1. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    For those of ya'll that are worried about the swam butt, I recommend this product to help prevent/relieve the entire situation.
  2. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Ok, serious question time for the guys that are already named. @Canadan @Jman and @NVGOLFER80 what driver and putter are going in the bag?
  3. billyh

    Do you change tee height to influence path?

    I had the opposite outcome with teeing the ball a touch lower. If I used the half ball above the head method I would slice the everliving dog turd out of it. Teeing it down a bit seemed to fix that some. I’ve only had one round of 9 with the B21 driver and a normal tee hight was used.
  4. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    When you're used to staying at a Motel 6 in the rough part of town when traveling, anything without a chalk outline on the floor looks amazing.
  5. billyh

    What are your thoughts on rental clubs?

    I don't think it was my personal best, but I rented a set at Disney (M2's) and was VERY impressed with them. I actually bought the irons at Dick's on a black friday sale that same year. Still playing them now. So no, I'm not opposed to renting clubs at a nice facility.
  6. billyh

    USGA Approves Amateur Endorsements

    Thanks for the info. With that cap, I'm all for it.
  7. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    I'd be in the water at least once. Might have to bring 4 dozen balls and some dive gear with me :LOL:
  8. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Between @Canadan and @Jman it will. Once we get the teams all set, I want to see the betting odds so the real trash talk can start.
  9. billyh

    Contest: Ask Jamie Sadlowski and Win

    Making the transition from long drive to tour player, what do you consider being successful on tour is (I.E. making cuts, keeping the card, winning a lot, etc.)? For a follow up, who wins their first tour event, you or Berkshire?
  10. billyh

    USGA Approves Amateur Endorsements

    I'm all for compensation for using one's likeness but I don't know where to draw the line. If an amateur is good enough to make a living playing golf, they need to go pro. For the younger players getting to and from tournaments, paying for meals, winning a closest to the pin, and help with...
  11. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Just the chriping back and forth between @Canadan and @Jman during the event is going to make this one 🔥
  12. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Don't worry, I'm playing at a 28 :LOL:
  13. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Do I see a rematch between @Canadan and Vosh?
  14. billyh

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Just picked these up. They should go well with the knickers I found yesterday.
  15. billyh

    Wide Blade Putters

    I rolled a couple double wides the last time I was at a PGA Superstore. The ones that stood out were the Mizuno, and a stock Benti. Wasn’t to thrilled with the Scottie.
  16. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Well... if the shoe fits ;)
  17. billyh

    you are guilty of criticizing others for which of the following ?

    I was hitting a 3 wood off the deck in the sim at a big box store yesterday. I am by no means a long hitter and was carrying it 165ish with zero warm ups but it was almost straight as an arrow. I’m amazed on how many guys on the internet carry a 9 iron that far and can hit 300 yard bombs at...
  18. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Welcome to the club. At least my audience is at best 45 ish students and not a globally available podcast.
  19. billyh

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Don’t get sucked in with peer pressure!
  20. billyh

    Callaway Epic Forged Star

    They were released for the JDM if I’m not mistaken. I struggle with fairway woods and looked at them for a bit but they’re still more than I want to spend on a club without hitting one.

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