1. Penglynns

    Home security cameras

    Looking at installing some security cameras at home but there are so many options and opinions. Need at least one non-wired camera for the back where I have no electrical or cat5/6 wire, so I'm leaning towards a wifi system like Blink. What does THP recommend/use? Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. Penglynns

    Louisiana Flood Help?

    I know we have THPers in Louisiana - maybe you can help. I want to help out the flood victims but prefer local charities over some big national one like the Red Cross so I know the help goes to Louisiana. Anyone know of some good Louisiana charities that we can donate to?
  3. Penglynns

    Straight Talk Wireless?

    Did some searching and didn't see much of anything, so curious if any THPers have experience with Straight Talk Wireless? Any problems with speed throttling? Coverage issues? Work ok for GPS apps on the course? Our AT&T unlimited plan is getting the $5 (x2) bump and we could certainly save a...
  4. Penglynns

    FS: Callaway Hex Chrome+ yellow dozen

    Brand new, unopened, unmarked dozen Chrome+ yellow. Received as gift, not my ball of choice. Asking $30 shipped.
  5. Penglynns

    Comcast XFinity Home

    Anyone have experience with Xfinity Home for security monitoring and smart home connectivity? Our current home monitoring service-safe touch-is discontinuing our current model and wants $200 dollars to update to the new version to keep the same service. Comcast is offering $200 cashback and...
  6. Penglynns

    WTT: Cally Chrome Soft sleeve

    I want to try the Chrome Soft but haven't seen just a sleeve locally and am hesitant on a full dozen since I've grown to like firmer balls (take that, Tom Brady). I've got sleeves of Cally SR2 or SR3 (both white), and Srixon ZStar XV (yellow) I would swap straight up for a sleeve of Chrome Soft...
  7. Penglynns

    Financial Planners/Advisors

    We're getting to a point where I think it would be good to talk to an unbiased financial professional about some issues and goals in our life, but am having trouble finding any that want anything to do with someone who doesn't have a million dollars already invested for them to manage. We have...
  8. Penglynns

    Tampa in December - Emerald Greens or elsewhere nearby?

    My wife, 3 yr old son, and I are heading to Tampa for a week in mid-December and are staying at Emerald Greens Resort, so I can get on to their course easily and it would be very convenient. I'll only have time for one round since it is a family trip, not a golf trip. I know Emerald Greens gets...
  9. Penglynns

    "Shake It Off" to an 80s Aerobics video

    I'm not sure there are words... http://youtu.be/WPyG5mMfaN8
  10. Penglynns


    We are looking to upgrade our dishwasher this month if we can take advantage of a black friday sale. Currently we have a one-step above builder grade Whirlpool that barely cleans on the Pots & Pans setting and is noisy as heck - not good in our open floor plan. Price isn't so much an option -...
  11. Penglynns

    Halloween Costumes 2014

    Time to get those costumes ready. We finally settled on ours today. Little man wants to be Spider Man (though he's never seen a comic or movie or cartoon... Must be a kid at daycare that he's seen with Spidey stuff). I will be a photographer for the Daily Bugle and my wife is going to be a...
  12. Penglynns

    FS: Srixon Z-Star 3 & 5 wood - Miyazaki Dromos 61 stiff RH

    3 wood is sold - 5 wood available. Asking $50 OBO shipped I have a pair of Z-Star fw woods I bought lightly used that I have replaced. Std length, headcovers includes. The "3" patch fell off of the 3 wd cover but the 3w tag is still on it. They did not include a tool so that is not included -...
  13. Penglynns

    Need prayer for my Father please

    If you are so inclined my Father could really use some prayer right now. He went in for what should have been a simple hernia operation Friday and has gotten worse. Heart rate and BP very high and not responding well to medication. Growing more confused and disoriented. They're going to do a...
  14. Penglynns

    Three new Apps to try - UrCaddy, Essential Golf Stats, and Get Real Golf Stats

    In my never-ending quest to find a better stat tracking app, I found three new ones to try tomorrow head-to-head. All of these feature more advanced tracking beyond the usual basics, including the one I've been hunting most - approach shot misses (every app tracks fairways, but very few give you...
  15. Penglynns

    FS: Srixon Z-Star driver 10.5 stiff

    Includes headcover, weights and wrench, etc. very good shape, no sky marks or anything, one white tee mark on the bottom. Very adjustable. Miyazaki Dromos 61g stiff shaft. Standard 45.5" length. Asking $95 shipped OBO
  16. Penglynns

    FS: Seemore M2w aluminum insert 35" RH

    Good shape, only a couple of small nicks on the head from bag wear. Brand new Winn AVS Midsize grip just put on it with only a few rounds of use. Great feel from the insert, pretty rare/hard to find. No headcover included on this one, sorry. Asking $125 shipped
  17. Penglynns

    FS: Seemore FGP USA Tour 38" counter balanced RH

    Counterbalanced at Seemore by Seemore brand new, not converted. Purchased September 2013 for $195. Blue FeelTec belly grip to provide the CB. I have painted the dot and stripes to match the grip but will paint back to white and red if it is a deal breaker. Or paint them yourself - it's fun...
  18. Penglynns

    FS: TM R9 TP 4-PW KBS Tour R hard stepped

    TM R9 TP 4-PW KBS Tour Reg flex hard stepped irons in good condition. Always we'll taken care of, wiped clean after every shot, kept in iron covers at all times. Very little wear. Can take pics of anything if requested. Std length and lie. Your velvet grips still in good shape. I'm moving to...
  19. Penglynns

    FS/FT: White Callaway belt - 36"

    Near mint callaway leather belt. 36". Love it but it is just a little too big. Need a 34" probably. Very little use, only worn maybe 6 times. Original retail $60. Looking to trade for similar in smaller size or will sell if interested for $25 shipped.
  20. Penglynns

    Club Champion Orlando - full bag fitting

    Currently sitting in Dewey's Golf sports bar for lunch taking a break during my full bag fitting at the new Orlando Club Champion. Thought I'd start putting down some thoughts while fresh but will have more after I get home knight and am not on an iPhone to type. First, the guys are fantastic...

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