Do you know or play with a golfer who can only talk about himself/herself!

    I have a member at our club that will ask others how they played and then without hesitation proceed to give them a blow by blow account of his round. He's a great guy, but man can this be taxing on the nerves. Don't hold back, it's your time to shine.
  2. OLDPRO46

    WTB: Ping G400 Max Driver 10.5*

    The title pretty much sums it up. PM me if you have one and willing to let it go at a reasonable price. Thanks, in advance
  3. OLDPRO46

    FS: Callaway Rogue 3 wood w/ Synergy 60 R Flex

    As the title states. I am selling my Rogue 3 wood, because we just don't see eye to eye and it's been sitting in my living room too long. The club is in better than excellent condition and has seen very little play. Head cover is included and price includes USPS Priority and P/Pal fees...
  4. OLDPRO46

    Monday Qualifying for the Lecom on Web.Com Tour

    Just want to say how proud I am of my guy who qualified for the Lecom Tournament today in New York. He shot seven under and still had to wait almost 12 hours until the field finished late due to rain delay. Let's see how he does this week and wish him well. He deserves it!
  5. OLDPRO46

    Wtb/wtt: Kevin Burns 9320 putter

    Title says it all. Looking for one in new or excellent condition. PM me if you have one and are willing to part with.
  6. OLDPRO46

    WTB/WTTF: Ping G SFT 16* Fairway w/ R Shaft

    Title pretty much says it all. They're going on the bay for around $100 or so. Thought I would try here first. No battle scars, please. PM me if you have one that you are ready to sell or trade. Thanks!
  7. OLDPRO46

    Tangent Point of Ball to Putter Face

    OK, Folks! Based on my above drawing(I'm not a Design Engineer) can someone tell me how putter manufacturers can make claim to such things as better roll, ball doesn't skip, more overspin for better roll, etc. From what I've shown in the drawing, and my limited(if any) knowledge of...
  8. OLDPRO46

    FS: (2) MD3 MILLED S Grind Wedge Sets(3 wedges/set)

    I have 2 sets of MD3 S Grind wedge sets up for sale. Both sets are comprised of: 48/8, 56/10 and 60/9. All have the Golf Pride Z Grips that are in excellent condition. The set shown comes with DG Tour Issue X100 shafts. The other set is exactly the same, but comes with KBS Tour 120S shafts...
  9. OLDPRO46

    FS: TOULON MADISON (Tour Van Built)

    Putting this putter up for sale on THP before I send it off to ebay. My Tour player had this built this past season and was used ever so little. It plays to just a tad over 33" and is in pristine condition. Pics kinda tell it all. Head cover is included. Priced to sell and includes shipping...
  10. OLDPRO46

    FS: Mizuno MP69 Irons "Heads Only"

    Hey Guys! I priced these based on the PGA Value Guide for condition then deducted costs for Shafts, Grips, Ferules, etc. to come up with a price. Really didn't have any other way to do it, that I could see. Feel free to chime in if the price is out of line. I'm open for your thoughts. PGA...
  11. OLDPRO46

    Fs: Taylormade m2 tour 3 wood 15*

    This is a Tour Van Built 3 wood and was used for a brief time by my player on the web.com tour. The club is in pristine condition and comes with Head Cover. The shaft is a Diamana TourX Flex and plays to 43". Asking $220 Shipped US. Thanks for looking!
  12. OLDPRO46

    Wtb: Odyssey backstryke blade putter

    Good Morning THP! Looking to buy this putter and open to all offers. If you have one and are willing part with it, please PM me with Pics. and Price. Thanks! for looking.
  13. OLDPRO46

    2017 Davey Tree Ohio Open

    My Guy is golfing his ball! How bout we send him some "Good Vibes". ROUND 1 RESULTS: 2017 Davey Tree Ohio Open Fox Meadow Country Club and Weymouth Country Club Monday, July 17, 2017 1. Stephen Gangluff, Marysville, OH, *32-31-63 -9 2. Jake McBride, Hartville, OH, *31-33-64 -8 3. Chase...
  14. OLDPRO46

    WTT: EPIC 3+ TC Stamp Head 13.5*

    Looking to trade this TC Stamp Head for either 15* or 18* TC Stamp Head. PM me if you have either. Thanks Sorry for the terrible pic, LMK if you want more and I'll try to do better. ATTACH=CONFIG]27965[/ATTACH]
  15. OLDPRO46

    Honda classic monday qualifier help!

    OK GUYS! My Guy is in the 5 way playoff this morning for the Honda Classic and I'm asking for thoughts and prayers from all. He's an excellent player and a birdie machine. He has been struggling for some time now and he just needs a break, so I'm asking for a little help and encouragement...
  16. OLDPRO46

    Transition to 2017 New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls

    Just got this. We plan to launch New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, and will begin trade shipments in late January.
  17. OLDPRO46


    Hey Folks!! Looking for suggestions and where to go that's reasonable for the winter months or permanent move. My Lady and I have been contemplating this for some time now and the cold is really getting to us. If you have a place LMK!
  18. OLDPRO46

    WTB....Callaway X2 HOT 5 Wood Reguar w/ Blue Shaft

    Hey Guys, Looking for 2 of these for 2 of my Buds. Must be in excellent condition w/ Blue Shaft. Thanks in advance.
  19. OLDPRO46

    Who can shoot their age?

    I turned 71 in June and have been a Head Professional since 1976. My goal for 2016 was to shoot my age or better on my course(Par 71) from the Blues, Whites and Gold. So far I've succeeded from the Golds:blob: several times and have come oh so close from the Whites and Blues only to blow it in...
  20. OLDPRO46

    Tour Edge Shaft Spec.

    Trying to find the complete specs. for a fairway shaft to fit a Tour Edge XCG-V. All I could find is Tip Dia. .335(Golf Works), but nothing on being parallel or Taper Tip. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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