1. MichiganGripRip

    League 4 Fantasy Football ?'s and Concerns Thread

    Hey all, this is an easy access thread for questions, comments or concerns related to League 4. For general smacktalk and the such please use the weekly thread that JB/GG will post. Thank you all, lets have a blast!
  2. MichiganGripRip

    Rain Glove Preferences?

    Does anyone have any reviews on the Srixon rain gloves? I've been using the FJ rain gloves for the past 2 years but I've gone through 3 pairs so far, the pinky fingers keep ripping off of them. I understand this is most likely due to my gripping of the club, but man... it gets annoying after...
  3. MichiganGripRip

    Your Musician Foursome

    I'll fully admit this is a piggyback off of @McLovin 's OEM Foursome Post. If you had the opportunity to play in a foursome with 3 musicians, who would it be? Remember, you'll be on the course and have their attention for roughly 4.5 hours.
  4. MichiganGripRip

    Curse of Oak Island

    Anyone else here like me, and just cannot get enough of this show. I know its a time waster, but I'll be darned if I'm not hooked.
  5. MichiganGripRip

    Most Quotable Movies

    Pretty simple, what are some of the most quotable movies for you? (gifs welcome) Mine: Anchorman Step Brothers Beavis and Butthead Do America Shaun of the Dead Airplane
  6. MichiganGripRip

    Special Edition Staff Bags

    When companies put out bags for the majors I get pretty giddy, my favorite im recent memory however is the Callaway Open bag from last year. The detail is stunning and the green just POPS. What is/are yours?
  7. MichiganGripRip

    Styles that should make a comeback?

    What styles, if any, should make a comeback to the golf world? Truthfully, the only one I would wear would be a more frequent use of the Arnie cardigan
  8. MichiganGripRip

    Voice Actors, Your favorites

    A short while ago, there was a thread about your favorite supporting actors, well I don't think voice acting gets enough credit. So, who are some of your favorite voice actors? Mine? Kevin Conroy Mark Hamill John Dimaggio Billy West Mel Blanc Keith David Tress MacNeill
  9. MichiganGripRip

    Cobra F9 issues

    Recently I bought an F9 Driver from a member here on the forum (og512). I'd like to preface this by saying that this has nothing to do with the seller, they were stellar through the entire process. Low and behold however after 8 range balls the dreaded happened and the head broke. Is this a...
  10. MichiganGripRip

    WTB WTB/WTTF Cobra F9 Driver 10.5 or 9.0

    Looking to buy or trade + cash for a Cobra F9 10.5 or 9.0 RH stiff shaft (preferably PX HZRDUS) I like the yellow but I'm not gonna get picky on color. Just throwing feelers out there. I do have a $100 gift card to Carl's Golfland that could be part of a trade if interested. Let me know what...
  11. MichiganGripRip

    2020 Golf Goals

    As Canadan had posted before, the cold is moving in and golf will be limited very soon. Our friends in Chicagoland just experienced the first snow of the season yesterday! So I look back at this year and realize I had a bunch of fun, but didn't make a lot of progress. I've made a short list of...
  12. MichiganGripRip

    The Ultimate Par 3. Built by you, for you.

    Help me build the ultimate par-3. Drop a list below of your favorite par-3 holes across the world of golf and lets come together to build (virtually) the best 9 hole par-3 in the (internet) World! THE RULES: One hole per course Please keep the list to 3 holes as it's easier to monitor...
  13. MichiganGripRip

    Favorite visual design of a putter

    For a little Friday putter pr0n, imagine you were curating photos for a putter coffee table book. What design has always spoke to you? For me it's the Studio Design #3. The sleek lines, simple dot alignment. It just looks clean. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. MichiganGripRip

    What is golf to you?

    I'm sure there is a thread out there on this, but I didn't find it in a short search. And its 6am, and I just wanted to get this out there. To me, golf is beyond a sport/game/hobby. In the small amount of time that I've been back into it I've gained new friends, grown closer with old ones and...
  15. MichiganGripRip

    Anime Fans

    Anyone else enjoy the occasional anime? I grew up in the Toonami era so I have a childhood love of Dragonball Z and Gundam. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  16. MichiganGripRip

    Favorite Cocktail?

    Stop me if this is a topic already, but I went back to August of last year and didnt see one. I'm doing some pre summer planning and going to stock up on liqour for the events we host. I'm looking for some of your favorite cocktails to give me an idea of what I can create for guests. As a...
  17. MichiganGripRip

    Bag Dilemma

    So here's the scoop, the wife gave me the go ahead to get a new bag for my birthday as her present to me. Currently I have an older TPS cart bag that is durable but is a boat anchor even without my gear in it. So I'm looking for suggestions for replacements. I'd like a stand/carry as I look...
  18. MichiganGripRip

    Gamer tags

    Hey all, I do a decent amount of gaming on Xbone and Ps4 (Mostly the microsoft variant since getting a One X) and figured I'd drop a space for gamer tags. Unless I'm chasing some acheivements I tend to be on PUBG or Forza Horizon 3 (soon to be 4). Shoot me an add and we can get a squad going or...
  19. MichiganGripRip


    Not classy, but mildly effective. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. MichiganGripRip

    Horsing around, how far have you tee'd off with a putter?

    Not that I go recommending this, nor did I use an expensive putter, but a few buddies and I were out at the range and decided to see how far we could drive a ball with a putter. I've got an old brassmaster that I keep in the car for playing putt putt (rubber sticks are the worst). We all decided...

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