1. Sean

    Golf Shafts

    I ordered a few golf shafts over the weekend, and while doing research was very surprised at how much some of them cost. I got to thinking and wondered whether golf shafts are like wine: you can get a great bottle of wine for $200, but you can also get a great bottle for $20. In this case, I...
  2. Sean

    Newer Isn't Always Better

    I was reading Global Golf Post this morning and they mentioned that Daniel Berger is playing irons that are 10 years old (TM MC Forged). He won his first tournament with them back in 2016, and after he recently left Callaway, he has won two more times with them since June. He has had them since...
  3. Sean

    Ball Stash

    My home course is littered with hazards, and as a result, I find a lot of golf balls. It's been years since I have purchased any. Do you have a ball stash? If so, how many? This is what I currently have on hand: ProV1x: 41 dozen + 9 = 501 ProV1: 15 dozen + 6 = 186 Prem: 6 dozen + 1 = 73 Other...
  4. Sean

    Aging, Ego, and Tees

    A thread on this forum got me thinking about aging, our egos, and the tees we play. There are no tees anyone "should" play, that said there are tees that are more commensurate with our ability. I am in my mid-60s and moved up to the senior tees and instead of hitting fairway woods into par 4's I...
  5. Sean

    2020 Senior Players Championship...

    ...is being played at Firestone, and Firestone is kicking butt. Currently only one player is under par, and if top 70 and ties is the cut line, then +11 will make the cut.
  6. Sean

    Caddie Will be Playing This Week

    Kinda cool: Golf Channel's Will Gray..."Martin Trainer...expected his caddie, Aaron Crawford, to be alongside this week in Minnesota...But Crawford has other plans, as he shot a bogey-free 63 in Monday's qualifier to earn one of the final two spots in the 156-man field. Crawford turned pro...
  7. Sean

    How I Handle Frustration

    This game frustrates us all at times. That’s golf, right? Here are a few things I remind myself when I get frustrated: 1. Golf will always be a journey and never a destination. On that journey sometimes I cruise a superhighway, and at other times I find myself on narrow, rocky paths. 2. I am...
  8. Sean

    Lowering Driver Loft?

    Has anyone lowered the loft of their driver and seen positive results? I stumbled on an article in Golf Digest that suggests lowering one's driver loft will, in general, see distance gains. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-equipment-truths-why-you-should-rethink-your-driver-loft
  9. Sean

    Walker and DeChambeau

    Reading Global Golf Post this morning, I saw a couple of interesting things: Jimmy Walker played with a steel shafted driver and 3-wood this week. He was messing with his old steel-shafted three wood during the lockdown and said he was "blown away" by how well it worked. He also decided to put...
  10. Sean

    The Putting Stroke

    So I have been watching Shell's Wonderful World of Golf on YouTube. I noticed that Snead, Nicklaus, and Palmer have very active risks in their putting strokes. I have always putted with my shoulders, keeping my hands and arms out of the stroke, with mixed success. I know it goes against...
  11. Sean

    Blade vs CB Video...Interesting Results

    Yes, the blade versus CB has probably been talked to death, lol, but I found this video doing a head to head comparison quite compelling:
  12. Sean

    Golf Swing versus Golf

    I haven't been playing any golf due to the closing of all courses in Massachusetts, but I have been thinking about it. One thought I had was about consistency and why so many of us struggle with it. For me I finally figured out that I have been playing golf swing versus golf. By constantly...
  13. Sean

    Manuel de la Torre

    I have always had trouble with the body centric swing methodology...starting from the ground up and letting the arms, hands, and club follow, various angle and what not. I have been working a bit with the MDLT method and find it elegant in its simplicity. Essentially you use both hands to take...
  14. Sean

    Do You Know Your Club's Swing Weights?

    My irons are E6 and wedges F2. There isn't a lot I can do about that as my clubs are +2-inches. I use a lightweight graphite shaft, and my grip is sort of middle of the road in weight. Unfortunately, this affects my club head speed. I read about a test that was done with SW, and when going from...
  15. Sean

    Shorts on European Tour

    The European Tour is in South Africa this week playing the Alfred Dunhill Championship. The temperatures are hovering around 100, so the players are allowed to wear shorts. It seems most are taking advantage of it.
  16. Sean

    The Upside to Fall/Winter Golf

    The past few days have been chilly in the Northeast. I played Friday and the windchills were in the 20s (the sun was shining). I played as a soloist and it took 2 hours and 10 minutes to walk 18. Saturday the windchills were in the 30s and our 3some played in just over 3 hours. Yesterday was...
  17. Sean

    How Many Brands Are in Your Bag?

    I have one brand: Callaway.
  18. Sean

    Considering New Wedges?

    If you are, here is a good article about what you may wish to consider...
  19. Sean

    Equipment Band Wagon

    I used to be an equipment junkie. I had it bad. I always had to have the latest gear, had a garage full of golf club boxes. I never had to change grips as I never had clubs long enough where the grips wore out. A little over two years ago I did a 180. It finally dawned on me that it wasn’t about...
  20. Sean

    Fascinating Article on Sun Screen

    As golfers, we spend a lot of time in the sun. I found this article, forwarded to me by DucatiGirl, to be very interesting: https://www.outsideonline.com/2380751/sunscreen-sun-exposure-skin-cancer-science?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=onsiteshare

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