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    WTB- Diamana S+ 70 X flex

    I'm looking for a Diamana Blueboard S+ 70 X flex Shaft.. I have a nike vapor pro so if comes with a flex loft adapter the better .. If not no big deal ..
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    FS: Shafts R US driver/fairway woods

    I have some shafts that I don't use and trying to get rid of.. 1st up is a Aldila RIP beta green eye 70-2.8-Xstiff that's 42-3/4" there's a scratch That's near the tip from removing the Nike str8 tip.. This shaft hasn't been tipped.. Looking to get 90 shipped. 2nd up is a two Project X 6.0...
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    FS: Tt dg x100 bnib 4-pw

    I have a set of DG X100 4- pw new in the box.. Looking to get 100 shipped
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    FS - shafts /Iron 4-pw BNIB/ FW shaft/3 iron shaft

    I have a few shafts for sell. First up Brand New In Box DG X 100 4-pw 41" long.. Paid 140 looking to get 100 shipped KBS Tour stiff 3 iron shaft that came out of my Nike VR_S 3 iron with lime green Lamkin grip played very little and in great shape.. Looking to get 30 shipped or OBO....Looking...
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    FS: Nike VR Pro wedge - S+ 72 FW shaft

    Selling a Nike VR Pro 52/10 with TT S400 shaft. It's a 8.5 out 10. Decided to only play 3 wedges. Looking for 85 shipped.. Diamana S+ 72x5ct stiff flex. It plays 43" in a Nike Vr Pro str8 3 wood. Looking to get 75 shipped..
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    FS: Graphite Design tour AD DI 6s

    Selling my GD Tour AD DI 6s. It plays 45" in my Nike vr pro tour driver and has a str8 adapter on it.. It's been played and 15-20 rounds but I need something that plays X stiff and heavier.. Looking to 150 shipped to CONUS will shipped to Canada but on the buyers dime.
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    FS: Shafts for Irons, FW, Driver

    Well I changed my whole bag around and now I have to sell these to get more stuff.. - Project X 5.0 non flight 1/2 over pulled once out of Nike vrs forged.. Asking 90 shipped OBO - Project X 6.0 Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid Pulled once out Nike vr pro str 8 and 2H Asking 35 each shipped OBO -...
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    FS: Tons of shafts irons, FW, Driver

    I'm selling some shafts that I no long use.. I've changed my gamer set completely.. Project X 5.0 iron set 4-PW- plays 1/2 over pulled once out of my Nike vR_S 90 OBO shipped Project X 6.0 - Driver shaft pulled once out Nike str8 VR pro 35 shipped OBO - 3wood shaft pulled once out of Nike...
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    FS-Project X iron and FW shafts

    I have a set project x 5.0 4 - PW iron Shafts pulled one time from my Nike VR S forged irons.. These have less than 20 rounds played and range time.. These are 1/2" over stock ( stock Nike 5 iron plays 38" this one is 38-1/2" ) there taper shaft with . 355 dia tips. The FW shaft is a project x...
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    FS: Project X shafts 4-pw/ FW

    I have a set of project X 5.0 4-pw that have no more than 20 rounds of play on them... They have Winn tour wrap grips and are in great condition.. There just pulled from my Nike VR S forged irons and they are "1/2 over stock Nike ... ( 5-iron stock 38... These are 38-1/2" ) there taper fit...
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    Cost of spine aligning

    I just received my new project x 6.0shafts that I decided to get after a test fitting on mizzy optimizer... It told me that I need DG X100 or project x 6.5 after swinging a 6 iron at 93 mph swing speed.. I wanted to get the shafts spine aligned and was wondering what would it cost per. Shaft...
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    Razr fit to nike str 8

    I'm need so help.. I have a GD tour AD DI 6 with a callaway razr fit adapter that I want to remove and play it in my Nike vr pro with str8 fit adapter.. Can it be done ? I know that the Nike adapter is .355 ID will the shaft fit ?
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    FS Nike STR8 driver shafts

    I have 2 shafts for sale. First is Adlila voodoo xvr6 X stiff from a fitting cart factory Nike grip. Gamed very little. The second one is a Project X 6.0 from Nike as a replacement for one that I broke.. It's been games about 5-9 rounds with a golf pride mid size grip.. Adilla 35 shipped...
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    WTB Nike STR8 3w shaft

    Looking for a 3 wood shaft for my Nike VR Pro STR8 fit .. Something extra stiff. Shoot me what you have .. Thanks
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    Nike STR-8 ferrule swap

    Can a Nike STR-8 ferrule and adpater be taken off one shaft and reused on another??? Or does anyone know where you can buy replacements??
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    Help I.D. this shaft GD tour AD VR 511D

    So i was killing time over at rodger dunn the other day and i was looking through the shelfs with nike driver on them and i came across a nike machspeed driver with what looks like a GD Di 6 or 7 shaft. Its a 62g. Stiff flex with a STR-8 TIP but when i looked closely it showed that it was a...
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    FS Nike Vr Pro cavity back heads (4-AW)

    I have a set of Nike Vr Pro cavity back heads 4 - AW without shafts. They have the normal bag chatter but i rate them 8.0/8.5 out of 10.0. They have the normal amount of dings, scuffs, and markings from playing. Theres about 30-40 rounds on them. Great game impovement clubs.. Askiing $150.00...
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    Going to PHX for thanksgiving looking for a good place to play

    Well heading to Phoenix AZ. this thanksgiving and me and my brother is looking for acouple good places to play without breaking the bank....
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    New member from So, Cal

    I ve been playing about one year. I really enjoy the game and looking forward to playing more than hitting at the range...

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