1. Jjmorris

    FS: THP Hats and Putter Covers

    I really hate doing this but I know there are people here who may appreciate these items. I'm in the midst of a mini-life crisis and in the process of downsizing and doing some extended traveling next year, so I am trying to find some new homes for these items. I will work with people on...
  2. Jjmorris

    WTB - 38" RH Odyssey Tank #7

    As title states, I am looking for a 38" Odyssey Tank putter. Looking for either the regular Tank #7 or the Versa Tank #7. I am going to end up putting a Superstroke Flatso 17" grip on it so grip is not a concern. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Jjmorris

    Weekend of December 28-29

    Who is awesome for thinking of creating this thread, I am. Sister is coming to visit so I am going to hang out with her this weekend.
  4. Jjmorris

    Callaway ICYMI - THP Featured

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here is Rhiona's latest ICYMI: In Case You Missed It. Anther THP shoutout referencing the AWESOME podcast Harry & Josh did last week (also nice sneak peak of the new Tour Van). Also mentions her blog and talking about the Grandaddy.
  5. Jjmorris

    Martin Manley: Internet Immortality or Coward?

    FYI: this link is to a website Martin had go public the day he committed suicide at age 60. http://www.zeroshare.info/ Obviously I am not for this in anyway, but when presented with the particular situation of this man, I find it rather interesting. I am simply sharing this because it gives...
  6. Jjmorris

    Wager Thread - The 2013 Morgan Cup

    The time is here and there is no better way for the forum to get involved with the Morgan Cup 3.0 then to place some FRIENDLY wagers. Maybe you see a match that could be an upset you want to ride, maybe it is your favorite team, or maybe you just want to go against the grain. Whatever it may be...
  7. Jjmorris

    Money Management & Budgeting

    If there is a thread on this, please merge. I recently bought a house and while going wild on new purchases for said house has been fun, I am coming to the point where the funds are becoming limited. I threw on my big boy pants and started looking into creating a budget and tracking spending...
  8. Jjmorris

    D-100 Limited Edition Giveaway - Wilson Staff

    Yes please! Here is how to enter to win these bad boys! Link to entry page : http://onekontest.com/d-100
  9. Jjmorris

    Cobra First Major Sweeps

    Didn't see this posted anywhere and know there has been a TON of buzz lately with the Cobra Master's L.E. Swag. Who wouldn't want to win something?? http://www.cobragolf.com/firstmajorsweeps If anyone wins, I'll take anything you don't want :D
  10. Jjmorris

    FS: 1 Dozen 2012 Pro V1's

    Got these for Christmas and figured someone could make better use for them than me. 2012 model and the balls have never been out of the box. $35 obo Shipped.
  11. Jjmorris

    The THP ROAST Thread

    Okay fellas, Welcome to THP's first official ROAST thread. (read the guidelines PLEASE) First of all, if this is the slightest bit out of line, lets lock 'er and/or delete 'er. 100% random idea I just thought of and figured it could be a blast IF the guidelines are followed! Everyone knows...
  12. Jjmorris

    Winn Grips monthly prize pack giveaway.

    Here is what you can win(n) according to the sweepstake rules. Just click the box on the lower right of the home page. http://www.winngrips.com/# Looks like this thread could just get a monthly bump to re enter as well.
  13. Jjmorris

    FS: Boccieri 3W & Cleveland 588's (48*, 52*, 56*)

    Time to clean out some gear since my golf days are about over and I am going a different direction with club setup next summer. Prices's are negotiable Paypal gift only! PM me if interested. Boccieri Heavy 3W. Stock shaft and grip. Shaft is stiff. This club is awesome for tempo with the...
  14. Jjmorris

    Friend Win's Car with Hole-In-One

    This is pretty crazy! This friend of mine aced a hole in one during a charity event and won a car and a set of irons. He can hit his 3i 260ish, hence why on the par-3 176 ys hole, he was debating between a 8i or 9i. Check it out...
  15. Jjmorris

    Looking for Driver Swing and Shaft Help

    Well here it is for everyone. I am looking for swing advise and shaft advise. I currently have a Nike VRS 9.5* Driver with the stock Fubuki K stiff shaft. My swing definitely doesn't FEEL as bad as it looks, but here is my dilemma Two things: 1.) In reference to Freddie Kong and anyone with...
  16. Jjmorris

    Its a hit, not a swing golf instructor (wrists, not arms)

    What do you guys think about this instructor's teaching method and philosophy? I went to him the other day because I had a coupon and am not sold on what all he teaches, but the theory seems there and I think I can build a more consistent swing with his style...
  17. Jjmorris

    Hitting Turf Before Ball

    Here's the dealio: Golfed Saturday and hit a 103 (personal best). Had a birdie, 2 par's, quite a few bogies, and a few REALLY bad holes. It was a great day for me though as I really started putting the pieces together. Tonight I went to the range just to hit a few ball and try to get my...
  18. Jjmorris

    Winn Grips Monthly Giveaway

    Don't know if there is already a post for this or not but on the lower right there is a "Got Grips" button for some Winn Grips http://www.winngrips.com/?event=sweeps.enter# Looks Like 1 monthly winner and here is what's included: PRIZE DESCRIPTION. There will be 1 monthly winner. The prize is...
  19. Jjmorris

    Where to Start....

    Quick background.. 24 years old started golfing last summer. I probably got 8 rounds in and 8-10 range sessions in. Golfed around 120 and few rounds around 110ish.. I have golfed one full 18 this spring and 3 9's so far and my game has regressed from start of season till now. First 18 was a...
  20. Jjmorris

    New Guy from SD

    Always read info on this site thought I would finally sign up and get my 2cents in!

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