1. FatChance

    Washing a structured golf hat?

    My wife bought me a nice structured Black Clover golf hat at the Boulders CC in Carefree, AZ. I really like it but prefer unstructured hats. If I wash it, will the "structuring" loosen up or ruin it? I usually wash my golf hats in the washing machine and air dry them with good results. Any...
  2. FatChance

    Pursuing a private home sale without real estate agents?

    We have found a home on a golf course in Arizona that we are interested in to live in and it is not currently listed. We are very familiar with the local market. The motivated owner of his rental property is a lawyer that we met in a social setting and we are considering doing a private cash...
  3. FatChance

    FS: Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

    PRICE LOWERED. I am selling my like-new Cobra Ultralight cart bag. I got it this summer and it has had very light use (about 6 rounds). Selling because my wife got me a different bag for an anniversary gift a couple weeks ago. Black/yellow/red. Includes rain hood. No rips, abrasions, stains...
  4. FatChance

    Bad Birdie

    Even though I am getting old, I like fun golf clothes. I recently saw a guy golfing in Sedona and said I liked his golf shirt and he told me about Bad Birdie. I love the non-traditional graphics and the fabric is great. Their stock availability is kind of low right now but the web sites says it...
  5. FatChance

    Regripping an adjustable shaft with GP MCC +4

    I am going to regrip my F9 woods that have adjustable shafts with Golf Pride MCC +4 (non-align) grips. When you do that, do you install them in the std-std position or your current settings, even if those may change? I am still playing around with my settings (mostly +1 draw right now) but that...
  6. FatChance

    Replacement strap for Garmin Approach X40?

    My wife has a Garmin Approach X40 golf/fitness GPS watch. It has worked well since she got it a year ago but the strap (buckle side) broke. Garmin has a replacement for the other half of the strap but not the buckle side. We ordered a silicone replacement strap from Amazon but the buckle side...
  7. FatChance

    FJ Flex or Puma Ignite NXT?

    I am looking for a lightweight spike-less shoe for the first time but am a couple hours from the nearest store with any selection to shop at. I really like the look of the white/red/blue FJ Flex, but the fanboy support for the NXT (lace style undecided, but probably in the grey colorway) is very...
  8. FatChance

    Callaway Heavenwood - Best generation?

    I have read most of the threads on the Callaway Heavenwood clubs. They seem to get universally high praise. For those who have or have had a Heavenwood, which generation do you think is best? Usually, clubs get better with each new generation, at least if you listen to the manufacturers. It...
  9. FatChance

    Slim/trim fit shorts?

    I am too, uh, "mature" to wear baggy shorts. They look silly on me. What company makes good quality trim/slim fit golf shorts (sz 36)? It would be a plus if they also had similar regular golf pants as well. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  10. FatChance

    New Guy in Arizona (for now)

    We lived in Durango for 20 years and sold the house and everything and bought a 40' Newmar motorcoach to travel. Before we even got a good start, the cardiac Cath lab in the hospital in Flagstaff offered my wife a very attractive position. So, we will be doing a layover in Flag for a while at a...

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