1. kc720

    Happy Birthday KC720

    Thank you all for the bday wishes. Just popping in while at work... I promise to try to be here more in 2020 than I have been recently Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  2. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Yep that's what I use. After cutting it use acetone to clean and make it flush
  3. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Should have called Andy to come grip
  4. kc720

    Project X Even flow T1100 white

    The next wave from the mad scientist known as Don Brown over at Project x. I gotta say it looks absolutely fantastic! I can guess at the profile with incorporation of t1100 but DB proved I know nothing haha 993560231199330304 Link to see pic...
  5. kc720

    Torching iron heads

    Decided to have some fun. My current gamers are miura black boron baby blades. I only play 5 to 9 (vokey 46° and tmb 4i) so I thought I'd experiment with the pw and 4i. The pw was pretty well work from hitting balls, 4i was brand new. Stripped paint fill with citristrip, coke bath for 2 hrs...
  6. kc720

    Adjustable drivers and fairways. What the adjustments actually do

    Not sure if there is a thread with all facts on what the adjustable hosels do, so I thought it might be a good idea to have them all in one place. Please feel free to correct if I'm wrong or add anything I miss. Hosel adjustments: - as I understand it, changing the setting on hosel does not...
  7. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Built this bad boy today. Had to bore out hosel manually and it wasnt as hard as I expected. Cant wait to take it to the course
  8. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    What's in line to be built?
  9. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    You'd need about 5g in the butt to decrease 1 sw point
  10. kc720

    [FS] Tour Issue 2017 M1 driver head 10.5

    I bought this from Peoples Clubs on july 1 2017 for $550. Comes with 2016 M1 cover and a brand new all metal 1.5 degree adaptor. Specs are as follows 10.5 stated loft (actual loft 11.4) head weight appx 200g lie angle 60.5 ct 246 Very clean condition, just a few tee marks on the face that...
  11. kc720

    Ron Bolt you are officially rolling down hill!

    Happy birthday buddy!
  12. kc720

    FS: Cobra F7 driver blue weights

    I have 2 8g and 2 12g weights for sale $20 each or $70 for all 4 (much prefer to sell together).
  13. kc720

    [FS ONLY] Srixon z765 4i and Z965 5 to pw heads

    Selling my beloved z965 irons 5 to pw and 765 4i heads. They are currently shafted but I'll be pulling the heads, there by ruining the pretty ferrules. Heads will have clean hosels before shipping, ready to install new shafts. Pics speak on condition, they have minor bag chatter for irons that...
  14. kc720

    "What to do with a great drive!"

    That's the name of the book and it's an international best seller. It's an absolute page turner and hard to put down. How many of you have read it? Below are some samples from the book... Always miss your approach to the short side after bombing one 300. If you must hit the best drive of your...
  15. kc720

    Removing set pw and playing another wedge

    I know a few friends of mine are playing a traditional wedge in the pw spot. I am tinkering with a 46° wedge as well. I'm interested in the types of shots people play with a non set pw and whether they keep the stock wedge shaft or install a different shaft (consistency with other irons?) My...
  16. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Considering I have a couple I pulled without issue, I'd say metal lol
  17. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    How much fun was that?
  18. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Good to know I can send my clubs to you to get hotmelted lol
  19. kc720

    Relaxed power

    I am a firm believer of speed + proper technique = power. I am 5'9" and 155 lbs soaking wet. While I've been blessed with some athleticism, I've always worked hard on proper techniques while trying to increase speed thus increase power. If you look at guys on tour like Rory and Justin thomas...
  20. kc720

    What are you building? (Club style)

    Man those 765s and programs are going to feel awesome

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