1. JohnSinVA

    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Is that a six inch run to your cyclone?
  2. JohnSinVA

    EXPERIENCE 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I am fully wiling and able to take a beat down from Finley. I’ll even use iron covers to take some extra abuse.
  3. JohnSinVA

    The Car Shopping Thread

    The 4.9L inline six was standard fare all they way up through the 96 model year, IIRC. Still wish I had mine and always have an eye out for one in good shape.
  4. JohnSinVA

    Contest: Ask Jamie Sadlowski and Win

    Seriously, how hard is golf?
  5. JohnSinVA

    how should you change your shot distance when in the rough?

    A lot of it depends on your lie. The 40% rule makes sense if it’s nestled down, or the grass is laying in a way that will tangle the club. But if the ball is sitting up in a “flyer” you may need to take a bit off since it can come out clean but with less spin.
  6. JohnSinVA

    The Lawn Mower Thread

    Do you have the ballast box for your FEL also?
  7. JohnSinVA

    The Lawn Mower Thread

    I meant to say with some kind of liquid ballast - rimguard, antifreeze, or calcium solution?
  8. JohnSinVA

    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Plenty of workshops are outfitted with such learning opportunities. Think nothing of it.
  9. JohnSinVA

    Johnny Manziel and the PGA Tour

    As an “athlete” in college (scare quotes are purely self deprecating 😏) I would regularly compare myself to professionals. It was a primary factor in making sure I got my a$$ to class and graduated 😜
  10. JohnSinVA

    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Pretty nice drawers you got there. I’m also a leg (vise) man myself:
  11. JohnSinVA

    The Lawn Mower Thread

    Do you have your tires filled?
  12. JohnSinVA

    Club Fitting Vs Club Demo'ing

    I think a lot of us could successfully find a setup that works for them using option 2. But how much time do you have? A skilled fitter can get you squared away in a few hours, while it might take you 2-3 hours a day for a few days to arrive at that setup.
  13. JohnSinVA

    Choose Your Mizuno Irons?

    From today’s offerings I would probably go 921 Hot Metal Pros. Tons of distance and forgiveness in a compact package. Tough to say no to that. Maybe there’s a set of MP22 Hot Metal Blades lurking in the future that might make me reconsider 🤔
  14. JohnSinVA

    Do you think 6,500 yds is a long course?

    For a short knocker like me it’s long. But length can be deceiving. Much of it depends on where the length is made up. One of my local tracks is about 6200 from whites and 6500 from blue tees, but a big chunk of that difference comes from the Par 3 holes. So you have all par 3s being mid to long...
  15. JohnSinVA

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Six lucky THPers are going to have a heck of a time for sure. 45 holes on two fantastic courses (not even counting the Friday practice rounds!) plus a set of irons on the cutting edge from a top shelf company, a bag to carry them in, and all the fun that goes along with a THP experience. Pretty...
  16. JohnSinVA

    Choosing Blind?

    Looks like something interesting and fun 🤔
  17. JohnSinVA

    Choosing Blind?

    I don’t think it would be too difficult for me to choose to be honest. I have a pretty good idea what profile I fit into and clubs generally have evolutionary changes year over year, so a SWAG at a new release isn’t too terribly risky, IMHO.
  18. JohnSinVA

    12 Holes vs 18 Holes

    Maybe? I imagine there are plenty of us here who keep handicaps and would want to post everything they can.
  19. JohnSinVA

    12 Holes vs 18 Holes

    You could potentially adapt the handicap system to accept 12 hole rounds and calculate the handicap based on you best score of 9 aggregate holes. It wouldn’t be perfect since you would likely have to accept the rating/slope of the full 12 as the basis, and your 3 worst holes might be the three...

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