Club Recommendations for SHIFTY

    Well lots of threads on fittings. I've never had a fitting before and think this year its time. Looking for recommendations for irons/wedges/drivers to try. I will not be fitting my existing clubs, I will be going new. I play almost everyday. Summer Real world, Winter Sim world. I currently...

    Unlucky, this ever happen to you?

    My buddy Bill hit a decent drive, and he thought it went off a branch of a spruce tree. I said I never seen it fall. We went up and looked and it was in the spruce? lol. This ever happen to you? I've had this happen to me a few years ago as well. had one of these but no Hole in one, lol.

    Help me Pick New Driver Cover

    Wow there are some nice driver covers out there. Here are a few of my favorites, but I cannot decide which one to get. Need some advice, which one would you pick? my home province of Saskatchewan flag

    Game Golf Classic/Pro pay it forward

    Well I ended up buying a Garmin s62 golf watch for my stats tracking, and am more than happy. So I have 1 GG classic, and 1 GG pro unit that I don't use anymore. I will pay it forward to 2 people (one for each unit). First Canadian that responds for each gets it, if they pay shipping (don't...

    Covid Pin Rip off?

    We have these pvc lifter things on our pins to lift with your putter and the ball comes out of the hole. It goes around the pin, so really makes the pin 2.5-3x as wide. And any putt with half decent speed not hitting dead center of the pin will bounce off it. So I was on the 9th hole of my...

    Neuralink- Elon Musk

    The upcoming Neuralink being developed by Elon Musk. Seem pretty crazy. Could possibly be great for people like my step brother in a wheelchair, but the uses for people who are looking to "upgrade" are like something out of a scifi movie. I could just imagine all the info you would have for...

    Way of Kings- free today only

    One if not my favorite fantasy series is "The Stormlight Archive", and book 1; "The Way of Kings" is free today only here; Way of Kings If you read, or like fantasy, get it!

    Golf Games where you keep your own score?

    What are some Golf Games where you keep your own score? Like Vegas for example. Just looking to have a tournament on my sim, but only want one person shooting their round at a time, but can still use their score as a team score? Got my own list of safety protocols, but for sure only one...

    Fitting with Name brands or not?

    So I've been looking around at different fitters in my area, and some deal with name brands like Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, etc. Others deal in brands I have not heard of like KZG, Wishon, Nakashima, and Miura (I've heard of miura). How do those other brands stack up to the name...
  10. SHIFTY

    Wind Effect on the ball

    I never judge the wind correctly so figured I'd ask you guys. Lets make some easy parameters; All shots are on flat ground with minimal side spin All Carry distances wanted 1. shooting 100 yards with 10mph/16kmh wind in your face, how much do you club up for carry distance? 2. shooting 100...
  11. SHIFTY

    Premium golf balls

    So recently I upgraded from a Skytrak to a GC2 Launch Monitor and play Jack Nickolas Perfect Golf in the Online Golf Tour. We play scrambles all the time, and I was playing with a guy who has a -12 handicap (mines 13 online), he's good. He always knew how to land the ball, 10 feet past and...
  12. SHIFTY

    WTB- GC2 launch monitor case

    Looking for a case for my gc2, not a travel case, but a shank case for having guests over and not worrying about the equipment.
  13. SHIFTY

    Attention Stargate Nerds

    Whoa a Stargate lamp thats a Stargate... link: stargate desk lamp
  14. SHIFTY

    Pics of the Range

    What does your driving range look like? How much time do you spend at it? Anything missing, or should be added? Here is my home town one at Birch Hills. I've used it over 100 times this summer. It needs more targets than just a yardage every 50 yards. I also go a range in the city on my lunch...
  15. SHIFTY

    Amazed this doesn't happen more

    If I was in a competitive tournament, even though I rarely shank a ball, the people standing on the right of the tee off would be putting their lives in danger, lol. I'm really surprised it doesn't happen more. I can think of Brooks hitting someone recently.
  16. SHIFTY

    Old hockey videos so slow

    Was watching this video of Wayne, and Mario in the '87 Canada Cup. While impressive, it sure seems slow. Wow has the game changed a lot since then. Stand up goalies, lol.
  17. SHIFTY

    Cobra Kai- Karate Kid sequel series

    Any of you watch Cobra Kai? It is about Daniel, and Johnny in the present day, and about their kids going through similar events to the original movies. Season 1 is free on youtube, and Season 2 is free for a limited time. A total binge worthy series for sure!
  18. SHIFTY

    Getting Jr. Golfers Interested

    At my home course our Jr. Golfers memberships dropped off almost in half this past year. We've tried a few things to attract Jr. golfers to our course; $125 memberships- 2 free buckets a day included $30- for set of 3 lessons (group) What are some other ideas, or things your course has done to...
  19. SHIFTY

    Bad lie

    I've seen all kinds of lies in my life, balls enbedded in the side of a tree stump, up in a tree. But my buddy Kyle had this lie in the rough, a bit off the beaten path last night, lol We said play it as it lies, he's like 'I don't want to hurt the little guy'... We laughed. 'he's flat man...
  20. SHIFTY

    What would you do? Nothing? Something?

    Here's the issue; Myself and a buddy were in a 2 man scramble tournament this weekend in a neighboring city. First round was to get everyone flighted, then you'd golf the next day and total score would win. Top 4 spots in each flight paid. Entry was $175 per person, there were 50 teams. We...

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