1. rallo

    Do You Like Stamping?

    I think it's cool, and it's on my Christmas list. I dropped plenty of not so subtle hints to the wife... haha
  2. rallo

    Tour Event 2020 Masters Contest and Thread

    Cantlay FTW!
  3. rallo

    Matte Golf Balls?

    Wilson duo optix for me, although I just bought a box of their matte orange urethane ball as well. For me it speeds up the round, easy to track in the air and easy to spot in the rough. Fewer lost balls leads to lower scores for me. I'm excited to try the urethane, and it could be my gamer if it...
  4. rallo

    2020 NFL Thread

    Ramsey with the LeBronesque flop to seal it
  5. rallo

    Official 2020 MLB Thread

    Be wary of those foul balls hit down the line... Also, Cubs 10-2 which means that they will definitely shut down this season
  6. rallo

    Best 90s movies?

    I see some good ones, I'll add The Professional and A Bronx Tale
  7. rallo

    Favorite Terrible Movie?

    This movie is fantastic, and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong:p
  8. rallo

    Wish me luck.

    The "almost anchor";)
  9. rallo

    Golf products that have made you eat crow?

    I won't say I poo poo'd it, but cbx wedges... sort of secretly scoffed and thought I'd never try one... Did. Bought it. Love it. Favorite club.
  10. rallo

    Blade vs Mallets

    Another reason why getting fit is key. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time, although sounds like you were pretty pleased with your gamer to start with.
  11. rallo

    Utilities: Love them or leave them?

    I'm rocking the 17*, 19*, and 22* of the cbx iron woods. A whole lot of fun so far! I have a feeling that the 19 and 22 will be in the bag for quite some time. So far they have been straighter in terms of ball flight, and more consistent than my battles with FWs and hybrids. I'm a lot more...
  12. rallo

    Kirkland Signature Wedges

    Agree with this, we are usually preaching how options are good. I'm not going to bag on these like I won't bag on people for wearing kirkland clothing. If it gets someone to enjoy the game of golf I'm all for it.
  13. rallo

    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    Hoping to get this on the range today, might toy around with a darker purple for the paint job.
  14. rallo

    Bettinardi Makes a Yes! Putter

    Loved me the tracy II, Fitzy has good taste
  15. rallo

    Oncore Golf Genius Ball or iPutt Ball

    I agree, switching from trackable/playable smart ball to a smart ball you can only putt with is a giant bait and switch. I would potentially help fund the former, but am disinterested in the latter.
  16. rallo

    What is your favorite vehicle you have owned?

    I had a stick shift beater of an Isuzu hombre 1999ish that was just perfect. Super functional, and helped me through a couple of college moves. It was super reliable, and driving a stick is kinda fun (until the winter)
  17. rallo

    4-Iron vs Utility Iron vs Hybrid

    Whatever you call the cbx iron woods, somewhere between Hybrid and Utility iron
  18. rallo

    When should a penalty be communicated to a player?

    Pretty much this, the more info the better for the player.
  19. rallo

    Do you take the break out?

    Yes, I hate giving up the hole on breakers

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