1. Maric

    Question here.....

    1. out with friends 2. business meeting
  2. Maric

    Club Fitting preferences?

    A range session to shake off the rust is a good idea. Stretch out at home just before the session. If you have a seat heater in your car, turn it on to warm you back on the way to the fitting. As for the fitting, I've only be fit at big box stores. As a women I was limited to the 4 brands...
  3. Maric

    Car Color: Yay or Nay

    Well it would be easy to find in a parking lot.
  4. Maric

    TheraOne by Therabody CBD Products

    Can't wait to hear about the results.
  5. Maric

    I think I justified it.

    If you wife enjoys spas have her check out the Spa at the Lodge. Their Royal Treatment massage is incredible, one of the best massages I've ever had.
  6. Maric

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    Spoke to my 97 year old mother today. She got her second shot last week. Her response - no side effects other than a sore arm both times.
  7. Maric

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Caledonia has smaller greens but for the most part wider fairways. True Blue is just reversed - tight fairways and larger greens.
  8. Maric

    Your Preferred Age

    Late twenties for me. Experienced but still looking for new adventures.
  9. Maric

    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    THP in my own backyard! I love playing Caledonia, watch out for the 9th hole. It's very deceptive, especially if the ground crew places the flag in the far left corner. Most of the fairways are pretty wide, but the greens are small. This would be a great treat but there's no way I could do...
  10. Maric

    EXPERIENCE 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I am so excited about Grandaddy this year. I missed it so much last December.
  11. Maric

    Favorite Club in Your Bag?

    That's like asking which of your children is your favorite. Since chipping is my strong suit I'll go with my sand wedge.
  12. Maric

    Do you think 6,500 yds is a long course?

    Definitely for to long for me. Like my course to be 5000 or under but they are hard to find.
  13. Maric

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    Age - over 65 1st Moderna shot Feb 16 - slight sore arm the next day Second shot scheduled for March 16 Had to drive over 75 miles to find and open appointment
  14. Maric

    How much does noise bother you when playing?

    Background noises don't bother me unless I'm putting. Loud music is annoying but it doesn't interrupt my swing. Sudden noises will definitely make me screw up a shot.
  15. Maric

    The 2021 Morgan Cup with Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    Golf? Las Vegas? New clubs? AND THP - I'm in.
  16. Maric

    Choose Your Mizuno Irons?

    I've recently switched to mostly hybrids, but if I had to choose I'd go with the JPX921 Hot Metal. I think it would give me the most forgiveness.
  17. Maric

    What is your favorite pizza style?

    Thin and crispy - just thick enough to hold all the goodies on top
  18. Maric

    Choosing Blind?

    Easy question - I'd post a thread on THP, give information on my handicap, swing speed and anything else I could think of. Sit back and let the experts on this site advise me.
  19. Maric

    Can Courses Handle the Golfer Influx Long-term?

    It will be interesting to see what will happen when the golf tourists come back. I'm sure our local's rates will go up, especially at the better courses that are in demand by the golf tourists. Golf vacations are expensive and I have a feeling for a lot of people disposable income may be tight...
  20. Maric

    Some Like It Hot - What's Your Favorite Temp To Play?

    Low 70's if it's sunny, High 70's if it's overcast

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