1. TrapGodEvan

    Contest Winners Thread

    This came in earlier this week from @Nate<80 Thank you for the giveaway!
  2. TrapGodEvan

    Video Contest: The Mizuno Challenge

    Awesome! I am going to go with Chris as the winner.
  3. TrapGodEvan

    CONTEST TaylorMade Swag Pack

    Awesome! thanks you for the giveaway!
  4. TrapGodEvan

    Contest Winners Thread

    Won this awesome prize pack from Ogio and Jack Wolfskin
  5. TrapGodEvan

    CONTEST TaylorMade Swag Pack

    Favorite club - SIM Max driver Winner - Justin Thomas (back to back)
  6. TrapGodEvan

    The 2021 MLB Thread

    As an Indians fan I am so frustrated. I get it that Lindor was going. I already accepted it. But why Cookie too.
  7. TrapGodEvan

    Where Will Bryson Finish?

    I think he will finish in 3rd or 4th but I think he will get a taste of the number one spot at some point this season
  8. TrapGodEvan

    Contest Winners Thread

    I won one of the Ogio contests earlier this month and won a hat from the caddie whisperer today. Waiting until everything is in hand then I will post some pictures.
  9. TrapGodEvan

    Jeans on the golf course?

    Personally ill pass as there just not comfortable enough to golf in l. If someone else wants to wear them it doesn't bother me at all.
  10. TrapGodEvan

    Tour Event 2020 PNC Championship

    Being a golf fan is tough. The golf Channel and pga have to be the worst organization for live TV coverage. I dont understand how they can constantly miss so bad. First the US woman's open and now this. Why is it so hard to stream live golf coverage with the biggest names in golf?
  11. TrapGodEvan

    Do You Like Stamping?

    I have asked everyone for metal stamps for christmas so I can start stamping my own wedges.
  12. TrapGodEvan

    Can a Brand Undo Being Typecasted?

    I think a brand can but it takes a lot of work and a big budget. You have to fully commit as well, if there is any sense of hesitation on the brands part it will totally kill the new segment they are trying to break into. I think the golf ball is the easiest market for a company to expand into...
  13. TrapGodEvan

    Light Mode vs Dark Mode

    I turn on dark mode for everything that has that option. I also have signatures toggled off so that doesnt effect me. I do like looking at the signatures every now and then but can read through a thread much quicker when they are not there.
  14. TrapGodEvan

    The Playoffs: THP Fantasy Football

    Was really trying to put together an end of the year run after losing the first 3 games. Ended up in the 5th seed at 8-6. 4th seed has an 8-6 record as well and just barely squeeked by me. Good luck to the top 4 in league 1
  15. TrapGodEvan

    Giveaway - Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder

    Cool contest. I would use this from 200 in.
  16. TrapGodEvan

    Your Favorite Movie of All Time (can only pick one)

    I think I have one for every category. Its hard not to choose an action adventure movie but most the time when I want to watch something funny wins out. I would say nothing compares to
  17. TrapGodEvan

    How Many Headcovers?

    3. Driver. 3 wood. 3 hybrid. Putter is currently and has been naked for a while.
  18. TrapGodEvan

    Worst Golf Gifts?

    Is it bad I actually kind of like this? I mean my wife wouldnt let it anywhere near or kitchen but I can think of a few uses for it hah.
  19. TrapGodEvan

    Worst Golf Gifts?

    My wife got me the potty putter and sold it due to clutter as well haha. I think their is a lot of those that make their rounds at garage sales.
  20. TrapGodEvan

    Emergency Backup Bag: What would you put into play?

    3 wood - adams tight lies 2 Hybrid - some off brand 20 yr old 3 hybrid 3-pw - tour select (northwestern walmart set) 52 and 54 degree vokey sm4s Putter - taylormade spider blade Seems I have an extra club i can add so I think I'll grab a persimmon driver just for fun

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