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    What is the greatest year of golf ever by a golfer?

    Who had the best year as a golfer? Bobby Jones in 1930? Tiger Woods in 1999-2000? Byron Nelson in 1945? I think I'm going with Ben Hogan in 1953. Six tournaments entered. 5 wins - 3 of them majors. He won at Augusta by breaking the aggregate record for the Masters by five strokes that...
  2. Grins

    Recipe Exchange Thread

    There used to be an old recipe Exchange Thread, but it seems to have been lost during the software upgrade, so I'm starting another one. What are your favorite recipes THP? Let's get those faves posted!
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    Kevin Kisner fixes weekend golfer's chipping game

    I thought this video was both fun to watch and educational. Some feels and thoughts in here that I hadn't read expressed exactly like this before (and I don't mean the swear words :rolleyes:). A lot of good stuff to practice! What do you think?
  4. Grins

    ELDOA Method

    I watched Chris Como's show on the Golf Chanel (Como Concepts) & the one titled "Safe Speed" had a segment about a type of myofascial stretching technique called ELDOA. It's a French acronym & the the guy they had on (Dan Hellman) is a big supporter of using this to keep your body & especially...
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    Looking for this "Max Sun Protection" hat

    I saw a similar thread & figured I'd ask the THP community. I sent an email to Clay Ballard's Top Swing Golf website, and they said: "Honestly I think he gets them at the local PGA Store. I know he says they’re hard to find." This is the hat I'm looking for. Local stores & even online shops...
  6. Grins

    What hat is Eddie Pepperell wearing at the 2019 Alfred Dunhill Championship?

    I took a few screen shots during this morning's telecast of the Alfred Dunhill Championship. Does anyone know what brand/model hat this is? I like how it really covers the back of his neck - even my largest hats tend not to do this very well.
  7. Grins

    R.I.P. MAD Magazine

    NY Times article: MAD Magazine is no longer publishing new material. https://nyti.ms/2YMuatM I grew up reading MAD magazine. I think most people don’t realize how influential it was in terms of humor, whether in print or on the big or small screen. From the article: I would also say movies...
  8. Grins

    R.I.P. Jim Bouton

    Jim Bouton has died at age 80. I read his books as a kid & loved them. He was a thoughtful, funny guy. And a real groundbreaker - you could argue that his behind-the-scenes sports book was the first of its type.
  9. Grins

    Official Matthew Wolff Thread

    With his win at the 3M Open Sunday, Matt Wolff becomes only the 3rd person to win an NCAA individual title and a PGA event in the same year (after Ben Crenshaw & Tiger Woods). I love the unique quality of his swing, but mainly how much he wins & his self-confidence. I think we're looking at a...
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    R.I.P. Dan Jenkins

    http://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/26180815/legendary-sports-writer-jenkins-dies-89 Dan Jenkins was one of my favorite sportswriters growing up. Loved his articles for SI and his books even more. In today's politically correct era a lot of his dialogue would be a no-no, but it rang true &...
  11. Grins

    My First Ever Club Fitting

    So I decided to finally do the smart thing & get fitted for clubs. One of the best places locally (if not THE best) is Windmill Golf Center. I scheduled a time with Scott Galayde (I know Mike Dean & other THPers have taken lessons from him). A super guy & all around great dude! I also...
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    GForce Swing Trainer Review

    GForce Swing Trainer Review Someone on THP mentioned these, and they looked interesting, but I didn’t find a lot of info or detailed reviews on them. Several pros & teachers whose opinions I trust & respect did have good things to say about them. I also found old reviews touting the benefits...
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    What is best wood/driver head cover you've used?

    I picked up a couple of used Cobra King F7 woods with no headcovers, and didn't see much on eBay for a replacement cover. This got me thinking that maybe I could expand my search - I don't really care if the headcovers match the club, IF I found one that was easy to take on/off or had some...
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    2017 US Women's Amateur

    I didn't see anything posted on this, so I thought I'd start a thread. I just happened to catch the end of the quarter finals matches, and then couldn't stop watching as 13 year old Chia Yen Wu (China) beat Lauren Stephenson (U of Alabama?) on the 30th hole to set the record for the longest...
  15. Grins

    Live View Golf: Next Gen Mirror Training

    Has anyone tried this? It looks promising. Price is a bit steep, but I think it might be a long-term bargain if it's as effective as I think it is. https://www.liveviewgolf.com/ As a High school teacher & someone who has sent a lot of time studying & learning how people learn, this makes...
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    What is the best value in golf?

    I started this thread as part of the Regional Rivalry signup process. There are lots of ways to answer this or even to consider this question. What I mean is: What is the one thing a golfer could buy that would have the greatest impact on improving scores for the biggest number of people...
  17. Grins

    Wtb: Bushnell tour v3 rangefinder with jolt

    I'm looking for a V3 with Jolt (I don't care if it has the slope function or not). Actually I'd love the Tour X, but if I can find a good deal here then I'll settle for the V3.
  18. Grins

    RIP Alan Rickman

    Your time came way too soon pal. I will miss your great characters and roles.
  19. Grins

    Are You Cross-Dominant?

    I'm hoping for some insight from my fellow THPers! My 7th grade son has to do a science project that investigates some urban legend/"common knowledge". I once heard that about 10% of the general US population is cross-dominant (right-handed & left-eye dominant, or left-handed & right-eye...
  20. Grins

    What do your eyes focus on during your putting stroke?

    I almost am afraid to start this thread, because the idea screwed up my golf stroke for the last 2 days! I apologize in advance if reading this messes up your natural swing. I was watching School of Golf (Finding the Fairway episode) when Martin Hall talked about “The Quiet Eye” & how most...

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