I understand this is the system being used on TGC.
  6. LefTe

    Private Club Status In Your Area

    In the Detroit Metro area private clubs are suffering, losing membership, increasing dues to compensate while lowering initiation fees and offering incentives. I believe that this is common across the nation but is it happening in your area as well?
  7. LefTe

    Bar Exam

    Well my oldest son is writing the Bar today and tomorrow. After watching him go through Law School I gained a lot of respect for Lawyers. However after watching what he has gone through the past 10 weeks studying for the Bar.... ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS!!! Anyone that has not witnessed this all I can...
  8. LefTe

    Quick Update

    As the THP community has been part of my support group I thought I'd give you the latest. I had yet another CT Scan on this new regiment that was only supposed to buy me a little more time. Well for the second scan in a row the news has been great, the two main liaisons in my liver have once...
  9. LefTe

    Hard To Understand

    While playing a round today my playing partner left his Cleveland Niblick on the fringe of the 13th hole. He didn't realize it until we were driving up to the 15th tee box. So I grabbed my bag off the cart so he could drive back and pick it up. As he drove back to the hole he passed the groups...
  10. LefTe

    Little Cancer Update

    Well after the previous treatment had failed my Doc put me on a greatly reduced treatment hoping to buy me a little more time. His comment to me was that I was in far too good of shape to give up on. So his hope was that it would slow down the grow in the liver and at best stop the growth...well...
  11. LefTe

    Does Phil need Tiger?

    Just a thought but Phil is struggling today after Tiger drops out.
  12. LefTe

    Made it to #1

    Well my oldest son graduates from law school today and my being able to attend was #1 on my Bucket List so I've made it to #1. It was close as my immune system is shutting down due to the great amounts of chemo I've had over the past year. There was a debate as to hospitalize me yesterday but my...
  13. LefTe

    It's Back

    Unfortunently my remission was short lived. I got word from my Oncologist yesterday that the liver cancer has come back but on the up side there is still a regiment that he feels will help me. So Monday I start back at it with chemo and will fight with all I can. On the real upside I'm...
  14. LefTe

    Returning to the course

    It's been a long ten months through treatment and I did get out a few times last year but this weekend I will return to playing in ernest. I can't wait to get back out and see what is in store for me, played throughout the winter at a simulator. I don't expect much but it doesn't matter much to...
  15. LefTe

    Driver Overall Length

    Curious as to what the mean average is here at THP for playing length of your driver. Right now I'm hitting the std length that the Cleveland builds the Monster at 45.5. I've always played a 44" driver before. Hard for me to make true comparisons as I am 30 to 35 lbs lighter then I was but the...
  16. LefTe

    McCarron On Phil

    Calling Phil a cheater for using clubs approved seems a little much but what I thought was interesting was a comment made by one of the GC commentators. That McCarron didn't have much to talk about while he uses a Belly Putter that while legal it is questionable . This really sounds more like...
  17. LefTe

    Cancer Update

    Well I had to share this news. I had a treatment yesterday and my Doc said that we could stop with the most toxic of the drugs as my improvement was such that he felt it was time to start kicking back. In short the lungs are clear, liver has but a few liaisons left and they are quite small. The...
  18. LefTe

    Cleveland XLS HiBore 3W

    Well if anyone doubted how much I liked the Cleveland HiBore Driver that I received from them as a gift...well I just added a 3W to the bag. Couldn't help but add another club to the bag that I just seem to hit so well. Come on spring time, it will see some more time in the simulator before the...
  19. LefTe

    Short Review of the First Issue

    Publication Quality: What can I say but pure class, the weight of the pages as well as nicely laid out pages gave it the look and feel of a good quality product. 2009 Awards Nominations: I liked the circular layout and the vote for the winner at THP. It was there but not overstated. I know I’ve...
  20. LefTe

    Pine Creek Golf Club Colorado Springs

    The weather here in Michigan wasn't balmy enough for me to ventrue outside to play so I was inside playing a simulator. The owner had this course set up for my buddy and myself and it was or at least appeared to be an outstanding course to play. Has anybody played this course becasue at least on...

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