1. rtparty

    FS: Mizuno JPX-900 Driver RH

    Fantastic looking and playing club! Just couldn't beat out my current setup. Stiff Speeder shaft. Asking $280 shipped in the States.
  2. rtparty

    FS: SeeMore Si3 CB putter RH

    Asking $125 OBO shipped. In great condition and used less than a few months. Comes with headcover. Plays at 38-39"
  3. rtparty

    How many buttons?

    Do you pay attention to how many buttons are on your shirt placket? Do you avoid shirts because of too many or too little buttons? Or you just don't care?
  4. rtparty

    WTB: Alidila Tour Green or Blue

    Let me know what you have. Looking for 3w and driver length in stiff, tour stiff or extra stiff. Mizuno (JPX-850/900) or Callaway (newer) adapter would be a nice bonus. Thanks!
  5. rtparty

    WITB - rtparty

    Quick glance at my current setup: Club info is in my signature. Only changes are my 60° wedge is an MD3, added a Heavenwood and my new shafts in all irons: KBS $Taper in stiff Bag is a new Ogio Silencer I picked up off my buddy in a trade. It was brand new with tags and plastic
  6. rtparty

    WTB: Callaway Apex Pro irons

    I am mainly looking for just the heads if anyone has some laying around. These are going to go in the new KBS $Taper shafts I'm testing. Let me know what you have and cost. I'm open to other irons as well just prefer the same as I'm currently playing
  7. rtparty

    Our new addition!

    Yesterday turned out to be one heck of an adventure for our family. We finally met our little guy and welcomed him into the world! He's perfect! Mom and baby are doing as well as expected. Taysom 6lbs 15oz 19" long Born at 1:21AM
  8. rtparty

    WTB: Aldila Tour Green

    Looking here before going to the bay. I'd like to find an Aldila Tour Green shaft in stiff. Prefer the 75 gram since that's what is in my 3Deep. Bonus if it has a Callaway tip on it already. Thanks all!
  9. rtparty

    One THPer for all the marbles!

    Here's the scenario: 10 foot putt to win the Grandaddy/Morgan Cup/Regional Rivalry/Whatever... You get to choose one THPer to take the putt. Who do you choose? I would choose Nate (Eaglevsfalcon). Dude had to hole out from a bunker during The Gauntlet and did so beautifully! Changed our match...
  10. rtparty

    Utah Thread

    While this thread won't be very popular, I am hoping to get together a Utah gathering. I know there are about 6 of us on here from Utah and would love to grow THP in our state. Are any Utahns (or anyone close enough really) interested in a Saturday get together to go play some golf? We have a...
  11. rtparty

    What Grows the Game?

    We hear all the time that golf is in "trouble" and the game isn't growing. We also hear that sales are at an all time high and golf isn't in "trouble" right now. No matter which way you lean on that topic, I think we can all agree that golf growing is a good thing for all. So my question is...
  12. rtparty

    Zika Virus

    Anybody else following this story? I'd post a link but the story I read was from a local news station's site and talked mostly about Utahns and their risks. I know we have some super knowledgeable people in this field here on THP so I thought I'd start this and help people become aware. I was...
  13. rtparty

    Homework Help/Check

    So my wife is taking an Urban Ecology class and we've run into a problem that the answer seems crazy to. It is pretty simple math but the answer is astronomical. Hoping someone on can check our work or at least help us out.. The question states: How much wood do you need to burn to run the...
  14. rtparty

    McDonald's: Create Your Taste

    Who's used it and what did you think? For those that don't know about it, it's McDonald's new custom burger system. I tried it out last week and the difference was night and day. I thought it was pretty darn good for McDonald's
  15. rtparty

    Chrome Soft ••

    Anybody have the scoop on these new balls from Callaway? Maybe an embargo date, release date or even some reviews? ? Looking at the Gauntlet peeps...
  16. rtparty

    HUGE Thanks Contest!

    As many of you already know, Callaway gave out some THP head covers last week and I was lucky enough to be given the Citrus head cover. I have always loved that head cover and now it is an awesome addition to my growing collection. However, AJ and Callaway threw in a couple extra goodies...
  17. rtparty

    Valuables Pouches - What do you look for?

    Let's say you wanted to order a custom valuables pouch, what would you want? I know they're very basic in nature and not much can be done with design but just thought I'd ask. There's a few companies I can find that do custom work but not much out there.
  18. rtparty

    Good deal with wluker

    Thanks to Will for the awesome deal on golf balls!
  19. rtparty

    FS: Driver Shafts (Fubiki and Black Tie)

    I've got a couple shafts available now that I settled on one to keep as my gamer. Both have Callaway OptiFit adapters on them currently. First is a Matrix Black Tie 7m3 in Stiff. Newer I-Line grip (standard size). Measures 44" from top of grip to tip of adapter. SOLD Second shaft is a...
  20. rtparty

    If you need a good laugh....

    My buddy sent this to me earlier and we had all a good laugh. Hopefully a mod can embed it if my attempt doesn't work. Trying this from my phone. How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann:

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