1. OhioGolfer

    OhioGolfer's 2021 Handicap Quest

    I finished the 2020 season with a handicap of 7.1, and realistically would like to get down to a 5.5 in the 2021 season. I am usually not one to practice very much but do play around 100 rounds every year. This year I am going to try and practice more and put a little more effort into getting...
  2. OhioGolfer

    Bandon Dunes

    We might be looking to go at the end of November, first of December. Anyone ever gone during those times? Just trying to figure out the weather, if it's too miserable, we'll find another time.
  3. OhioGolfer

    Where will your first round of 2021 be?

    2021 is almost here, so lets hear where you will be playing your first round at.
  4. OhioGolfer

    WTB THP Headcovers

    Looking to pick up some THP Headcovers that I don't have. I do have a few, let me know which ones you have and what price you're looking for.
  5. OhioGolfer

    Best golf around Erie,PA?

    Looking to stay within 45 minutes or so from Erie. What are the best courses up that way that you recommend?
  6. OhioGolfer

    Anyone want to do a golf draft for fun to pass the time by?

    Wanted to see if there was any interest in doing this for fun to pass some time by before we get sports back on TV. Figured we can do a draft and have the forum vote of who they think has the best team. We will put together teams of 5 golfers (all time golfers, past or present) and once they get...
  7. OhioGolfer

    Happy birthday Nerdy_81

    Happy birthday Will :birthday:
  8. OhioGolfer

    Put together a starting rotation

    Who is your all time rotation of pitchers? I'm going to go with only the pitchers I have seen pitch in my lifetime. 1. Randy Johnson 2. Greg Maddux 3. Pedro Martinez 4. Roger Clemens 5. Clayton Kershaw
  9. OhioGolfer

    Jack/Arnie Funko Pops

    First they made Tiger, these are now available for pre order. Anyone else picking these up?
  10. OhioGolfer

    Online or Brick and Mortar?

    Where do you buy the bulk of your golf equipment and apparel? Do you still like to go into a store and look at the stuff in person or do you like to just order online?
  11. OhioGolfer

    WTB THP Dollar Bills putter cover

    Looking to buy the THP Dollar Bills Headcover
  12. OhioGolfer

    Tampa Golf?

    Heading to Tampa in 2 weeks and looking for a course or 2 to play, any suggestions?
  13. OhioGolfer

    Do you keep track of your score during a round?

    When you are playing a round of golf do you keep track of your score while you are playing? If you don't, do you look at it if you are playing well towards the end to see if you can maybe break a certain score? I usually know what I'm shooting while I'm playing but occasionally I won't keep track.
  14. OhioGolfer

    The 2019 Ben Hogan Experience Travel Thread

    LLIB jbuck31 Ohiogolfer QWKZ51 Jrt13 J.B.Cobb III Hey guys, we can use this as our travel and extra rounds thread if anyone is able to get in early. I'd be down for splitting a room or looking into an Airbnb if you guys are interested.
  15. OhioGolfer

    Starting a MLB fantasy league

    Looking to start a MLB fantasy league on ESPN, if you want to join let me know! Thinking of doing a small prize or so for the winner but that can be discussed.
  16. OhioGolfer

    How many different brands of golf balls do you play?

    I have never picked a ball and tried to stick with it for an entire year. I'm thinking I might try and do that this upcoming year and see if it makes a difference. Do you guys try and stick to a certain ball for the whole year or do you like to switch it up and try different ones and if so how...
  17. OhioGolfer

    Do you use the same club for all shots around the green?

    I personally use my 54 for probably 95% of my shots around the green. It's just the most comfortable shot for me and I've never been one to use an 8 iron bump and run or the 58 for high flops. What about you, do you have a go to club, or do you use different clubs for different shots?
  18. OhioGolfer

    Playing in a GC Am Tour event tomorrow

    I played in one event last year and had some fun. I won a couple skins and the super skin, so it we a really good day. I like the opportunity to play private courses and enjoy competitive golf. I will be playing at Urbana Country Club in Ohio. I shot 83 in my only event last year. Closest guess...
  19. OhioGolfer

    Free fantasy baseball (ESPN) Draft tonight 8PM eastern

    Anyone want to do a free league with a draft tonight? I'll throw in some prizes to spice it up. Need to get at least 8, let me know!
  20. OhioGolfer

    WTB THP Putter Cover

    Any THP putter covers available for sale? Keep seeing them pop up and really would like to get one, if you have one for sale, let me know!

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