1. jhtr20

    I think I justified it.

    We only live once and should while you are able. Enjoy!
  2. jhtr20

    New England Members

    I went old school and put an ash shaft in play this morning. :D
  3. jhtr20

    Are you open minded to smaller companies?

    I'm more than fine with smaller companies. My putter is from AR Golf and it is well made and performs great for me. I would put its quality up against any putter. It is the best armlock putter I've tried. They also have a couple iron and wedge models that I wouldn't hesitate to try but I'm...
  4. jhtr20

    TEEm Tour Edge Will Return in 2021

    The C721 driver looks like a must try. Curious to see if the new irons could kick the cbx forged out of the bag.
  5. jhtr20

    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    Not the driver but the shaft was part of a fitting for another driver.
  6. jhtr20

    New England Members

    And wind about 40 too! Never fails that when I go down there it blows like crazy.
  7. jhtr20

    New England Members

    I'd call your resort of choice and validate with them. I know some people are not following any of the recommended guidelines but a resort has its license to operate hanging in the balance. I'd bet it is a non issue but could save you a long drive.
  8. jhtr20

    Come on! I know that it crossed your mind...

    There is a you tube video where a young guy put SS putter grips on his clubs.
  9. jhtr20

    Tour Event 2021 Pebble Beach Pro Am

    Wow does Duffner look like a fat Ricky Fowler or what?
  10. jhtr20

    Take a Virtual Tour of the Titleist Ball Plant

    My wife and I did the tour in 2019. It is an impressive place and well worth the $0 cost. The quality controls they have in place are comprehensive. The people who work there seemed to genuinely like what they are doing and were very pleasant. I would highly recommend it if you ever have an...
  11. jhtr20

    Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids

    Well done Jman. TEE has been really raising their game with recent releases. This is another driver ponder option for me this year. I hope I can find it stocked locally.
  12. jhtr20

    New England Members

    Got to like a place with an Honor Box!
  13. jhtr20

    Patrick Reed is Good for Golf: Prove Me Wrong

    This is another example of how TV is ruining sports in general. And Jim Nance made me change the channel Sunday. Talk about a cheater. If a ball bounces and no one sees it, did it? I thought golf decided against viewer call in and using video replay. So the players should live with the...
  14. jhtr20

    Something New is Coming from Kinetixx Shafts

    Looks like a carbon fiber, multi material weave. They are certainly eye catching, hopefully not at address though.
  15. jhtr20

    What driver release most intrigues you?

    TSi line, ZX5 and a dark horse that I would really like to demo, D9 Wilson
  16. jhtr20

    Koepka Splits with his golf coach

    At least BK told CH face to face, got to give him credit for that. If the fight with DJ had something to do with it, it sure took him a while to leave. Maybe some down time gave him the chance of retrospective thought and he didn't like where they were at as student and teacher. Maybe he...
  17. jhtr20

    Bubba Moving on to Another Apparel Company

    He's had that watch for years now.
  18. jhtr20

    Mayonnaise or Miracle whip?

    This really isn't a question is it? Mayo!!!!
  19. jhtr20

    TM Sim2 gains???

    I say give them a rip but I'd put my money on the under.
  20. jhtr20

    Why do you like THP?

    Gets me to buy golf stuff! Seriously if you're looking for info on golf equipment you will find it here either through staff or member reviews.

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