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    FS Shimada K's-3001 Pulls with new Golf Pride Grips

    Creating a new listing for these since they now have new grips on them. I'm selling a set of Shimada K's-3001 Pulls. They are regular flex. Set consists of 5-pw. They are .355 taper. They have nearly new Golf Pride Tour Wrap Micro Suede Standard grips. Lengths from grip to tip are: 36.75...
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    FS New Ping Tour 65s Shaft

    Good afternoon. I'm selling a brand new Ping Tour 65s shaft that came from a brand new Ping G425 driver. It has a new Arcos sensor in the grip. Length is approximately 44 3/16". Adapter is still on. sold
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    Opinions on this wedge?

    I have a spot for a 48’ wedge. Looking at this Eon Sports TW. Thoughts?
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    New toy

    Eon Giga HS797 27* Hybrid. We'll see how this goes.
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    Eon Sports Giga HS797 Driver

    Shot in the dark, but does anyone have experience with this driver?
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    FS Callaway XR OS 5 Hybrid Head

    Another quick one. I'm selling a Callaway XR OS 5 hybrid head. I used this on and off for the last couple years. The crown is good. Fave and sole wear from the limited use. Comes with stock headcover that's worn as well. Takes a parallel shaft Asking $60 shipped obo
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    Need a good 27-28* hybrid recommendation

    Currently playing Callaway XR OS 5 and 6 hybrids. Just wanting something newer. Looking for a newer forgiving 27* hybrid recommendation. Any suggestions?
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    FS 10.5* Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Head Avalance White

    I'm selling my 10.5* Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Avalanche White head. Has 2 rounds and a handful of trips to the range. Only slight markings on the face and sole from limited use. Everything else perfect. Comes with stock headcover and tool Asking sold
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    FS Graphite Iron Shaft Pulls

    Hello. Im selling a set of graphite iron shadt pulls.. The 7- pw is Bassara 55x5ct. The 7 and 8 irons are reg flex soft stepped once, the 8-sw is lite flex. The 7-pw have blue Z5 grips. The gw and sw have purple. The shafts for 6he wedges were sanded down to .355. The rest of.the shafts were...
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    Another Ironfactory refinish

    Did another great job. Before and after
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    FS New Level Combo Iron set

    I'm selling a set of New Level golf iron set. The set consists of a 27* 4995 HB driving iron, 7 and 8 Modb-1 irons, and 9 and pw black 1126 irons. The 7-pw are shafted with KBS TGI 80 irons shafts. The 4995 HB is shafted with a KBS 70 hybrid reg shaft. They all have green Iomic grips and fancy...
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    Bag Recommendations Please

    Good afternoon. I need a bag recommendation for my 79 year old dad. We put an order in for a Vessel 2.0 stand bag with 14 way divider with his name embroidered on it early last month. Our inteneded xmas gift to him. After a few weeks of no communication, I asked for a status update. They said...
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    FS Raw Edel Variable Length Irons with Shimada K's 3001 Shafts, 5-PW

    I'm selling my nearly new set of Raw Edel Variable Length Irons. The set consists of 5-pw. Since the lofts are written on the soles, the sets consists of 26*, 29*, 32*, 36*, 40*, and 44*. They are shafted with Shimada K's 3001 shafts in regular flex and gripped with gray Golf Pride Tour Wrap...
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    KBS TGI 80 raw weight after trimming

    Good morning. Curious to see if anyone measured the raw weight of their KBS TGI Parallel shafts (in my case, 80) after trimming. After trimming my 9 iron shaft to play right at 36", the raw weight of the shaft (no grip, etc) is right around 62g! Does that sound right? I know these are 41"...
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    Melted Plastic "Plug" on the heel side of Callaway 2019 Irons

    I was reshafting a couple Callaway Big Bertha 2019 iron heads. I got a little aggressive with my torch. I didn't know the "plug" looking thing on the sole, heel side, could melt. I thought those were decorative pieces, to make it look like bore through Callaway heads of old when you needed to...
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    FS Adams Idea Tech 6 Hynrid Iron

    I'm selling an Adams Idea Tech 6 hybrid iron. I put this together for my dad, but he preferred his old hybrid. The head is a standard fitting head that is bought new. Markings are on the toe (pic included) Shaft is green Diamond Tour iron shaft in between senior and regular flex. Grip is a...
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    FS Raw Vega VC-03 Irons

    This is a great one guys! I'm selling a set of raw Vega VC-03 irons. The set consists of 5-pw. They are shafted with black Elevate Tour shafts, regular flex. The 6-pw are gripped with Golf Pride Cp2 wrap. The 5 iron has a black Tour Velvet grip. They ferrules are high end BB&F ferrules. 5...
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    Drills to help scoop

    Hello. Finally recorded my swing again. Needs lots of help, but this is what I'm most unhappy with. Any drills or tips on how to eliminate this scoop position?
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    FS Callaway Epic Flash 9 Wood

    I'm selling a Callaway Flash 9 wood. It's shafted with a PROFORCE V2 HL 5F3 Regular Flex shaft and gripped with a black Callaway reminder grip. This grip is from my Epic Flash Star Fairway wood and seems a little undersized to me. Comes with stock headcover. It''s only seen a handful of rounds...

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