1. Dent

    Are Big Belt Buckles Still the Style?

    Do you guys think moderately sized buckles are the style? (like the seemore belt buckle in another thread) Is it just a preference rather than "the thing to do?" What do you guys like to do, just a classic leather band? I'm personally on both sides as sometimes I like to do a good buckle...
  2. Dent

    WTB: RH Ping i20 Driver 9.5*

    WTB: Ping i20 Driver in 9.5* brand new or only hit a handful of times. Just show me what you got. I'd like something with an aftermarket shaft or head only. Stiff flext please.
  3. Dent

    FS: Ping S58 Irons, Cobra L4V Driver, Nike Machspeed Black W/Aldila RIP

    First up for sale is a set of Ping S58 irons 4-PW that I have played for a good 3 or 4 seasons, possibly more but does NOT show at all! These clubs are in great shape with plenty of life left on them. I had the grips replaced 2 seasons ago (definitly due but I just love the look) but still are...
  4. Dent

    Titleist 712 CB's

    Didn't see a review anywhere on these clubs and was wondering.. who has em?!! I'm pondering some new irons and after careering it two years ago with a set of 710 CB's while mine were in the shop I really think I want these to be my next set of irons. Any thoughts or review links?!
  5. Dent

    Par Yearly Average Increase.

    I was laying here taking a look at last year and the previous years tournament results of mine (I can't wait for the snow to be gone) and I noticed something that I'm sure everyone improves on. Do you notice as the years go by and you improve the number of pars on your scorecard gently...
  6. Dent

    Constant Thumb Pain

    I haven't asked my pro about this yet but thought I'd get a little insight on here first. I had a lesson about a week ago and was told to slow my swing down and my take away is altered to have the toe of the club facing up on the back swing and the logo of my glove pointing up (which is a proper...
  7. Dent

    WTB: 3 Wood REG SHAFT

    Hey guys, Looking for a 3 wood for the old man. Basically looking at most brands: Callaway, Nike, TM, Ping etc. Preferably something maybe a year older and in good condition. Has to be regular shaft and right handed of course. Looking to pay around $100-150 Let me know!
  8. Dent

    Lifestyle Fashion Thread

    I am a huge fan of mens fashion and the latest trends and looking very elegant and classy while I dress. I like to go for the classy gentleman look when I'm dressing (a big surprise coming from a 19 year old I know). I wear a lot of cardigans, dress shirts and ties, v neck sweaters, henleys and...
  9. Dent

    Any Psychiatrists on here?

    Hey Guys, This is a crazy question but I am going through this really weird state of mind in the past week (and especially today) and would just like preferably a professional to randomly confide in and get a bit of an opinion because (to make a joke out of it) I feel like I'm going mental. I...
  10. Dent

    Entering 9 Hole Rounds

    Our handicap system when you enter 9 hole rounds it waits until you enter another 9 hole round and combines the two. In my case I usually only play quick 9 hole rounds. I enter every score I play and right after the round I enter my 9 hole score. It is common for most players and even myself...
  11. Dent

    Dent's Driver Shootout 2011

    **Also posted in equipment pondering, was so long I thought I'd make my own thread for questions. I went to golf town today to finally decide what kind of driver I wanted. I tested 7 drivers: Titleist 910D2 w/ Diamana Kai'li 9.5* S Callaway RAZR Hawk 9.5* S Adams 9064LS w/ Aldila RIP 9.5* S...
  12. Dent

    2 Driver Strategy

    Coming up I have the Manitoba Mens Amateur qualifier and I am really thinking about my club choices. Since I am sans 4 iron I have been considering adding another driver to the bag. The course we are playing at is a links style course and can get really tough when it is windy out. This course...
  13. Dent

    Thrashers Move To Winnipeg

    Not sure if this is 100% true yet, but it's the talk of my home town right now... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/atlanta-thrashers-moving-to-winnipeg/article2029179/ What do you all think?
  14. Dent

    FS: 2 Pairs of Sligo Pants

    Up for sale is two pairs of Sligo Pants from the 2009 or 2010 collection. Although the pants look the exact same in the 2011 collection these are an older model. Both have been tailored and hemmed to fit my height of 5'10" and are a waist size 30 There are absolutely no blemishes or stains on...
  15. Dent

    Swing Changes: Mechanics or Comfortability?

    The title is perhaps a bit misleading but I pose a question for all of you. Say you have a certain aspect of your swing that fuels the whole success of the swing, but it is an uncomfortable movement, do you stay with it or do you switch it up to develop the same results with more comfortability...
  16. Dent

    What Kind of Range Balls?

    Just thought I would post a thread so everyone can post what kind of range balls their home club or club they play at frequently uses, would be cool to see a variety of what is out there. At my home club we use Srixons. they have the club logo and a thick bolded line on each side of the ball...
  17. Dent

    Hitting it too long?

    Recently I went out and played yesterday and found myself hitting my irons way longer compared to last year. I am not sure if I am de-lofting the club or if my swing is just better and more powerful but I got kind of thrown off and missed a lot of greens. It is mainly in my shorter irons and It...
  18. Dent

    Country Music Fans in Here!!

    I thought i'd make a thread for us country music lovers to discuss our favourite artists and what not. Seems there is not much love for country around these forums so I think we all need to unite :D My favourite Male artists is Toby Keith hands down. While there are a few songs I don't prefer I...
  19. Dent

    The Personal Golf Record Thread

    I just thought i'd make this thread so we can all share (or brag :devil:) about our best accomplishments or personal records we have achieved. Just spit out whatever you feel is special. I always feel it would be a cool thread to share some crazy accomplishments we have attained. Here's mine...
  20. Dent

    My 3 Driver Results

    Today I went to golf town and hit a couple drivers to prep for a fitting coming up and just to see what I liked. I tested the Taylormade R11, the Taylormade Burner SF 2.0 and the Cleveland SL270. Cleveland 270: First off I was super excited to try the Cleveland the most because it was so damn...

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