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    WTB Mavrik Pros

    Possibly looking to buy a set of clean Mavrik Pros. Interested in SF i95 reg or soft stepped Stiff but also look at all steel shafts as long as not extra stiff.
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    Datrek Golf Transit Cart Bag?

    Due to hip/back continued issues was interested in this bag with wheels to simply transport clubs from trunk to riding cart and certainly not pull on grass. Thier inexpensive and of course can't view in person so ordering by pictures and comments only. Simply do these wheels hold up for awhile...
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    Apex 19 WTS

    Apex 19, 5 thru A wedge. Upgraded PX Lz 5.5. Standard Loft $ Length ,Lie 1* up. Stock Callaway Tour Wrap Cord. Good condition. Can email more pics. $675. If in area we can work on price. SOLD
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    WTB Looking at possibly going to Mavrik Pros from Apex 19 ???

    Investigating selling my Apex19 and going with Mavrik Pros with preferably Steelfiber i95 regular graphite shafts . FWIW my Apex 19 are PX Lz 5.,5-g and great shape. Probably a mistake leaving the Apex and not sure I will but doesn''t hurt to look around.
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    WTB or WTT for Ping Tour 65 regular

    Found one
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    Screw for Ping G400 Max to attach to shaft with adaptor??

    Got the head got three shafts with adaptors but no &*^%$# screw. to fasten. Is there a generic size and type that would work I could go to ACO or Lowes to use while I make some decisions on shafts going forward. Thanks
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    WTB: Looking at Driver heads: Ping G400 Max & TM 4

    Prefer 10*-10.5+ but look at 9* & 9.5*. Cost wise prefer used. FOUND CLUB !
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    WTS Wilson/Staff C-300 FORGED irons

    Mint set of 2018/19 Wilson / Staff C-300 Forged irons,5-gap (7 irons), KBS TOUR FLT Series shafts in regular flex=according to the KBS website this is one of their newest shafts. Info on shafts at KBS,Golfworks,etc. These are upgraded shafts. Standard LLL,Wilson/Staff Lamkin Crossline 2 grips...
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    WTB Cobra Forged Tec Black irons

    Prefer 5-g, NOT OL,regular or firm flex. NO LONGER LOOKING
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    AMT Shafts, Red,Black,White

    Any opinions on these shafts. The concept isn't new but these shafts have been out a few years and I have no experience with them but interested in a set with them. I know Titleist uses them on their iron lineup FWIW.
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    Have shipping clubs costs doubled in year??

    Went up to USPS to ship set of irons and costs started at $31.00 before insurance. 7 irons from Detroit to Phoenix? I used to ship a couple sets a year minimum and $15-$21.00 seemed tops and that had to be last year. Guy at counter said UPS and FEDEX more. It is what it is but does $30 + sound...
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    CF16 vs Rogue Pros ???

    Thoughts and comments including preference appreciated from those familiar with these two irons.
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    PXI Shaft comments

    Of the 40 sets of irons I have owned over the years I have played lots of various shafts but never PXI. I am interested in a used set with PXi 6.0. From what I understand the PXI plays much softer to flex tham PX. Although I have played PX 6.0 in past and could still play them I much rather have...
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    Looking for Rogue Pro Irons in regular or firm

    Seeing what’s out there. . Prefer 5-g but look at all offers. Good condition please. DELETE REQUEST
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    Buying Forged irons at Callaway Preowned

    I bought a set of forged but it was quite awhile ago and I don't remember the condition category they were in but I think the top one. I bring this up because I have heard that buying forged irons in anything but the "like new" condition is risky because of how forged can wear. Anybody have...
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    Bridgestone JGR CB Forged ???

    Anybody still play these? Read the thread here but last post in 2017. Have an opportunity on them but can’t find any to even look at much less try. Not referring to the hybrid but cavity back with ample offset looking at pics. Never heard much about these and don’t see them in anybody’s WITB...
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    wtb Wilson Forged C300 irons

    Seeing what's out there. Prefer 4-p,5-g,etc. Regular or firm flex if available.
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    WTB - JPX 900 Hot Metal 4 iron

    Looking for subject club in stock length. Prefer stock Modus 105 stiff shaft but will look at other shaft options. Must be in good condition. Have a little used Vokey SM 6 , 52/12 wedge if interested. Cash if not.
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    Rogue irons / New Apex

    Second time I hit the Rogue iron and first time with Rogue Pro. Both felt decent but the Pro gets my vote hands down . Have to qualify comment in that this was done inside . Interested in the Pro but $1000 for a non forged iron sure doesn’t have me pulling out the credit card. Fwiw, I heard the...
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    Looking for Apex CF- 16 irons

    Seeing what’s out there. Prefer regular to firm flex. have interesting trade stuff or cash. “Testing the waters”.

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