1. Tevenor

    Which would you game and why?

    So I spent some time on the sim trying out some different lofts/shaft combos just for fun and in prep for potentially getting some Callaway love in the near future. In the mean time though, take a look at these 3 driver results. I am not going to go into which ones are which because its not...
  2. Tevenor

    Best of Inspirobot

    Not sure how many of you know about Inspirobot. It's a weird kind of self-generating motivational poster generator ( self-dubed artificial intelligence ) that uses random images and a word management algorithm to generate sayings dynamically which can range from the boring to the utterly...
  3. Tevenor

    Closest you came to a HIO this Year

    So fess up. How close did you get? Did you get one? Here's mine. Spun it back with a PW to about 3 inches away.
  4. Tevenor

    Do you sim golf regularly?

    As we are now in the depths of winter up north, winter indoor sim golf leagues have started popping up. Mine for example starts Jan 5th. I am curious how prevalent the simulator use in your area is. So do you use the simulator as a tool, as entertainment, a bit of both or perhaps not at all...
  5. Tevenor

    What's your perfect single golf-related Christmas gift for this year?

    So imagine for a second there is a Santa Claus and you've got one guaranteed golf-related gift coming from the jolly old elf, what is it? You only get one thing ( set of irons or wedges counts as one thing ), price is no option, and it's gotta be something that fits under or near the tree ( no...
  6. Tevenor

    Milestone hit: 5000 posts

    If you had told me a little over a year ago, I would be sitting here making my 5000th post, I would have called you crazy. No way that I would post this many posts ( at least half of them not memes ;) ) only after a year. Normally I would say "Man I am such a post *****" but then I look at...
  7. Tevenor

    Time for some customization

    With Thanksgiving coming up next week and me taking some time off and the weather turning on me, I decided to do something I had been pondering most of the year: custom paint filling my Toulon Las Vegas. Love the putter and don't see me getting rid of it any time soon ( even with the...
  8. Tevenor

    Golf-specific workout program

    During the winter months around these parts, not much golfing going on. There's a few indoor simulators you can go to for a price and there is an indoor driving range in a bubble dome where it always feels like its only 10 degrees warmer inside than outside. Instead I started looking to maybe...
  9. Tevenor

    Lets talk cup conditions and impacts on your putt making

    Last 3 rounds have been on courses that have had fairly long ( and therefore slow ) greens. 1 because its a muni and 2 others because they were fighting some mold/green infection. In all 3 rounds, I had a serious number of lip outs. In 1 round, I had 6 putts that dipped below the level of the...
  10. Tevenor

    Interesting slow motion impact video

    This small snippet was posted on the PGATour instagram account and its a bit mesmerizing. It's one of Bryson's tee shots. Fun to watch on loop and notice the details ( ignore the annoying voice over ). Couple of interesting things I picked up on. 1) DIdn't expect to see the paint fly off...
  11. Tevenor

    Swing Vids - What am I missing?

    I had my daughter take some videos of my driver swing recently. I've really relied on videos to diagnose what I am feeling in my swing vs what my swing is really doing. To be completely up front, I feel like I am in a pretty good spot in my swing but whats been holding me back has been...
  12. Tevenor

    The Road To Grandmama's House - 2020 Edition

    With the upcoming 2nd contest announced by JB, I thought what better way to start documenting the lead up to this incredible event than to take everyone along with myself and the 3 lucky THP'ers who get will get chosen to take the inaugural ride to Grandmama's house. We'll use this thread to...
  13. Tevenor

    Review Cleveland UHX Irons - At home review

    As you may now, a month or so ago, I was selected to receive a set of Cleveland Launcher UHX irons thanks to @JB and Noelle from Cleveland golf. I just got them shipped in yesterday day so I wanted to create this thread to give my thoughts on them. **Disclaimer**: I'm nowhere as good of a...
  14. Tevenor

    For Sale Toulon Memphis w/ Original cover

    **SOLD** Bought this to compare it with my Las Vegas and although the Memphis rolls really nice, the Las Vegas just feels better to me. No need to keep both so looking to pass this on. 35" Stroke Lab shaft Double bend face_balanced Std loft and lie S/20 weight Oversized Odyssey grip Original...
  15. Tevenor

    How important is Descent Angle to you

    So @Jman 's thread with "Fun with data" had me wondering a bit on the importance people place on the land or descent angle of the shot when selecting the right fitting clubs. Before I got fit for my T200's in November, I didn't really consider descent angle as a key fitting metric. Once I...
  16. Tevenor

    Someone talk me out of this....(Club Face Off Time!)

    So some background. My first real set of irons that I absolutely loved was the Tommy Armour 845 SilverScots. Loved those things. Loved everything about them. Now maybe its the nostalgia talking, maybe its the current state of the world and me harking back to a simpler time when golf was pure...
  17. Tevenor

    For Sale Callaway Epic Flash Subzero - Right Handed 9 degree w/ shaft options

    Now that I have switched over to the Cobra Speedzone with the LINQ Purple shaft, I have no reason to keep my existing driver or my spare shaft with it. So it's going up for sale. Basic Info - Epic Flash Subzero - 9 deg driver - right handed $OLD Played 9 rounds No sky marks, no dings, no...
  18. Tevenor

    Are you a low spin or high spin iron player?

    Something that I hear a lot and read a lot is the "i am a low spin hitter" or "I am trying to fight to much spin". Myself, I always thought of myself as a low spin guy mostly based on how my lower irons/wedges performed in the past. Then I had a fitting and my Wedges were spinning at 11.5k...
  19. Tevenor

    Golf ball spin balancing

    While its still winter and the wife decided to keep us indoors for the weekend as part of the reaction to the coronavirus, I took the time to do what I have been wanting to do for a while which is spin balance my gamer balls. I took 2 dozen of the Tour B X that I just bought and decided to give...

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