1. T0AD

    FS: EPIC Driver 9° plus shafts

    I've got a decent EPIC 9 degree driver head with the HZRDUS T800 6.0 55 gram shaft installed. I say decent because it's got one sky mark. Otherwise the head is shiny like a new car. Shaft has very little time on it; I swapped it pretty quick with a Fuji that I still game. It has a midsize Lamkin...
  2. T0AD

    FS: Like New O-Works Red 7S

    Babied, loved, cared for, always covered 7S red with the optional black PVD shaft. Measures 34" and has the Odyssey WINN pistol midsize grip. I'm normally a 3.0 SS guy, but I really liked this option. Hardly ever dirty. Always laid on towel when around the green. Seriously almost negligible...
  3. T0AD

    WTB/WTT: Callaway PM Grind 56°

    Feel like doing an experiment, and cannot believe these things are still full price at retail. Well, I can, because having gone back to my 60° the last couple rounds, I forgot how much fun they are, along with just flat out working. If anyone has a 56 lying around, I'd entertain some ideas. I...
  4. T0AD

    FS: CURE CX-3 Putter

    99.9% Mint CURE putter with everything included. Weights and cover are here, too. Brand new 3.0 Slim SuperStroke grip makes this thing pop! Liked it, but not quite a winner in the putter comp I just had. Shipped CONUS $150 !!
  5. T0AD

    Lexi vs. Spieth - Who Wins?

    OK, here's the scenario.... Lexi and Jordan are the leading scoring average players for their tours. Just .17 strokes separate them. Put them on a course they've both played, say Pinehurst. Just the two of them. No distractions, no crowds. Who wins best 2 out of 3?
  6. T0AD

    WTB-WTT: Driver Head(s) - 9 or 9.5 - 2015+

    Looking to find someone with an unused driver head just lying around looking to be utilized. 9 or 9.5 degree Something within the last couple years Good shape, quality head but for whatever reason didn't fit your game Looking for something that might have been a stealth bomber + forgiving...
  7. T0AD

    FS: Callaway 815 Alpha 10.5 Driver Head

    Good condition Big Bertha Alpha 10.5 degree driver head. Honestly, the pictures show more scratches than you can see from address. Anyway, it's solid, I was using it a few months ago. Comes with head cover but no tool. Asking 60 shipped to CONUS.
  8. T0AD

    FS: SeeMore mFGP Gunmetal 34"

    For Sale Only: One high quality, VG-NM, mFGP gunmetal SeeMore. She's 34" long, has a lie angle of 69°, and is topped off with a brand new SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip. Somehow, her cover got lost, so that won't be included, but the dust you see in the picture of the back side of the putter...
  9. T0AD

    WTB: PX LZ50 Blue Shaft

    In search of a spare LZ50 stiff flex (6.0) that was in the stock Callaway XR FWs (pre XR16). Would consider buying an entire club for the shaft if you prefer. Driver shaft, FW shaft, either, both. Tips not even required.
  10. T0AD

    [FS] Bushell NEO XS Charging Cable

    I found the cable for my long lost NEO XS watch. I know this will work on the X and XS but maybe some others, not sure. If you need one, it can be yours for the low, low price of $5 (USPS Priority Envelope).
  11. T0AD

    Playing in Pro-ams

    I would love to one day play in a Pro-Am. The obvious thing holding me back from doing so (and most people, I assume) is the cost involved. The BMW Pro-Am is a whopping $10k per player. I have even seen some Web.Com positions for $3,500. Question, is it really something you'd be interested in...
  12. T0AD

    Miller Time, I'm calling you out #THPCallouts

    Josh, my man, here's the skinny on this one... Sometime soon when it actually doesn't rain on a weekend. I'm a 12.7. You're a 6.5. My math tells me that's six strokes, but....(!) The course will be the course on base, where I was a member for five years. Therefore, I'll subtract two strokes...
  13. T0AD

    WTB: UST VTS Driver Shaft in 5S or 6S

    UST PROFORCE VTS BLACK SILVER Doing some research, decided I wouldn't mind testing out the mentioned shaft. 6S would be choice #1, but they're pretty close in specs. Anyone?
  14. T0AD

    Drones and Your Privacy

    So, this article raised a bit of interest in me when I read it earlier, and I wonder what you all think. Scenario: You're in your backyard and a drone shows up. It's not just flying around the neighborhood, it's hovering, and decreasing altitude, and looking very much like it's watching you on...
  15. T0AD

    WTB: Apex Sand Wedge

    OK, I know there are a few out there, and I'm pretty interested in grabbing an Apex (non-pro) SW to go with my setup. I LoVe the AW, so why should the SW be any different? Metal shaft. Graphite. Don't really care. Please tell me someone has one.
  16. T0AD

    WTB: 913 D3 10.5 Head Only

    For the record, this is for a buddy of mine. He's looking for a 913D3 10.5. He's set on that loft number, as I know there's a 9.5 around here, but he's adamant about 10.5. :shrug: If anyone has one, let me know, please. He's looking for head only, but IF it's connected to a nice R flex, I may...
  17. T0AD

    Why Are Some People Put On This Earth?

    On top of the hot sauce story, we have this little horror story from Anderson, IN, right outside of Indy. http://fox59.com/2014/11/13/anderson-parents-arrested-after-their-child-is-taken-to-the-hospital-with-a-skull-fracture/ WHY? It's stuff like this that puts doubt in my mind as to whether...
  18. T0AD

    WTB/WTTF: Titleist Sure-fit adapter for my 910

    Anyone? I've got some random stuff lying about I could trade. SeeMore grips. One FeelTec, one long counterbalance/belly. SeeMore SB2 mallet covers. A .350 NV65 wood shaft.
  19. T0AD

    Southern Hills Golf & Country Club - Hawkinsville, GA (Pt 2)

    The finishing hole is likely one of the toughest in the entire area. You have to hit an accurate tee shot, as water lies left and long, all the while thinking what club you want to attack this green with, as it is a devil to hit in regulation. Playing to your favorite number is highly...
  20. T0AD

    Southern Hills Golf & Country Club - Hawkinsville, GA (Pt 1)

    Played and reviewed on June 28, 2014, tee time 8:12 A.M. Course Details: Gold: yards 6741, rating 72.7, slope 134 Blue: yards 6282, rating 70.5, slope 129 White: yards 5637, rating 68.2, slope 118 Red: yards 5290, rating 70.6, slope 122 Located about 30 minutes from Warner Robins, GA, this...

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