1. Browns7213

    Where are the Oversize Cord Grips?

    Every industry is suffering outages due to COVID, guess the grip industry is no different.
  2. Browns7213

    Chili - beans or nope?

    Dark red kidney beans only.
  3. Browns7213

    What cigar did you smoke today?

    I saw Rush Limbaugh died the other day from lung cancer, don't care if you liked/hated him, but wondered if his death has given you even the slightest pause about smoking cigars. I know he was an avid cigar smoker, but I don't know if he was a long-time cigarette smoker earlier in life. He was...
  4. Browns7213

    Johnny Manziel and the PGA Tour

    Has any pro athlete ever been a total bust in two sports?
  5. Browns7213

    Favorite Golf Hole?

    I thought about picking a hole from one of the famous PGA courses I've played, then I thought I would pick the longest hole from Meadow's Farms, but somebody beat me to it. So, I'm gonna go with the 18th hole at McLemore Country Club. Playing above the clouds is one fo the coolest finishing...
  6. Browns7213

    What would realistically happen is a 20+ handicap played blades

    Yes, this was me when I tried Ben Hogan blades back in the late 90's. I struck the ball okay, some days better than others, but missed the forgiveness of a cavity back and went back to my old clubs after one summer of play.
  7. Browns7213

    Choosing Blind?

    Easy to decide. As a higher handicapper I know what type of club should work and which ones are out of my league.
  8. Browns7213

    WINN grip users

    I played Winn Excels for years, most comfortable grips ever, but they last about 10 rounds with the death grip I put on them.
  9. Browns7213

    Most important club to get fit

    I think the obvious answer is the club with which you have the most difficulty hitting consistently, of course you could argue lessons would be more important than fitting. The club I struggle with the most is my driver, so that would be the most important to get fit to my swing.
  10. Browns7213

    Which State?

    SC & MO
  11. Browns7213

    RED WINE ONLY - anti wine snobs

    Kosta Brown are probably the current trophy pinots. Archery Summit is the best American pinot I've ever had, very full bodied. Colleen Clemens pinots are the current fave of the Wine Spectator crowd, reasonably priced & very delicate.
  12. Browns7213

    Do You Putt at Home?

    I have a Big Moss green that I putt on for 10-15 minutes almost every night.
  13. Browns7213

    Do You Putt at Home?

    Nice set-up and that's quite a gaggle of putters!
  14. Browns7213

    National Brand vs Store Brand

    Usually if it's a stand alone item I go brand, but if it's going in a recipe with a lot of other ingredients I will go generic.
  15. Browns7213

    Getting Out of the Swag Game

    Sorry I missed this, that red skull cover would look great on my alternate putter.
  16. Browns7213

    What is the furthest you have ever putted from off the green?

    Probably 30 yards out of a long green side bunker with a low lip, almost made it too! I'm always more comfortable with a wedge in my hand around the green.
  17. Browns7213

    RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    Marty was a great coach for some exciting Browns teams. He turned around 3 different franchises and made them consistent winners using his MartyBall style of play. RIP Coach!
  18. Browns7213

    ebay requesting SS#

    Pretty much done with Ebay as a seller. Craigslist and FB Marketplace are free to post and no commissions or payment fees. Yes it's a smaller audience, but at least I don't have to give a kidney to ebay.
  19. Browns7213

    Timeshares - yay or nay?

    My wife and her brother owned one in Ocean City, MD and it was a huge waste of money, with all the fees to own & maintain it. As soon as we got married and I made her brother buy her half out. With all the rental companies, like AIR B&B, you can go anywhere you want in the world, when you want...

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