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    Ever Completely Lost Your Golf Swing?

    Yes. I was playing a course and on the 16 hole all of sudden I could not even hit the ball at all. It was so strange. Took about 4 swings before my swing came back. Only happened once, but I think my mind must have went space cadet or something weird. To this day I don't know what caused it.
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    Do you know your carry distances?

    Yes, I even have a printed card with my carry yardages on my bag, but I pretty much know them anyway.
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    Ball Stash

    I had 100s of balls I found. I use some for practicing at hom, give some to less fortunate or donate to 1rst tee, etc.
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    Golf Shafts

    Even though I can buy the expensive shafts, I tend to gravitate toward the average cost shafts because they work fine for my game. However, I do believe that weight, flex and torque make a difference for me as the data has proved it out. At 66 I don't think I am at a stage where I could really...
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    Newer Isn't Always Better

    Good post. The truth of the matter is we don't need the new stuff, but most of us like it. I know a guy that has an old putter and I have never seen a putter worn in such a way. It is convex and looks like someone took a hammer to it and beat it out like a spoon. It is so bad you would throw...
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    Some Like It Hot - What's Your Favorite Temp To Play?

    Probably 60-70 for me, but it's golf so no matter the temp except for the cold! :cool:
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    Official Rant of the Day

    Ice storms and no power, but my rant would not compare to what some of the folks in Texas are going through.
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    Are you open minded to smaller companies?

    I don't really pay any attention to the size of the company. As you basically stated it is a perception as to what a small company is. I look at it this way, if what they produce is something I am interested in they have my focus for that item.
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    Aging, Ego, and Tees

    I am not sure I could shoot par even from the forward greens :ROFLMAO:
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    Aging, Ego, and Tees

    We have one older golfer at our local club and I would say he is closer to 80 years old, but that dude can pump nice drive and he still plays whites and he wins the senior club championship most every year. His swing is lock solid. I watch some of the other stubborn players that play the...
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    Aging, Ego, and Tees

    For me I think it is more about ability than age. If someone is crushing drives at 70 and in the fairway the senior tees might be an issue. I am a senior, but I can play regular white or senior tees depending on how my swing is that day and the scores are about the same. I do know that the...
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    3 wood issues hitting off short grass

    I ran into somewhat similar issues with woods and thick grass too. I still cannot get anything worthwhile out of a 3 wood, but I can hit my 5 wood pretty good now. I was ready to give up on woods completely, but stuck with it. When hitting the wood what works best for me is to keep pressure on...
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    Most important club to get fit

    I think we had this question before, but right now for me, I would go with the driver as I want to clean that up a bit. For some though, I would say the club or clubs that give you the most problems. What if most of the courses you play you had to hit a wood or hybrid on your second shot and...
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    Weather in your area.

    I am old enough to have seen much worse weather conditions, but I won't even mention those. The bad thing we have right now is another ice storm and we just had one last weekend. o_O
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    How often do you get fitted?

    Once for irons and a sort of driver fitting. I am still happy with my irons so don't plan to get a fitting anytime soon. I would like to give the driver fitting a go soon and maybe even try a putter fitting just for the heck of it. What really puzzles me is at my swing speeds I should be using...
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    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    No. I was fit for a driver, but not using that one. I really should go back and get fit again and see if I can force feed that Cobra Radspeed driver in my bag. I currently play the Cobra SpeedZone now and the Radspeed is tugging on me big time.
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    Which State?

    Probably head to NC some this Spring to visit my youngest son and play some rounds with him.
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    Missing Short on the Course

    Missing short is good for most courses I play. Missing long would not be good. My club distances are good. My short misses are usually because I reserve some on the swing.

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