1. TrapGodEvan

    WTB WTB 58 or 60 Degree Wedge/5 Hybrid

    Needing to fill a couple gaps in my bag. Looking for a higher lofted wedge to add to my set. I prefer the TM Hi Toe or Callaway PM Grind but am open to anything. Let me know what you have! Also am interested in 5 Hybrids!
  2. TrapGodEvan


    I have been super busy these last few months and have been on THP very sparingly. I hope that will begin to change. I am still busy as can be with my newborn son who is about a week shy of 3 months but hoping to get out there and enjoy what golf I can this year. I look forward to catching up on...
  3. TrapGodEvan

    Taylormade White Elephant Instagram Contest

    Taylormade announced on Instagram that they are doing this contest again. I have not seen it before but it looks pretty cool. Enter here https://www.taylormadegolf.com/white-elephant.html?bypassgeoip=true&CID=us:tm:email:hol18-mwoods-videos-wecontest:holiday:2018&bxid=129670405
  4. TrapGodEvan

    Golf Course Must Haves

    What items must you have with you any time you play golf? Other than the obvious equipment, tees, balls, etc. It could be a drink, snack, cigar, good luck charm, etc. For me it would have to be my Yeti full of water and usually a sports drink or energy drink of some sort.
  5. TrapGodEvan

    Social Media Accounts

    I searched and did not find a thread like this. What social media accounts do you all follow that seem to do frequent giveaways?
  6. TrapGodEvan

    Nomad Customs

    Found the guy who made a lot of the US Open custom golf shoes for the players this week. He's made quite a few custom golf shoes in the past that are worth checking out on his Instagram as well. (@nomad_customs - https://www.instagram.com/nomad_customs/) My favorite this week are easily the...
  7. TrapGodEvan

    United Leasing & Finance Championship

    The United Leasing & Finance Championship is a stop on the Web.Com tour in my hometown of Newburgh, Indiana (just East of Evansville). It is played on Victoria National. I have the opportunity of attending this event on Sunday and am looking forward to it. This is my first time going to a golf...
  8. TrapGodEvan

    Podcasts - What are you listening to?

    What podcasts do you all listen to (golf or non-golf)? I listen to quite a bit but my regulars are: Fore Play Pod Heartland Radio Pardon My Take Pat McAfee Show Starting 9 When it is not one of those I listen to random Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, etc. I did just subscribe to the THP podcast and am...
  9. TrapGodEvan

    TrapGodEvan - WITB

    https://ibb.co/kQ670S https://ibb.co/hfZufS Probably the most thrifty bag you will find here. Almost every club was bought used from everything from golf stores to garage sales to goodwill. Would love to have the new stuff but trying to make golf affordable while starting a family. My next...
  10. TrapGodEvan

    Hello from evansville

    Just checking in, i recently started an account on here and have posted in a couple places. This forum is the perfect filler when i cannot be out on the golf course
  11. TrapGodEvan

    Importance of name brand golf clubs

    I would consider myself a golf beginner and my favorite part of the game is watching myself improve with each and every club. I have a set of clubs my dad gave me probably eight years ago and have just now seriously started playing them this season. I have continued to use the irons from the set...

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