1. TLuke

    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Mrs. TLuke wants to move to Florida. I kinda do too. Nebraska winters are no fun anymore. We’re both retired, no kids, just a weeny dog. For those that have moved to Florida, do you love it or regret it?
  2. TLuke

    Oh, just stamp the darn degrees on irons please!

    Just watched Matt @ Golf Sidekick on YouTube hitting (no, bombing) a 26* Epic Star 7 iron. That’s my 5 iron loft! With all the iron loft jacking, why don’t OEM’s just stamp the degrees on their clubs? I know your answers already. Anyway, I’m going to the basement now with a Sharpie to renumber...
  3. TLuke

    Golf equipment - I have a ridiculous amount of ....

    Outside of golf balls, what golf equipment do you have too much of?
  4. TLuke

    Skeptical of on-line golf store pricing

    I won’t name the online retailer, but I received one of their emails today for their “Black Wednesday 20% off” sale. I’ve been looking on their website the past two months at some HL3 pre-owned like new hybrids that started out two months ago at $48, then the priced jumped to $50, then to $55...
  5. TLuke

    Any clone clubs in your bag (not counterfeit or knock offs)?

    I have one - an Integra iDrive 7 hybrid. Money club for 150 yards in (for me) and bump and runs. How about you folks?
  6. TLuke

    Butterfly grip for chips and pitches

    Ran across some U-tube videos of using a butterfly grip (super strong grip in lead hand/super weak grip in trail hand) for partial pitches and chips. Supposed to keep the club face more square throughout the swing. What the heck, I gave it a try last night. Probably the best night of successful...
  7. TLuke

    Garmin hack - need a Geek answer

    With the recent Garmin hack, do I risk my golf watch or home computer for a virus when I plug my watch in for updates?
  8. TLuke

    Who carries two of the same numbered clubs in their bag?

    I have a TE 7 iron wood that can get cranky at times, and a Integra iDrive 7 hybrid that is pretty reliable from the rough and bump and run shots. How about you?
  9. TLuke

    Glossy or matte finish golf balls?

    I play a mixture of Callaway SS and Maxfli Softfli in both glossy and and matte finishes. In a wholly unscientific test last night, I found better wood/iron/putter response from the glossy finishes than the matte finishes. Matte seemed kinda unresponsive and somewhat mushy. What’s your preference?
  10. TLuke

    What new $150 or less putters could give Scotty’s a run for the money?

    I was at a local GG the other day looking at putters. All the pricey Scotty Cameron’s were under lock and key. Never had the chance to roll a Scotty, but was wondering if there are other putters that are wallet friendly that could compete with a Scotty. Just asking.
  11. TLuke

    Whose golf swing do you want?

    For me, Fred Couples. Buttery smooth. Looks like no effort at all. Wife says I need Matthew Wolff’s hip twitch/dance move before the take away.😂
  12. TLuke

    Wife needs new clubs - help please

    I think my wife’s beginner game is getting to the point that she needs some good, decent irons. She has a Ladies Cobra F6 adjustable driver and F6 7/9 wood that she is successful with. Offpricegolf.com has Ladies CLEVELAND LAUNCHER HB IRON SET 5-PW,DW PRE-OWNED/DEMO on sale for $299, and eBay...
  13. TLuke

    National Coin Shortage - turn in your putting green money markers!

    Okay, guys. We’ve survived TP/hand sanitizer/hand soap/cleaning wipes/disinfecting spray/face mask/meat, etc. etc. shortages. NOW there is a National Coin Shortage! So dig through your bag, pull out those quarters, half dollars, and golden eagle dollar coins you use to mark your ball on the...
  14. TLuke

    TE HL3 4/5/6 hybrids vs TE HL3 4/5/6 iron woods?

    I have the HL3 4-PW iron woods and really enjoy them. Just curious if there is much difference between the TE HL3 (or HL4) 4/5/6 hybrids compared to their iron wood counterparts. The hybrids look similar to the Adams A3OS series that I had and liked. Thanks.
  15. TLuke

    Buyer’s Remorse - worst golf purchase ever?

    What club/gadget/ball etc. did you buy to propel you to the next level (or so you thought 🤗) that turned out to be a piece of crap and you just wasted beer and steak money?
  16. TLuke

    Least number of iron sets/drivers/putters ever owned out there?

    For me, it was Silver Scot 845’s in 1988, then the Adams A3OS senior integrated set on their release, three years ago used Cobra Fly-Z XL combo from E-Bay and now my current new TE HL3 iron woods. The only “real” driver I’ve ever owned was a Callaway BB Steelhead Plus 10*. Still banging a TM...
  17. TLuke

    Best sounding driver?

    As the subject says, what do you think is the best sounding driver? That sounds like a bull whip, not some tin can clanker.
  18. TLuke

    Hypoallergenic Golf Shoes?

    I’ve developed shoe contact dermatitis over the past month after purchasing new Etonic golf shoes. I thought it was my socks, but I’m now certain it is the shoes. Only flares up after League night and is not bothered by my other shoes. Never had this problem with my ancient Nike Air Rivals. Any...
  19. TLuke

    Your strategy for hard pan bunkers?

    Just as the title says, what are your strategies for playing hard pan bunkers, esp. green side? We rarely get real sand here in Nebraska. Ours are just plain caca.
  20. TLuke

    New USGA Golf rules - what would you change now?

    For me, interpreting golf rules can sometimes be like prepping for a law exam. Here’s what I’d choose to change now. 1. Change local course rules for OB/lost ball from two to one stroke penalty. If red/yellow stake areas are only a one stroke penalty, why the more penalty for OB/lost ball? The...

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