1. Kenomikes

    SkyTrak numbers

    Rented a bay indoors last night to try this new place, wanted to hit my G400 Max 9* that I just threw in a Black V2 to see how it plays for me. Very disappointed in that the software didn't allow me to get all the shots after in one screen per the guy working there, so I had to take a picture...
  2. Kenomikes

    WTB WTB Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

    Hi, Anybody got one of these radars used and not using? I'd buy new but let's see if someone's not doing the Superspeed training anymore and looking to sell or swap. Have new Bridgestone Tour balls. Thx Mike
  3. Kenomikes

    Club Delivery Anticipation

    I buy a lot clubs on Callaway Pre-Owned and some other sites too to save money and have been almost entirely pleased with the received condition. Most of these sites you don't get an actual picture of exactly what you are buying (unless ebay usually), so it's an act of faith hoping the listed...
  4. Kenomikes

    WTB WTB 2015/2016 Callaway Apex 5 Hybrid RH with Stiff Kuro Kage shaft

    Hi, WTB used right handed Callaway Apex 5 Hybrid with Stiff Kuro Kage shaft. The original 2015/2016 version, not the new one. This isn't for me, but for my friend whose looking for one. Can't find a RH 5 Hybrid anywhere. Need the stiff Kuro Kage shaft only, has to be a 5 hybrid as he already...
  5. Kenomikes

    WTB WTB Lefty Ping G410 4 Hybrid Alta Stiff

    Hi. Looking for a used Lefty Ping G410 4 Hybrid with stock Alta stiff. I have the 3 hybrid and she's lonely. Thx.
  6. Kenomikes

    For Sale RECOIL ES 760 F3 regular shafts 5-AW used pulls from CF16

    Hi, RECOIL ES 760 F3 regular shafts 5-AW (7 shafts) used pulls from CF16. Listing is for shafts only with grips. Selling a set of 7 used shafts (5-AW) that were professionally pulled from my Callaway CF16's. I bought the irons like new on Callaway Pre-owned in 2018 and played them one year...
  7. Kenomikes

    Golfing and Duckpin Bowling-Can you shoot under 100 and score over 100?

    Can you shoot under 100 Golfing and score over 100 Duckpin Bowling? I golf and bowl with a bunch of guys and you'd be very surprised how many have no chance of doing both. We have a blast though, especially when the drinks and jokes are flowing.
  8. Kenomikes

    Swing Help

    Hi Freddie, Any thoughts on this? Here's a few videos my partner took yesterday. He was saying I'm lifting my back foot early, and also standing closed with shoulders open. I've been struggling with driver recently, has been solid for me in past. I shot 4 over yesterday with awful drives...
  9. Kenomikes

    WTB Toulon 20g weight

    Hi, Anybody have an extra Toulon Design 20g weight plate for sale? It's for my 2016 Toulon Madison. Thx.
  10. Kenomikes

    Longest Drive question

    Settle a bet for me with my friend in a long drive hole yesterday that I won. I was in the fairway and won a free fishing charter trip off Cape Cod so this question doesn't matter but what would happen if I had rolled another 2 yards straight ahead and caught that rough? First pic is my...
  11. Kenomikes

    WTT/WTB for Fujikura Speeder Evolution II TS 665 stiff driver shaft

    WTT/WTB for Fujikura Speeder Evolution II TS 665 stiff driver shaft in standard length 45.5". Anybody have one of these shafts? I feel like doing a driving range experiment. This shaft came with the XR16 or XR16 Pro driver. I'm thinking there's a bunch of these lying in closets throughout THP...
  12. Kenomikes

    SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer 48" regrip thoughts

    Bought this SKLZ 48" Gold Trainer recently and I really like it. I'm swinging it indoors now looking to get some strength and flexibility and maybe a little more club head speed. Seems to be a nice little workout if you can get 100 swings in, maybe 25 swings a set. Anyways, idiot as I am, I...
  13. Kenomikes

    Wanted RH clubs for my son

    Hi, My son is 16 and has always played baseball but finally wants me to teach him golf and I'm frigging thrilled. Great athlete. He's 5' 10" and thin, perfect golf shape unlike his Dad! We're just going to the driving range to beat balls to start, teach him a swing, and connect with him...
  14. Kenomikes

    Carry Distances-How do you get yours?

    I got back into golf this year after a long layoff and was wondering how you get your carry distances for all your clubs. For me, it's basically trial and error on the course and also have a GPS that I use sometimes after I hit the shot- I set it to get the distance as I walk to my ball. But I...
  15. Kenomikes

    Lie Angle Adjustment

    I have 3 clubs I bought from CPO (816 Alpha 4W, Apex 3H & 4H). I'm going to eventually call them (don't want to be without these clubs now) and send then back to adjust the lie but wondering if someone has an opinion how much these need to be flattened. Shot is a draw for sure. Thx. I assume I...
  16. Kenomikes


    Hi, I want to try some of the new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR and have a dozen (two 6 ball trial packs) of the new Srixon Z-STAR to trade. These are new and unopened. I can trade the whole dozen, or a trial pack, whichever you prefer. Thx.

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