1. RayG

    Every shot may count...

    But my goodness, this is like watching paint dry. Back to bingeing Warehouse 13.
  2. RayG

    Future of Ferry Point Park?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/13/nyregion/nyc-trump-golf-carousel-ice-rinks.html Just great- I just got a $500 gift card for my 60th to play Ferry Point Park with my buddy in the spring. (NYC Resident). And anyways- it's a stupid measure. Trump runs the "Trump Organization" that runs these...
  3. RayG

    Unicorn sighting?

    At the range yesterday and a gentleman goes into the next bay with a driver and a big bucket. Hits a few(I should say, topped a bunch) then gets a phone call. He sounded pretty excited. Gone about 10 minutes and comes back with a box. Obviously, new clubs. He proceeds to open the box and...
  4. RayG

    18 Days of Golf Pride

    Enter once, good for all 18 days... https://www.golfpride.com/18days/?utm_source=nl&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_18days
  5. RayG

    Pine Valley anyone?

    I figure the odds of getting on are pretty low... in my case, anyhow. But I hope folks DVR’d or watched Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf last night. Gene Littler and Byron Nelson at Pine Valley. In color!!! With the occasional overhead aerial shots. I can see where World Woods Pine Barrens got...
  6. RayG

    Simple distance app

    Seriously considering an Apple Watch 6 in the near future. I've been trying to see if there is ANY app that can be used to check distances of drives. I don't NEED a GolfLogix, Grint, or similar doodad filled golf app. I have an Izzo as well as a laser Range Finder. The Izzo CAN do it, but it's...
  7. RayG

    Putting under pressure...

    Got out on Friday with a younger guy (29) who has played for about 4-5 years. As we were stuck between groups as a 2, we had plenty of time to chat. He had a very good driving game, and I had a good iron day... (a-ha moment from last week wasn’t as consistent as I expected, but better). On 3rd...
  8. RayG

    Walk ups...

    Errrgh. Still “No Walk-ups” at my locals (at least the 2-3 that I play regularly). That gets annoying when you’re out and decide to play because your schedule doesn’t always allow booking 3-4 days out. last week I got out of the car, masked up and started toward the starter shack to check for...
  9. RayG

    Altitude sickness?

    Okay- maybe not THAT altitude sickness. But I’m sure I’m not alone in this problem. This AM I went off to the local 2 level range a bit later than usual and was correct in assuming all the lower level bays were taken. I headed up to the second level. Found the one with mat in best condition that...
  10. RayG

    Lofts on older irons...

    I am putting my old Hogan Edge GS Ft. Worth’s into play, because why not? So I’m having them re-gripped at the moment (found a gift card) with GP Tour Wraps that matches the previous grips. They were at least 7 years old, but hadn’t been used in 5. Best just to get it over with. Anyway, when I...
  11. RayG

    Clubs not ‘Jacked’?

    Watching the GC this AM. The Arnold Palmer Golf Gala Skins Game. Arnie, Love III, Lehman and Woods. I can honestly say I hit it as far now as Tiger did. In 2004. 120 uphill- A full Wedge. These days, they would be hitting SW or maybe even A 58°. And a 3/4 one at that.
  12. RayG

    Tournament replays

    You know, I can certainly watch these repeats. I mean, I couldn’t tell you who won the Quad Cities Open much less the Valspar. Other than TW winning the Masters, not a clue.
  13. RayG

    Corona and Government

    ‪County Executive says all the parks and some Golf courses are open. “Go and get fresh air and de-stress”. She doesn’t know much about golf, then!
  14. RayG

    A win for the little guy!

    Expecting a package from Amazon today delivering my golf balls I ordered. (Along with the charcoal filters for the cats water fountain). Bell rings and package arrives. Aha! My Titleist TruFeels are here. Open the box and it isn’t the balls I ordered. No, this time they were a dozen brand...
  15. RayG

    Photo Heavy Heirloom collection of clubs

    Finally got around to cataloging my ‘antique’ clubs in photographs. Couple of oddballs and at least one famous one that a lot will recognize. And one club is truly special- only because the makers mark contains my last name! Have a look: (if I do this right on the phone)
  16. RayG

    Speaking of rebuild...

    Came across this last week, but wanted another range session to verify my results. Last few seasons and several years in general, I’ve just not been able to be consistent (or at least as consistent as I used to be) with anything in the bag. I mentioned that I’ve been trying to channel that 25...
  17. RayG

    CONTEST Myrtle Beach Big Shot Contest

  18. RayG

    So, what's your game plan?

    16th at Lido Golf Club on Long Island. Classic Robert Trent Jones Design that was built over the remains of the original Lido Golf Club by C.B. MacDonald/Seth Raynor. This is supposedly a replica of the original 16th hole. Tee box is marked with the dot, with yardages to the ends noted. the...
  19. RayG

    New Honma Driver Giveaway (100)

    Saw this posted to FB. Win their Driver, send them your old Driver.. https://us.honmagolf.com/pages/honma-xperience-sweepstakes hmmm, that's odd- it didn't (or I didn't do it right) ask what thingee to put it under... like "contest".
  20. RayG

    And THAT is why....

    ... you don’t scorecard watch. Went out at Lido (Long Island, NY)in the first ‘cool’ day of the fall with temps in upper 40’s, low fifty’s but beautiful sunshine. Scuffled around the front okay, then started similar on the back. Just marked score every couple of holes. If I’m on a streak of some...

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