1. KEV

    Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 10C Putter

    Today I'm selling a 34" Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 10C Putter in very good condition. Unfortunately I do not have a headcover for it but it has a new Lamkin Deep Etched grip. This is a great putter that feels fantastic. Asking $110 shipped.
  2. KEV

    Tiger vs. Jack: who is the greatest of all time?

    It's time to rehash this and decide who is the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger or Jack? And why do you choose that person?
  3. KEV

    Which equipment has the most potential for improvement?

    These days there are certainly still improvements in equipment year over year but it seems like it's more incremental. What piece of equipment do you guys think has the most potential for major improvements in performance? Will it take a couple of years? 5 years? 10?
  4. KEV

    Are you a visual/feel player or data driven?

    I'm going to fire up the Skytrak to play some virtual golf in a little bit and started thinking about how I'm not great at simulator golf because I need to see how far away from my target I am and get that real life depth, particularly on 100 yards and in and putting. On the flip side I have a...
  5. KEV

    Best looking clubs

    I know it's been done before but I thought it was again time to post up pictures of what you think are the best looking clubs ever made. It can be anything that pops in to your head. I'll start this off with what I think is the best looking iron set ever. And this maybe isn't the best...
  6. KEV

    If you could get fit for one part of your bag...

    What would it be? Probably around March I want to get fit for driver and putter. However if I could only get fit for one I'm having terrible deciding which it would be. That led me to thinking about this. If you had the chance to get fit for one part of your bag which would you choose and why?
  7. KEV

    What club do you regret getting rid of?

    A buddy and I were talking yesterday about the clubs we regret settling for one reason or another. You can try replacing it with the same model but it's just never the same as that original magic. Do you have any clubs that if you could do it over you would have kept? Here is the list I came up...
  8. KEV

    Can this putter shaft be fixed?

    This week I bought an Odyssey Rossie and tonight I noticed that the shaft has a little bend in it. When standing over the ball you can see a curve in it. There doesn't appear to be a kink or anything, it's just a gentle bend. I'll post some pictures but not sure how visible it will be. Does...
  9. KEV

    Who would be the worst PGA player to caddie for?

    As I was watching Reeds caddie get on his stomach to read a putt it got me thinking who I think would be the worst to caddie for. Do any names pop to the top of your head? Obviously I think Reed would be one. Being associated with him and his antics would suck. The paychecks would be nice but...
  10. KEV

    Let's see your swing

    I think there may have been a thread like this in the past but I thought it could be fun to get this going. Swings come in all speeds, shapes and sizes and I thought it would be fun to share with each other. I'll start out with an iron swing from today's practice.
  11. KEV

    Flat Backswing

    This last weekend I had the chance to play 27 holes of golf with my brother before his wedding and asked him to take a picture during my swing. Well, to my surprise my super flat backswing has once again reappeared. I only have this picture right now and I'll get some video this week. Any...
  12. KEV

    My new SeeMore with the new RST Hosel

    Fresh out of the box is my new SeeMore Si3 with their new RST hosel. In an effort to expand their audience SeeMore has come up with a very effective way to create a more traditional plumbers neck style while still incorporating the RST system. At first glance they have done a very good job...
  13. KEV

    FS: Callaway MD5 JAWS 56*

    Up for sale is this 56* MD5 JAWS wedge in standard grind with the DG S200 shaft and SuperStroke Cross Comfort grip. This is in very good condition and wasn't used much. $85 shipped. No trades.
  14. KEV

    Match play tips

    As I sit here preparing for my 2nd round match in our league Championship I got to thinking about strategy in match play events. I'm giving 12 strokes tomorrow which is something I've never had to do. With that I thought it could be fun to pick THPer's brains and see what tips you all have? Do...
  15. KEV

    Where would golf be if Tiger never existed?

    I know it's been discussed in general in other threads but let's dive deeper in to this. What would the state of golf be if Tiger never came along? What would the purses be? Would golfers be in such great shape? Would courses have ever been lengthened and would distance be an issue? Would golf...
  16. KEV

    Best Apple Watch GPS App?

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a good golf GPS App for an Apple watch? This season I want to try playing smarter and aim more for the center of greens instead of at the pin each time. That means using my rangefinder less and a GPS more. I'm curious if anyone has experience and can...
  17. KEV

    What course kicks your butt?

    Do you all have a course that kicks your butt whenever you play it? Maybe there's one that is more challenging for you or maybe it's a certain style of course. What is that for you? For me it's Dakota Dunes in Southeast, SD. It's a private course and is a Arnold Palmer design that absolutely...
  18. KEV

    Your All Star Bag Setup

    Tonight I was thinking about the clubs that have worked best for me over the years and mentally putting together an All Star bag setup. I'm curious what everyone else would have? Here is what I came up with: Driver: TaylorMade M1 3 wood: Callaway Rogue Hybrid: Callaway Apex original Irons...
  19. KEV

    FS: Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Rossie Flow

    Up for sale is my 35" Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Rossie Flow neck putter. This putter is in great condition and has a Flat Cat grip installed. It hasn't seen much use at all. Asking $175 shipped.
  20. KEV

    FS: Callaway Apex UT 24*

    Up for sale tonight is my Callaway Apex 24* UT with a Recoil 110 F4 shaft. The club is still in good condition and with the Recoil feels excellent. $75 shipped and I'll throw in a new SuperStroke S Tech grip.

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