1. tyno

    Tournament format "issue"

    For the past 25 years, my dad (and I for half those years) have been running a memorial tournament. It's a small 2 man scramble, mostly the same guys every year...around 40 is our average. We attempt to make the pairings based on your average scoring range for 18 the best we can, by teaming up...
  2. tyno

    Givling - An Online Game to Help Pay Student Loans

    I should've posted this months ago... Hoping the reach out to other THPer's like me who struggle with student loan debt. I've been playing for a few months now and it's growing every day! Givling is an online game that helps crowd-fund student loan debts, as well as award bonus monies for...
  3. tyno

    TheGrint - Driver Contest

    TheGrint is having a driver contest to help grow their community! Sign up for TheGrint and throw in my name for the referral (Tyler Nolan) for a chance to win a brand new driver of your choice. TheGrint is a free (or paid) online community/site/blog/tool that connects golfers, keeps handicap...
  4. tyno

    FS: (2) Drivers - Callaway & Cleveland

    For sale Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme 10.5* HEAD ONLY Mint condition, really no visible scratches or marks anywhere. No headcover, no adjustment tool Weight Kit included w/ manual Weights are: 1g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 13g Prices are CONUS shipped: Head + Weight kit: $70 Head only: $60 (will include...
  5. tyno

    WTB - Driver shaft w/ Callaway Opti-fit adapter (single cog)

    Title says most of the story... Looking to get some more life out of the RFE driver, but need a different shaft. PM me if you have anything laying around for sale, for trade, for free... thanks.
  6. tyno

    SoFi - Alumni funded student loans

    I want to talk about SoFi and how it helped me, but first let me stand on my soap-box about student loans in general for a little bit. We can use this thread to discuss student loans, your experiences, your solutions, problems, etc., and see if we can generate any assistance for members in the...
  7. tyno

    Toughest Tee Shot For Amateurs? The 2014 Morgan Cup Opening Tee Shots

    i thought he was going to explode into a billion lucky charms.
  8. tyno

    FS: Adams Super S 4H, Adams DHY Proto, Ping HC

    Up for sale: Adams Super S Idea VST 4H 22* hybrid Matrix Kujoh Stiff shaft Stock Adams Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip Mint condition, no headcover Asking $65 shipped CONUS Adams Super Idea DHY Proto 21* Matrix Altus HX3 White Tie Stiff shaft Stock Adams GP NDMC White/Black grip (logo...
  9. tyno


    In 7 years since graduating college and living out in the world, I've never....not once, had good neighbors. Feel free to discuss your similar problems with neighbors in this thread. Unfortunately, this post will turn into a situation about my current neighbors and dogs, etc....but I just needed...
  10. tyno

    Baby Boy tyno!

    Taran Jay Nolan was born Monday at 8:30pm 7lbs, 13oz, 21" long He's healthy and doing really well. Whitney doing great too!
  11. tyno

    WTB: Callaway OptiFit Weight Kit & Wrench

    looking to tinker a bit with the RFE... if anyone has a weight kit & tool, PM me thanks!
  12. tyno

    WTB: Adams hybrid, Bridgestone DPC 4 iron

    specifically...i'm looking to pickup an Adams Super 9031 hybrid OR Adams Super LSP hybrid 23*, stiff shaft i'm also looking for a Bridgestone DPC 4 iron, stiff shaft let me know what yinz got! thanks!
  13. tyno

    Halt and Catch Fire (Spoilers)

    AMC has had great success lately with original shows. Hoping that this one mimics that success. I watched the first episode last night and it's "Mad Men-esque". It almost reeks of some boring drama that you won't continue to watch...but then it pulls you in, becomes captivating and exciting...
  14. tyno

    WTB: Driver(s) SLDR, Nike, RFE...

    Looking to buy a driver or drivers, depending... Specifically...TM SLDR, Nike Covert 2.0, and Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme PM with anything and everything. Thanks!
  15. tyno

    FanDuel - One Day Fantasy Sports Leagues

    So my buddy referred me onto FanDuel and I've been checking it out a bit. I've put some money into it and just started playing a few contests. Basically they are 1 day leagues, where you pick your team of so many players under a certain salary cap and play against others in that league. The...
  16. tyno

    another one on the way...

    well, you may have already found out on facebook, but for everyone else... we're having another baby! my wife came up with another neat announcement.... here's an outtake from the photo-op, for no other reason than i just think it's hilarious...
  17. tyno

    FS: SeeMore Black head cover (velcro)

    Brand spanking new SeeMore Black velcro head cover. Fits most SeeMore putter models: FGP Original, PCB, FGP Mallet, FGP2 Stainless, Si1, Si2, Si3, Si4, DB4, DB4x, Black Gunmetal mFGP CS, Black Gunmetal mFGP2 CS, m1 SS, m2 SS, m3 SS, m6 SS, m7 SS, m8 SS, m9 SS, mFGP2 SS $15 shipped CONUS...
  18. tyno

    FS: SeeMore FGP2 USA Tour Special, 34.5", RH, Mint w/ headcover

    Well, I was hoping to begin a collection of sorts, but that's not really in the cards at this time. So, my loss is definitely your gain... As the title states, I'd like to sell my mint condition SeeMore FGP2 USA Tour Special. This putter has not seen the course, only my carpet. Purchased brand...
  19. tyno

    Columbus Day

    I love Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) for many things... This is especially one of them. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/columbus_day

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