1. ForeOnFour

    Free Arccos sensors from Ping!

    Got an email from Ping this morning saying they are running a promo giving away full free sets of Arccos sensor if you own eligible Ping clubs. I've got a ping putter, which they dont count, but I do game a Glide 2 wedge which is on the list so I'm going to sign up...
  2. ForeOnFour

    Would you score better with a caddy/mentor by your side?

    I'm watching the replay of today's Safeway open and loving the talking between Cameron Champ and his caddy. Wind help, aiming point, confidence building. It got me wondering if I had a caddy/mentor/coach with me would I play better? I know I tend to score better when I golf with my 13 year...
  3. ForeOnFour

    WTB Hzrdus Red Driver Shaft, Callaway tip

    Like the title says, looking for a Hzrdus red driver shaft in 5.5 or 6.0 with callaway tip. Seen a few on ebay but was hoping a THPer had one laying around. Thanks, Eric
  4. ForeOnFour

    Bayonet Black Horse/ Poppy Hills NCGA

    So a couple weeks ago my partner and I qualified for the Northern California Golf Association at our local club to go play BBH and Poppy Hills on June 20th and 21st. Pretty excited to play there, represent my club and hopefully win to come back and play Poppy and Spy Glass in late August. I've...
  5. ForeOnFour

    Grip 6 belt review

    I seen an ad on IG for a brand of belt called Grip 6. Looked a little different than your standard web belt so I thought I would give it a try. Went with a black strap and American Flag buckle, using the email signup discount they gave me it came to a little less than $40 with shipping...
  6. ForeOnFour

    You get the flu? Let's here your horror stories

    About 10 days ago woke feeling different but couldn't really put my finger on. Coffee nor oatmeal sounded good, just blah. Got the kids to school get to my desk take off my jacket and man is it cold in my office, therm says it's fine, call my dad office his work and he says mine is also...
  7. ForeOnFour

    WTB Proforce V2 HL callaway shaft

    Want to give this shaft a go in my driver. I've seen a few on eBay but thought I'd try here first. Hoping for one with a callaway tip to put in my rouge. Regular or stiff would do as I'm right in the middle as far as swing speed goes. Thanks, Eric
  8. ForeOnFour

    WTB: UST recoil driver shaft with Callaway tip

    In the mood to tinker and since I have recoil in my hybrids and love them want to try one in my Epic. Looking for stiff. Let me know what you have.
  9. ForeOnFour

    Do you have a preferred ball number?

    I've never gone out of my way to order balls with a number, would pick 32 if I did. But my course sells sleeves and I always buy the number 3, just always liked that number but for no particular reason. So do you order with a favorite number, grab certain numbers by the sleeve or you really...
  10. ForeOnFour

    Do ever "fall out of love" with a long time favorite club?

    For the last two years 7 iron has been my favorite club in the bag. I know it flies 160 yards on a full swing and rarely if ever has it failed me, until recently. For the last month I can't hit it to save my life. To the point where I'll avoid that yardage or swing a soft 6/way to hard 8...
  11. ForeOnFour

    WTB: single Cleveland CBX iron 5,6, or 7

    Got to demo a CBX 7 iron yesterday and really liked it. Hoping to pick one up to take to the course RH, regular flex, prefer graphite but will take steel, looking for either 5 6 or 7 iron.
  12. ForeOnFour

    Junior golfers playing Stableford, for money?

    I've got a question for the forum: Me son who is 11 really enjoys golf and enjoys competing, not just in golf but sports in general. 3 weeks ago he asked if he could play in the Sunday morning Stableford with me. $7 entry fee, prize money determined by how many show up, generally the first...
  13. ForeOnFour

    FS: Callaway Epic SZ 10.5* t800 6.0

    Decided to stick with the regular so the SZ is up for sale. 10.5* head with t800 6.0 55g shaft and tool, no headcover. Looking to get $310 OBOshipped. Will sell head only for $270 OBO shipped. Not looking for any trades right now. Will ship priority mail.
  14. ForeOnFour

    New, more strict LPGA dress code.

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/golf/tour-news/2017/07/14/report-lpga-sets-strict-new-dress-code-regulations-players%3Fsource%3Ddam I don't like it but I'll still continue to watch for the quality golf, my swing is far more LPGA than PGA. Let's face it there is a segment of viewers...
  15. ForeOnFour

    WTT: 9* Epic head for 10.5* Epic head

    Tried out the 9* lofted up but should have just went with the 10.5* Anybody looking to trade their 10.5* for my 9*?
  16. ForeOnFour

    WTB: fujikura pro green 62 callaway shaft

    Like the title says, looking for fujikura 62 with callaway tip in regular or stiff. Seen some on eBay but thought I would try here first. Have PP or can trade a HZRDUS t800 6.0 55g with callaway tip i can trade if you want. I'll post pics of the t800 when I get home. Thanks, Eric
  17. ForeOnFour

    Short game grip?

    Around the greens I'm decent and rarely do I have to chip twice, in fact I would say chipping is probably one of my strongest facets of my game. I chip similar to Steve Stricker, little to no wrist hinge. Though I sometimes struggle with getting the ball to hop and stop for the most part I'm...
  18. ForeOnFour

    Bunker shots per round?

    After watching Patrick Cantlay struggle with bunker shots at the Valspar it got me thinking about how bunker shots can make or break many people's rounds. My home course has no fairway bunkers but has green side bunkers on 14 of 18 holes. Bunker shots don't really bother me, in fact I prefer...
  19. ForeOnFour

    When does your club tournament season start?

    Got an email today that the first tournament of the year for our mens club is scheduled. March 19th for a St. Patrick's Day scramble. I'm already excited! If you do tournament, either through your club or just random tourneys that you like to play, when do you start? With the time change...
  20. ForeOnFour

    Do you wash your golf glove?

    I only use a glove in the winter, Callaway Thermal Grip gloves, mostly just to keep my hands warm. I noticed 2 weeks ago the day after my round I had a couple little patches of what look like poison oak on my left hand. As I don't get poison oak I knew it wasn't that and I'm not allergic to...

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