1. cpljohnst

    Congrats Scarnici - Hole In One!

    Congrats! So awesome!
  2. cpljohnst

    The Beer Thread

    Walked down to New Realm Brewery this afternoon. They've got a great set up. Inside seating, a roof, and this great beer garden. Had their Munich Dunkel.
  3. cpljohnst

    PGA Tour 2K

    I'm struggling with few elements of this game. The putting after the latest patch seems to be off for the 3 to 6 ft range. Playing on PS4. Missing putts short often now. I'll go up to the white bar and push forward but it will jump back a bit, turn red and end up with a short putt. Can even...
  4. cpljohnst

    Tour Event 2020 Tour Championship Contest: Sponsored by Golf Pride

    If we go back to 2017 rules we'd have a situation where Xander wins the tourney, but DJ wins the Fed Ex Cup (happened that year with Thomas winning Cup and Xander winning tourney). New scoring system for this tourney is designed to eliminate that. Which do you want? Back when Haas won it was...
  5. cpljohnst

    PGA Tour 2K

    Strange confusing ending in my first PGA event. I mean I won which was awesome but.... the way it happened. 1st tourney of the year. Patrick Reed and I end tied after round 4. NO Playoff! The announcer says something like "and by count back this golfer is declared the winner". Such a let down...
  6. cpljohnst

    Tour Event Golf Pride Contest: 2020 BMW Championship

    Thinking both par. But tough putt for Rahm
  7. cpljohnst

    Tour Event Golf Pride Contest: 2020 BMW Championship

    Loudest yell I've heard in the restart I think!
  8. cpljohnst

    Tour Event Golf Pride Contest: 2020 BMW Championship

    What a clutch putt by DJ. Excited for extra golf. Would love to see about 4 to 6 extra holes by these two!
  9. cpljohnst

    PGA Tour 2K

    Played a good bit Wednesday and Thursday. Got so frustrated with swing tempo I had to turn it off and restart my PGA Tour career. Just could not seem to figure out the fast\slow. Swing would feel similar but would be wildly different timings. Pitch shots were almost always slow though. Having...
  10. cpljohnst

    What did you shoot today?

    My third round of the year and first where I played my own ball and kept score. Pretty much looked like a guy with only 6 rounds played in 3 years. 54\50 for 104. Had a nice double digit 10 on the 2nd hole with 3 penalties. Driver was OK. Iron game was stinky. Only hit 2 GIR. Putting game...
  11. cpljohnst

    PGA Tour 2K

    Just got this. I last played TGC2 so I'm coming from a few versions away. On pro difficulty and not doing well but I'm ok with that. I know I'll get better the more I play. Not a real biggie at all but I have to question if they quality controlled the commentary at all. It's laughable. I'm t38...
  12. cpljohnst

    The Home Renovation Thread

    That looks gorgeous JB!
  13. cpljohnst

    US Amateur Golf @Bandon Dunes TV Coverage

    Strafaci with the trophy at Georgia Tech Football practice this morning. Cool to see the achievement shared and celebrated within the athletics department.
  14. cpljohnst

    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Yeah man I hear you. Food and drink always good here, wait staff hit or miss. Got a good one today. Have had decent service at the bar in past but sitting outside today.
  15. cpljohnst

    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Allow me to introduce you to Totchos from The Nook. The Nook is a great little venue in Atlanta near Piedmont Park. They have a variety of "Totchos" available. This is Redneck Totchos. House smoked pork, Coca-Cola BBQ sauce, Tots, house made cheese sauce and jalapeños.
  16. cpljohnst

    What's for Dinner?

    Shoot I forget the brand. I'm in Georgia so usually shop Publix or Whole foods. Both carry a pre packaged ground Bison. I think the brands are different at each. Might be Maverick at Publix.
  17. cpljohnst

    Savannah, GA Golf Course Recommendations

    The Club At Savannah Harbor is really nice. I recommend it. Managed by Troon golf. There was a THP event there several years back. I played that event and also have played the course a few other times while in Savannah. My daughter was living in Savannah until June but she's moved back to...
  18. cpljohnst

    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    The Atlanta has arrived. In great shape and I like the roll on my carpet. Here's the head compared to the 1W O works I have been gaming. Looking forward to getting the Toulon on the course Sunday.
  19. cpljohnst

    Make Your Choice

    The DeLorean and I'm leaving 2020! Bye! EDITED: rats.... this one doesn't have the time travel upgrade. I'll take Tom Selleck's Ferrari then. Digging Hawaiian shirt and mirror shades out of closet. [emoji41]

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